Avoid getting Your Thread Locked

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This is written to help you when you make a thread

Avoid Duplicate Thread

- Do not post another topic if it already exists as created by someone. If the topic can be reasonably discussed in another thread, don't create a new thread
- Run a forum search for common terms before posting a new thread. Example: For leukemia, you'll want to search for blood cancer and cancer.
- Do not post a thread in more than one forum. Each topic has its own section
- Do not post a thread more than once.
- If you want to recreate an old thread of above 60 pages and over 8 months old, PM a mod about it.
- If you accidentally create two topics, report it to a mod, so he / she can remove it

Personal Thread

- Do not create threads that is used to ask people to help you for your own benefit. Threads are for discussion, and that discussion must be able to go on and on forever. We all know that you people have questions that needs explanation, so we have The General Help Thread, The Anime / MangaHelp Thread, The Game Help Thread, The Car Help Thread, or even The Site Problem Help Thread.

- Problems about personal threads happen when the creator received the answer to his / her problem, and because of that, there are no point to have any discussion in that personal thread
- Here are person thread that are NOT OK: "I need help", "Can anyone answer this?", "I need help with my homework", "Recommend me some anime", etc.

VS Thread

- The New Poll was created so users know who like which options more.
- If you created a thread without using the New Poll, your thread will be nothing more than another spam thread and you won't even know which option people are really voted for.
- Some VS threads are given an exception, and those ones are VS thread from 2006/2007 or early 2008 because the rules about poll came in during March 2008.
- Yes / No threads are considered as a VS thread because you are given only two answers: Yes / No, so this kind of thread is better off as a poll.

Pointless Thread

Please do not make threads that sound stupid or crazy. It is worst to have something like "How do you take a shower?". Unless you have a weirdest way to take a shower, there is no point in discussing that kind of topic

No Link Thread

Do not create a thread just for users to comment a website link. If you want that, please use the The General Link Thread. If you really want someone to comment on one of your favorite Youtube videos, please use The Random Youtube Video Link Thread
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