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Posted 10/8/09 , edited 10/8/09
I used to really enjoy Bleach, but it has been getting really annoying. It makes cliches and sticks to them instead of breaking the mold and taking the story somewhere new like good anime do.
The fighting is just a bunch of hacking and slashing and the fight scenes are full of silly monologues, horrible cliches, the same old techniques used over and over and over and over and ran into the ground, and they are incredibly drawn out. I mean when a fight lasts like 10 fekkin episodes, it just gets ridiculously stupid and pointless.

Plus it has epic-fail logic; Kenpachi, the supposed strongest person in the anime, is often said not to possess any real technical skill. It uses the logic that he just has uber strength. But strength has nothing to do with swordsmanship. It has no place in it. You use the sword in place of strength. It's common knowledge and basic logic. Bleach failz at teh combat equation.

I mean, I am not one of the pricks who is all like "If it's not real and exactly to-the-tee, it's crap and stupid and I can't enjoy it!" because if you made things TOO realistic in movies [like combat for example] people would be bored because realistic martial arts aren't flashy; they are simple, quick, and brutal and generally a real fight lasts under a minute. If weapons come into play it lasts seconds usually. So if you portrayed everything realistically to-the-fekkin'-tee, you would never have anything but a small niche audience. But for something to grip me and get me into it, it has to have realism because realism is what gets people to relate and get absorbed in media. I just want people to use their heads and make things atleast conceivably possible instead of using anti-logic and ending up with epic-fail-fantasy that makes absolutely no sense and contradicts fact itself.


Also; What are some annoying anime combat cliches that get on your nerves?
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Posted 10/15/09 , edited 10/16/09
I hate it when the good guys losing and he just pulls something retarded out of his ass that he could have used earlier after having his 'what am i fighting for' monologue. If i hear one more fagot say he's fighting to protect his friends, I'm gonna smack somebody, I swear.

As for Kenpachi; you're taking the Gotei 13 as if they were part of the physical realm, with normal physical limitations. Think of them as explosives, with varying amounts of blast power. Now think of Zaraki as if he were a nuclear bomb. The other characters can use their skills with the swordto funnel their soul powa and use it more efficiently, Zaraki doesn't need to because his blast radius is so huge. The swords more of a symbol in this show than it actually is a blade -_-
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Posted 1/30/11 , edited 1/31/11
I liked Bleach better when it was called Yu Yu Hakusho

anyway back on topic, If I remember correctly DBZ is another prime example of this.
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