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Is that a clone?
Posted 10/7/09 , edited 10/7/09
Well.. basically the authors of the mangas just use those kind of manga style which is most popular up to date.
Like One Piece and Fairy Tail <-- those 2 characters really seems like each other, ex. Natsu and Luffy, Lucy and Nami .- It's just the manga style

When I started reading Fairy Tail while reading One Piece I kind of placed Natsu and Lucy in same category as Luffy and Nami coz' they look alike. Really, but it is only the manga style. Also there are a lot of people who misunderstand Luffy as Natsu and the other way around. But I am not surprised coz' they sure are alike. Natsu likes to eat a good meal and Luffy eats a lot, so really.- I think those 2 fill in the same category. The opposite is Nami and Lucy. Lucy is like 'innocent' and very kind girl and Nami is the 20th century gold digger who does anything for money and she has a temper as monster or even worse.

The same goes for the anime D Gray Man and Naruto .- those 2 kind of anime/manga look like each other.-

This is from the manga. As you can see the manga style the way it is drawn is the same.- Or at least they look very similar.

D Gray Man

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M / Homeless
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Arcueid Brunestud - Tsukihime

Saber - Fate/stay night

Shiki Ryougi - Kara No Kyokai

Akiha Tohno - Tsukihime

Rin Tohsaka - Fate/stay night

Shirou Emiya - Fate/stay night

Tomoe Enjo - Kara no Kyokai
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Space Marine Jason

Not many of the Marines get much exposure or character development in the show, with the notable exception of the hockey mask clad Marine named Jason, an obvious reference to Jason Voorhees of the Friday the 13th horror film series. Whenever something inexplicably explodes or breaks, Jason is the first one blamed, as he is often seen wielding a chainsaw for no real reason.

from the two anime Labyrinth of Flames and Grenadier.

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hikobuf wrote:

I remember answering a thread like this. : O o well

thank you.

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