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You might wanna do the following things below



Clan (optional):

Special Technique:

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Clothes Description:

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Name: Kazuma Hyuga
Age: 26
Clan: Hyuga
Special Technique: Byakugan, 128 trigrams
Weapon: Hands, samurai sword, and wooden sword
Clothes: same as Hinata's dad's except he wears black samurai pants
Rank (you forgot about it): Jounin
History: Born from the main branch of the Hyuga clan, lost all his 3 brothers during the war at the chunin exams against Orochimaru, his wife was sick of an unknown disease but survives, he has a daughter as old as Hinata's little sister during the original Naruto series, only uses his wooden sword during training and uses his samurai sword during missions
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Name: Mitsune Takayama-Uchiha
Age: 17
Clan: Uchiha
Special Technique: Mangekyō Sharingan
Weapon: Senbon Needles
Clothes: ((More of a feel to it ^_^ also includes extended history, family, etc.))
Rank: Jounin
History: Mitsune has grown up all her life without that motherly love that most other children get. No she has had to fend for herself and her younger brother ever since the age of seven. At the age of eight she found her brother Shinji dead and their father Azumo Uchiha nearby with blood stained on his hands and body. From then on Mitsune has never had contact with her father and with good reason too. More than likely she would kill herself trying to kill him to avenge Shinji's death.

She began to excel in the academy at the age of nine and awakened her Sharingan at ten. She then could even master more of the more complex jutsu that were ranked for her age and rank as a genin. By the time the Chuunin exams came Mitsune was already acting as a leader in her group, leading them to the end and becoming Chuunin together.
Mitsune still amazed the village leaders as she turned sixteen and she was soon made a Jounin. Though she did not get the title of "Youngest Jounin" she did appreciate the promotion and began taking missions to help her secretly selfish goal.
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Name: Jae Kuroi
Age: 16
Gender: Male
Nation: Kumogakure
Chakra Type: Storm, Water, Lighting
Background: Jae Sought out Darui in order to learn the storm release style and the Black Lighting. Jae also learned taijutsu and kenjutsu from Omoi making him an expert at sword combat. Jae wields Darui's and Omoi's Swords as a tribute to his two masters. When he was younger he was a candidate for the village jinchūriki, but refused because he wanted to become a great ninja with his own strength. He has worked on his own personal speed to make one of the fastest in the cloud. He has also mastered the Fourth Raikage's Lightning Release Armour technique. With his great speed, the Black Lighting ability, and the Lightning Armour technique his peers call him the "Black Storm"
Additional Details: Kekkai Genkai-Storm Release and the Black Lighting technique
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