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Halloween Story by Kokochan.
Read at own risk, This has been a warning~

They say opposites attract. It's like fate; Inevitable. Unstoppable. And maybe even instinctive in their case.
They will repel at first, like two magnets. Then react. Somehow this irony always occurs on Halloween Night. Somehow!

A twist occurs.

My fingers started typing furiously, ideas popping in and out of my mind, the mind of knowledge.

The story changes.

The two victims fall in love last minute, or should I say last second?

It's pure Brilliance!

Lures the readers into a tear-jerker "What's going to happen next" kind of thing.

Though I could not condone this before, I MUST write it now!

/ / /

The story writer sat in his chair, peering intensely at the computer screen. In his dark room. He cracked his knuckles, and began typing his story.

The 4 victims, strangers, sat still on four logs around the fire, all coming to this "Game" on Halloween Night for the winning award money. Let me introduce all 4 now.

* Vicki - 18 and head-strong. Not afraid to speak what was on her mind. She loathes men. She thinks they're all trash. She had trusted the wrong people in her past. Her Father wants nothing to do with her attitude and life style, so she came on this game to win the 100 grand and finally have her Father out of her hair. For good.

Ronan - 18, and just wants in for the money. His eyes are only set on the prize, and he lives for games like these. Survival of the fittest is his specialty.

Yuki - 17, the youngest of the three. And was dared to become a contestant in this 'Game' by her friends as a practical joke, she's from Japan, and knows nothing of the wild. Knowing it was set in the middle of the woods, far from civilization and pay phones- she went anyway to prove she wasn't scared.

The last, * Aidan - Oldest of them all, 19 years old. He came just to meet pretty girls, he's a huge player. He really has no goal in life, except, something that his friends always laugh about; he wants to die with the one he loves.

The Story
/ / /

The Story writer smiled, hiding an important hint the readers were sure to find later in the end.

“Why the hell are you staring like that, fool?” She was referring to Aidan, who stared at her the minute she got here. She gave Aidan a nasty look, but he still smiled. He was obviously the one out of the others she wouldn't
get along with. His thoughts reeked of, "Un-pure thoughts."

“Oh, just a pretty girl.” Aidan replied with an irresistible smile, though Vicki COULD resist. Men were filth to her. Not to be trusted, they had no feelings nor heart. Just like her dead-beat Father.

She scowled hatefully and looked at the other two who were with her. She didn't like them either. She didn't like being forced to become friends with strangers on this little Game, she just wanted the money and get the hell outta here alive!

The fire crackled, loftily setting higher. Sparks blew up in a sudden puff of brilliant red-orange against the black sky. Vicki observed the darkness all around her, watching with dislike as Aidan appeared in her line of sight again, waving at her with his hand.

Where was the Game host guy already!? He had kept them waiting for two hours now.

Then, the other male spoke out after a minute or three, “Hey guys, what do you think we're in for here?” He was curious because, on Hallows Night everything had the more creepy effect. Yuki flinched, she didn't want to know, really. She wasn't good at making new friends, but she'll HAVE to here right? They're the only people she's got here. They'll have to work hard as teammates.

Ronan, who's question was ignored. Noticed the girl the the left of him shaking, maybe because of what was to come? Or maybe she was cold? Or both? She didn't look as if she wanted ANY part of being here. So Ronan asked away, trying to comfort the girl, “I don't think we have anything to worry about! I'm sure there are no... bears.” Maybe he shouldn't of mentioned the bear? Yuki seemed to shudder at the word.

And then the Game host guy finally lurked around a tree and bush, appearing in his late 30's and with a wide, theatrical grin. Like this was all some fun little game on Halloween Night... like those little children back in town who solicit for treats... It wasn’t like that at all here.

/ / /

Vicki glowered at his long tardiness- and he was sure in the spirit for Halloween. He had Twin Pumpkin clips attached to his coat and Pumpkin buttons sewed onto his coat in a vertical line. He sure did look cozy, and then his hair. . . was dark black and spiked up, his eyes were a light red-orange color, which added the mysterious aura around him.

“Sorry for the wait,” He looked at each foolish Game contestant, and smiled.

“Your all very brave, all of you for being here. Especially on Halloween Night.” his eyes were on Yuki’s, she was still shivering.

Ronan raised his hand and asked a question as if he were in a classroom, “I heard from an Online Website that it was the most realist game ever in these parts!” There weren’t those lame fake ghosts coming after you who were just people in disguise under white sheaths, the ones here were REAL, wandering around in evanescent forms. The woods here were called, “Crossing Over” Typical.

The Game host nodded fully. "Realist" was an understatement. “. . . This game isn’t for the weak of heart.” He smirked darkly.

Vicki crossed her hands over her tummy, huffing. She wanted it to began already. Yuki stayed conspicuous and looked over at the Game host when he looked like he was going to say something.

“Alright, let’s get started.” He looked around right and left, everyone looked so innocent. He digged into his coat pockets and found four candy treats. He tossed them to each of the strangers.

Yuki cupped her hands and caught it with a light gasp, a sudden craving came into her sweet tooth. Candy? Why are they receiving Candy?

“These candy wrappers aren’t any normal candy wrappers, un-ravel them and you’ll see them shaped as numbers. These specific numbers have a meaning.”

Yuki stared into hers, she had the number 2.

Ronan un-raveled his, and he traced around the number 2 with his forefinger.

Aidan wanted to eat his, but he couldn’t. He had the number 3.

This all became clear to Vicki. She had number 3. She peeked carefully at Aidan’s, trying not to let him see her, she barely made a twitch in her neck though. He had 3... so that means...

“The number same as yours, is your teammate for the game.” Vicki foreknew this. She looked down at the number she’d gotten, and sighed. This was going to be a long night.

Yuki looked over at Ronan- who was scooting his log over to sit near Yuki. He high-fived her, “Hey, Looks like we’re teammates!” He grinned, and slapped her hand in the air rather hard. Yuki laughed, then her hand started to sting a little after.

Aidan danced over Vicki’s way, her face looked bothersome, then he waved his hand in front of her face, and she stared up at it as if about to bite his hand off.

He sat his log next to her, secretly scooting his log closer to her. Vicki growled and he scooted away. Getting a good feet from any physical harm. She seemed lethal. The Game host showed indication of pleasure in his expression, they all seemed too engrossed into who they were paired up with then anything else.

He grinned and instructed, “Okay, so the first task- I’ve individually took the liberty of hiding two flags from you all- The flags that your supposed to find with your teammate are somewhere in the woods. You have a certain time you have to pay attention to, Check your pockets.”

And they all did, everyone seemed surprised that they all had stop watches in their pockets, had the Game host guy put them in there somehow without them looking, like Magic?

Vicki was daunt from everyone else’ shock, it was just a stop watch. Who cares how it got in there? She wanted the game to began already, and she wanted her money.

“Start your clocks at the moment I tell you to, come back here when you’ve completed your first task, find the Jack-o-lantern Flag, and bring it back here asap.”

He’d given out a hint, the flag had a Jack-o-Lantern on it. He studied each expression on the contestants, he raised one hand up and plainly waved it.

And they were all gone in different directions. The time started at 5:00 minutes.

/ / /

Aidan followed timidly behind Vicki, she was obviously the Leader in the group. It was almost as if he wasn’t even following her, and Vicki didn’t seem to even notice he was alive.

“So what brings you here, Vicki? Just the Money? Or something deeper than that?” He held his hands behind his back, almost looking as if he was hiding something in them. But he smiled friendly at her.

Vicki said nothing but moved things out of her way when they came, falling leaves because of the Season, and ducking when she needed to. There were a lot of vines around, and she made her way threw them as well. Aidan didn't need to know any of her reasons. . .

She kept her mind on the game, the Flag was somewhere. . . just waiting.

“Let me think for a sec, will ya!?” She finally jerked her head around to Aidan and glowered. He kept talking and talking! It was so annoying. “She talks!” He praised, enthusiastically when his arms went up to the sky.

The silence continued in this group, and after 2 in a half more minutes of wondering around, Vicki and Aidan came upon a clearing. And high off into the trees, above a canopy, the flag billowed when a harsh wind passed threw and Vicki could see half of the Jack-o-lantern on it!

Ronan and Yuki speeded up, they were in the pace of running. They’d decided that would cover more ground, and they were in luck when they spotted the flag- almost too easily- sitting next to a tree.

Ronan tensed frozen, when he stopped Yuki from walking near it any further. “Wait, it’s too easy. There must be a catch.”

Time was escaping them, whether or not it was a trap, if they didn’t get the flag on time they would lose. Then even if they did now. . . they would need to find their way back to the clearing with the fire. The two heard rustling in the distance, rough footsteps, a man readied his bow, and sent it flying threw the air- it was quick, too quick.

Ronan shouted fore warning, “Duck!” And Yuki obliged. The arrow passed threw their heads at the same time they ducked, they would of died not a second sooner. Yuki went down in a fetal position, “W-what the hell was THAT!?” She didn't even look up to find out. The arrow had stuck to a tree near them.

Was this part of the game!? Or a cheap, practical joke to test if they would surrender? But, the arrow was too close to almost killing the two! It couldn't of been a joke...

Ronan hurried and grabbed Yuki’s hand as fast as a fireball would burn you, it was a natural reflex now, if they were going to survive this game... they ran and ran until they were faced with a dead end in the woods.

Yuki squeezed Ronan’s hand, terrified. “W-what now!? I don’t wanna die here!” She shrieked. Ronan tried to calm her down, but the fact that a Hunter had been after them was terrifying! Was this for real?

/ / /

Aidan moved closer to the tree while Vicki stared at it, possibly judging how high she could climb...
Then she volunteered to capture the flag, “I’ll go.” She said. Aidan had to disagree, he wanted to be the hero. “No, I can do it.” She scoffed and walked past him with attitude, climbing up the tree and making it look too easy.

Aidan cheered her on and even started to clap, she stretched her hand the best she could, and her finger touched something soft, the flag waved a bit in the wind and then she grasped it with her whole fist.

She climbed half-way down and then jumped, a soft thump as her feet landed the ground.
“You did it!” Ronan ran up to her, putting his hand up for a high five that Vicki declined. Aidan almost missed it, but he saw a few cuts on her palms and wrists... She was struggling up there after all. And she made it look so easy!

“Are you okay?” He asked.

“It’s not a big deal,” She handed the flag over to Aidan, crossing her arms again so he wouldn’t see her palms any longer.

“Yes it is!” He really did sound worried.

Why did she have to be so stubborn? He didn’t really know if it was in the rules, but he had stashed a first aid kit in his bag, he didn’t care if it was against the rules, Vicki’s palms were bleeding!

Vicki’s mouth turned into a crevice frown, she didn’t care about her wound, and yet someone she only thought of as a stranger did. . . “Give me your palms.” Aidan commanded, Vicki sighed and glowered in defeat, if this would finally shut him up... she would do it.

But then Aidan froze, and Vicki wondered why. “What. . .?” She had asked him after a second, he heard laughter. It was faint. But it was defiantly laughter! Who else would be in these woods except the contestants? Surely not... ghosts.

Aidan put his finger to his mouth, making a shushing command. Then Vicki heard the laugh too.

/ / /

They followed it. The curiosity got the best of them.

They didn't think they would see Yuki and Ronan, but they did. They were both dead. Killed in the most unusual and cruel way- Yuki’s head was against Ronan’s arm, whoever- or whatever must of put them like this... there stuck an arrow threw Yuki’s heart, and another threw Ronan’s skull. Both there eyes were peeled open, struck with so much fear.

A fetid odor formed into Vicki and Aidan’s nostrils. And Aidan covered his noise and tried to cover his eyes. He stammered, “Who...Wha- WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON HERE!?” He turned around and looked away, he couldn’t bare the sight. He mumbled a sentence for the dearly departed.

This wasn't just any ordinary Game. These, MONSTERS here do it for fun!

Someone, or SOMETHING was out here with them! Standing around Yuki and Ronan was the same as burying your own grave! Vicki froze and screamed, she read words on both there foreheads, written in there own blood, on Yuki's it said the word, “Your” and on Ronan’s it said, “Next.”

She ran away, and Aidan glanced the final time at the two corpses, he wouldn't be seeing them again anytime soon. Why didn’t he notice the writing before? He ran after Vicki and his heart pounded 20 times faster then it normally did.

Vicki stumbled and tripped over fallen branches on the ground, but got right back up because she couldn't afford to stand around.

“W-WAIT FOR ME, VICKI!” Aidan hollered threw the many noises the woods held, the laughs became three now, the wind progressed to a point that Aidan and Vicki had to fight to not be blown away, but the fetid odor followed them everywhere they went... there wasn’t no where left to run.

Then, one of the Hunters equipped with a bow and arrow stood in front of the two, the other Hunters slowly making there way. They all had deformed faces. Vicki gasped and stared in horror at their faces, It was mortifying!

“V-VICKI!” Aidan was still running desperately to meet Vicki, when he became suspend in the air, impaling hard against a tree that most likely would break his spine, he heard a crack... He reached his hand out in a sad attempt to save her, and saw the four figures standing in front of Vicki, who just stood there frozen as an ice cube.

The Hunter that had Pumpkin clips attached to his coat and Pumpkin buttons sewed onto his coat progressed further and spoke, “Your all just foolish little kids!”

Vicki pictured this the end, The Game host guy killed Yuki and Ronan!? He was tricking them all along. From the very start. . .

Then another Hunter whispered, “3 down, 1 to go.”

Vicki’s thoughts struck her head like a thunder bolt. Aidan couldn’t be dead as well!

Vicki took a step back with her trembling body, the hairs on her arms rised, and she could see ghastly figures floating in the air... she could see Pumpkin heads! Everything that lurked on Halloween Night. Was there!

“Me and my brothers have a tradition here you see, generation after generation, year after year, stupid little greedy kids like you enter this game for the money-“

Vicki interrupted.

/ / /

She spoke with the only way she could, the stench alone was suffocating her, and a black cat walked past her making eerie noises, it hissed at her and grew out its claws.

“. . .W-why are you doing this!? ITS SO WRONG!” She tripped on the cats foot and fell backward, eyes always widening at the Hunters. Never the cat.

Everyone she ever got close to ended up betraying her, but Aidan simply cared for her cut palms, she scrambled back on her feet and ran with flowing tears in her eyes, back to Aidan.

One of the Hunters wanted to answer, it had always been the same question with everyone, the past victims, always. ‘Why are you doing this?’ ‘I don’t want to die!’

“For fun.” He answered simply, the same line got boring to say each year.

“May God take mercy upon your soul,”

The Game host readied his bow for the finishing strike, when Vicki fell helplessly down by the unconscious Aidan.

She shook him violently, “Wake up Aidan! WAKE UP! YOU CAN’T BE DEAD! YOU CAN’T BE DEADDD!” She mourned.

She gasped again and sobbed silently when Aidan didn't awaken, moving in closer to his lips. Like in Sleeping Beauty when she would awaken after a kiss. . . and vise versa.

Lips inches apart, the only sound Vicki’s ears could hear was the Hunters laughs, and the cat hissing, Aidan did not move even a bit. The hunter relaxed on his string, and released. For a split second, Aidan's eyes twitched open... and he was glad it was Vicki he only saw.

“Bull’s-eye.” Said the Hunter, The arrow went straight through Vicki’s heart- and threw Aidan’s gut, dead or not.

Vicki had been on her knees, she conjured all the strength necessary to slumber in Aidan’s chest, she fell forward, and stayed there beside Aidan, both crossing over. Or that's what she thought at the time...

The story writer flexed his fingers, he was finished with his story. He was so glad he could finally be able to type it up.

Then he heard two loud bangs against his door, he went to answer it, But left out one important detail, Aidan wasn’t dead after Vicki was.

The police offers kicked the door down, barging in and handcuffing the Story writer while they slammed him into a wall. It took years, but they finally figured out who was behind these killings many Halloween nights ago, kids suspiciously never coming back home, not a single one leaving the woods ever.

Until last night.

But, The Story writer hadn't been the only Hunter back then, he had brothers.

Happy Halloween.
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Ooooh dangs...

That's a creepy one too...

agh, i shoulda waited till now to upload "Unfinsihed Business"

I have no ideas for what to write...

But. That's beside the point!

Real nice story!

Well- not nice- more like scary!
But definitely good!
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Whaaahh, it's way too late =___=
I could only read half of it tonight D:
The rest will have to wait for tmorrow .__.
lulz the four and the pairings seem VERY familiar to me somehow ;3
Vicki reminds me of a certain hard-headed, independent girl paired with a player... and the innocent Yuki seems familiar too XD

Can't wait to be SCARED HALF TO DEATH when I finish it ^^
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OOHHHH clever twist there at the end!

Poor Aidan though D:
those Hunters have got problems D:
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in deed embie.
poor Vicki,well at least she finaly found a man that was kind to her.......-almost cryed-
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@Bob: lol XD thanxs~ scary ish wat i aim for 8D
@embiee: lmao yea i think imma be afraid of hunters if i EVER see em in teh woods XD ima be like, "RUNNN AWAAAAAYYYYYY!" D:
@turu: Yea but at teh END D: </3 ;~; waaah. T_T lol if im listening to like a sad song or in a really SAD mood i probably WOULD cry xD
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