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Does Gin Ichimaru like Matsumoto Rangiku?
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Posted 9/22/10 , edited 9/23/10

Doomknight7 wrote:

crunchy_tofu wrote:

Yes, Gin defintely loves Rangiku, and vice versa. The DEICIDE arc in the manga has made GinRan totally CANON
Gin did everything for Rangiku, from the very beginning, becoming a shinigami, acting like a sadistic evil fox faced bastard, working under Aizen, betraying SS, they were all so that he could one day kill Aizen to take revenge for Rangiku for what happened when they were young. Now isn't that so sweet of him? But this couple is... *sniff* so damn tragic

Look at what Gin has said to Rangiku:

"It would have been nice if my capture lasted a little longer. Farewell Rangiku. Sorry."

"I've decided. I'm going to become a Shinigami. Become a Shinigami and change things. So that they'll end...without Rangiku having to cry."


by heck, yes they do!

i was on vacation and just got back so just got to that part AWEEEHh it wassss amazing haha
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Posted 3/1/12 , edited 3/1/12
Jeez.. This is pointless to argue against. The unfathomable point is, both Ichimaru Gin™ and Matsumoto Rangiku™ have feelimgs for eavh other on some intimate(close) level. For one, to simply state that a man or woman isn't capable of having deep emotions or feelings for another because of their personality, no matter how twisted, is highly unreasonable of you. This is proven because a personality of a person or their traits isnt linked to the emotion refferred to as love. I'm neo emo. That's my personality. But i am capable of loving any woman. Aside from my personality, lobe isn't something someone can choose. It's something that happens, is it not? That said, given the right circumstances and timing, love can happen between any two people. Gin holding rangiku only showed that he didnt distaste her when he left. When he apologized without a smile after saying she could've held on a little longer was written with a sad feeling. Why would he wamt her to hold on longer? He knew if she had, she would have been trapped with him. So then why? When Aizen-sama had no use of her in his plans. You figure that out. Secondly, gins seeming withdraw from the fight with toshiro when rangiku threatened him only shows he didnt want to hurt her, so then why wouldn't he? He beat the hell out of toshiro. Why would he care about hurtimg a single woman when she was no threat to aizen and they'd come to kill ALL oppositions. Why would he faulter and disobey Aizens orders over one woman. There's only one answer.
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Posted 3/1/12 , edited 3/2/12
Gin was like the itachi of bleach he joined aizen from the beginning as his pupil so he can protect matsu towards the end he hints that fairly well by his words and his attempt to destroy the hougyoku he loved her and she loved him but in order to ensure her safety he had to make aizen believe he was fully devoted to him what better way to trick a trickster than by tricking the one you love..
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Posted 10/30/12 , edited 10/30/12
Of course Gin had feelings for Rangiku, he stuck close to Aizen so he could enact his revenge for how he treated Rangiku when they were younger.
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Posted 8/13/13 , edited 8/13/13
Theres that episode that shows aizen i think taking something from her and gin as a child comforts her or something then he joins with aizen in order to get revenge for her i think :S?
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Posted 9/12/13 , edited 9/13/13
<Major Spoiler here>
<do not read if your in the middle of watching Bleach>

Holy cow are you guys missing it all! Gin only cares about one thing, Matsumoto. Why do you think Gin joined Aizen? To kill Aizen! and get back the piece of Rangikus soul that Aizen stole from Rangiku when she was a child. His whole entire adult life has been spent seeking revenge for Matsumoto. He's creepy and twisted because the revenge path has led him to a place where he has no friends except the one he truly loves. No, you misunderstand Gin, Gin is an avenger. Look at his face when he sees Aizen experimenting on Rangiku, taking in every detail and scheming for the future. He's happy to carve up anyone who stands between him and his target, and he'll kill, cheat and lie to get next to Aizen, which he did. If you ever see someone you love get hurt really bad, and you deliver the vengeance, then you'll understand Gin. Yeah he's twisted.
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Posted 12/9/13 , edited 12/9/13
Yes, he wanted to get revenge on Aizen !
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Posted 4/26/15 , edited 4/26/15
I'd like her too.
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