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Posted 1/3/10 , edited 1/4/10
Username: Blue_Minazuki
Name: Misa Hakumi
Age: 16
Gender: Female (no! MALE! jk jk)
Race: Neko (see da ears XD)
Squad: Oh! Oh! Misa knows the answer!! Pick Misa, pick Misa!! (Squad 1)
Position: Don't care~
Personality: Though she looks quiet and gentle, Misa is far from it. She's always the loudest and rushes into things headfirst, usually without thinking. Misa is funny and cheerful, but is really clumsy and tends to screw things up alot when she tries to "help".
Bio: Not much is known about Misa, but she is a newer member of Paranoid-Doll and doesn't follow rules very well (she never can follow anything well. ADD, you know? XD) she's also big on daydreaming and spaces out alot. She remains almost annoyingly optimistic through just about everything (but she does cry every once and a while). Misa is big on cheering people up and "helping" (which usually turns into "destroying" because she is so clumsy). Ocasionally she is serious though.

Power: Misa has a two-sided power. She can heal, but she can also reverse the healing process to destroy things. (for example, if there were rusted/broken chains she could fix them to be brand new, but she could also reverse the process and rust brand-new chains until they crumbled to dust). She's better at destroying things because she tends to accidentally reverse the process and ruin things when she is healing. (that's why it's better NOT to let her "help")

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22 / F / california
Posted 5/4/10 , edited 5/4/10
Name: Hibiki
Age: 12
Gender: girl
Race: neko
Personality: nice, hyper, weird
Do you want to be in a squad?: squad 3 please :D
Position: member
You Pics:
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F / haunting you...
Posted 7/16/10 , edited 7/16/10
Race:Angel/Vampire.(appears as angel has thurst of vampire.)
Personality:mysteryous, clam has a dull voice at first. but sweet at heart once you get threw that phase you relize she can be pretty evil sometimes. But mostly kindhearted.
Bio(Optinal):She was a pure angel when she was turned to vampire by the king himself. (he did not relize she was a angel till it was too late.)they then learned she was good for other things too. She knew how to pickpoket, lockpick, hack, and to do matial Arts.she also knows how to heal and sing beatifuly.
Do you want to be in a squad?:Doesn't want to at first but ends up joining squad 1
power: she can turn invisable can heal.
You Pics:

most of the time:
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Posted 9/26/10 , edited 9/27/10
Name: Callum
Age: 15
Gender: Male
Race: Werewolf
Personality: Caring, can be strict at times, strong
Bio: He can't remember his past
Do you want to be in a squad?: No
Position: None
Pic: black hair to shoulders, amber yellow eyes, pale skin
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