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22 / F / The Cowboy State
Posted 10/7/09 , edited 10/9/09
You know what to do. ;]

Age in Appearance:
Real Age(optional):
Ability(if they have one.):

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25 / F / Take a guess~
Posted 10/8/09 , edited 10/9/09
Username: miysui
Name: Aoi
Gender: Male
Age in Appearance: Early to mid 20s.
Real Age: Erased from all records, even he doesn't keep track.
Status: Noble
Personality: Aoi's expression remains forever cold towards everyone (but I honestly think he looks more sad, but people can't look passed that for some odd reason T_T). He does not favor talking and usually only talks when necessary. Often mistaken for a rogue because of how intimidating he may be. Has a temper and hardly finds anything interesting.
Bio: Aoi was of course born to one of the most wealthiest vampire families. He inherited the wealth after killing his parents at a young age of 11. Aoi grew up alone with a butler but his butler had left him after falling in love with a human. Every time Aoi is out, many's eyes are on him because of his beauty, but no one dares approach him because of his cold eyes. Those who do approach him are business partners and a few other nobles. Aoi has a 'strong' mind that can repel abilities that try to take over him...
Ability: Control over any type of liquid, Fire, Control/Travel within shadows, Random decay, Ice.
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28 / M / at school
Posted 10/8/09 , edited 10/9/09
Username: vincent_1617
Name: Vincent
Age in Appearance: 17-18
Real Age(optional): just about 30
Status(Noble;Middle): Noble
Personality: kind but acts bitter and uncaring
Bio: he is a young noble that loved a human. he ran away from home because they didn't approve but she ended dieing anyway. now he just poses as a homeless in the town and watches the world around him.
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27 / M / Cross Acadamy Day...
Posted 11/23/09 , edited 11/23/09
Username: Dreams-Of-Vampires
Name: Lysander
Gender: Male
Age in Appearance: About 14-16
Real Age(optional): He doesn't want to be known as old, so he doesn't tell anyone
Status(Noble;Middle): Noble
Personality: The only one he is kind to, is his servant Phoenix. To all others, he is indifferent or cold
Bio: He is a child, who seems to be lost in his thoughts most of the time. He was born a vampire, and was raised as such. His parents live in Rome. In his life he has aquired a great amount of money and is constantly renovating his home. But the theme is always Stempunk. He dresses in gothic (Bondage-esque) clothing.
Ability(if they have one.): He can use mirrors, photos, and paintings as portals to the mirror world, the time, or the paralell universe respectively. He an also use them as portals to each other.
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