**What would you do?
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Posted 12/30/07 , edited 12/31/07
I've looked as much as I could in the Forum Games, and the only game that has ANYTHING to do with this, is Ifaiden's "If I gave you...". This is a little different... so it should be okay. ^^

Okay, so basically, you'll read the situation that the person before you wrote, & being as creative as possible [ or you don't have to... but it would be nice(: ], write what you would do. Then, you be creative, & make up another situation using this:
"What would you do if _____________?" & fill in the blank. :]

If you're STILL confused.... here's an example.

PERSON 1: What would you do if you were walking down the street, & you saw this 64 yr old lady dressed in rainbow tacky clothes, & she sees you & runs over to you going, "HONEYYYY!", & bearhugs you? XDD
PERSON 2: HAHAHAHA!? i have no idea!! id probly just flip out and be like holy shit get off of me!! and run away!!! lmao!!
what who you do if when you wake up and the whole world is different and there is no one around execpt millions of these tiny, creepy looking clown ppl running around? and like everything is like rainbow color and stuff? lol
PERSON 3: LMAOOO. I'd go "AHHGAAHGAA!" & start hugging my knees, & I'll start punching my foot because for some weird reason, my veins are starting to pop. Then I'd start crying & screaming & covering my head with my arms, & get the fire extinguisher & try to aim it at them. Then, I'll jump out the window to my death below. Oo LOLS. XDD
What would you do if one day, woke up, opened your eyes, & saw pitch-black even when you knew FOR SURE your eyes are open?

& so on, so forth. lols, wow, that was long...
by the way, that example up there was based on a real convo between me & one buddy. ;P

haha, so is this easy enough? Let's start!

Since there's no one before me, I'll start with a situation:
What would you do if you started to talk, when all of a sudden, you realize your voice sounds just like your dad? :]
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Posted 12/30/07 , edited 12/31/07
Did you look hard enough?

What would you do?

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