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Matsumoto Jun

"Arashi has a habit of everyone joining in whenever one person starts goofing off. (laugh) We do get tired of goofing off and stop at some point, but for some reason the timing for that is always one and the same. No one understands our timing for stopping but us."

The epitome of Arashi's concerts
is producing a sense of unity with the fans!

"Concert organization begins first by deciding on a theme. If you don't decide on a title, you can't put together a set list after all. Our 10th anniversary tour will be a memorial year, so putting thoughts and images into shape was an even harder task than usual. I think that concerts are things where the purpose is to let fans watch us, be entertained and go home happy, so there's no meaning in only suggesting what we ourselves want to do. I always treat the balance between what the audience sees and what we want to do with great care. If a single rudder is cut a different way the boat will sink, so it's difficult. The pressure is a given, but there were moments when I was at a loss with the (concert) organizing up until the last moment too. When I lose my way, I would talk with the other members and the concert staff who have worked on our shows with us since our debut and try to come up with solutions. You only get boiled down when you think about it on your own after all... I pretty much don't listen to Arashi's music usually, but when we get to the stage of putting together a set list, I would listen to them over and over again. It feels refreshing when you listen to them after a period of time, and the images come to mind more easily. By doing that, I aim to make both the songs we sing at our concerts and the style of our shows different every time. Once I start thinking about it, I'm the type that thinks only of concert-related things both awake and in my sleep, so recently I had a dream about being chased no matter where I went (laugh). It's the same with the moving stage (proposed by Matsumoto-san) too, a new show isn't developed quite that easily; you need to listen to and make adjustments to the music, look at the setting plans for the venues, watch all sorts of footage, lots of little things. When the organization solidifies to a certain extent and I come to an agreement with it too, the dreams about getting chased would stop (laugh). When we produce a sense of unity with the fans during concerts, the fact that the organizing had all come together would put me at ease, and personally speaking my excitement would reach its peak too."

10 questions for 5 people (part two)
5x10 Questions

Who would be what if you were to compare Arashi to a family?

"The mom would be Sho-kun, the oldest son would be Aiba-san, the second son would be me, the third son would be Nino. Leader would be the grandpa (laugh)."

Who in Arashi seems likely to live a long life?

"Because he seems like an energy-conserving person (laugh)"

The ultimate choice:
A) The power to fly
B) The power to speak the languages of any country in the world

"A. I like heights ♥"

Which song would you want to listen to right away after waking up in the morning?

Kimi no tame ni boku ga iru
★ Their 5th single released on April 18th of 2001 was used as the CM song for Morinaga Nyugyou's "Eskimo Pino".

"I have low blood pressure and there isn't really any songs I'd want to listen to right away after waking so it's hard... (thinking briefly) If you replace that with an alarm clock instead, then maybe this song that's upbeat from the intro onwards?"

Are you the type to finish your summer break homework? Or the type to do it at the last minute?

"I was the type who didn't do it (laugh)"

What egg-related dish are you good at making?


The ultimate choice:
A) A room with no windows
B) A room with no electricity

"If there's no window you can't get fresh air so B"

Who in Arashi can't stand to be alone?

"Because with the exception of playing video games and reading manga, he's usually mixing with people (laugh)"

When you were in elementary school, what had been written on your report card?

"Let's be more cooperative!"
"I've been bad at group activities since I was a kid... but it's completely okay if it's up to 5 people (laugh)!!"

Which song do you want to hum when you take a bath?

One Love
★ Released on June 25th of 2008, their 22th single was the theme song for Matsumoto Jun-san's starring movie "Hana yori dango F (Final)".

"If I run a bath I'd want to relax, so a love song with a calming melody might be nice."
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