~Technique/Abilities LOCK UP-1~
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This thread is not for roleplay purpose.It is to lock up the the techniques/abilities of the fighters currently undergoing combat against each other,so as to prevent them from MODIFYING their techniques judging the situations & threat they face right during the battle & later put it up against their opponents all favoring their own side.Techniques/Abilities of the fighters that fight in the ~~The BattleGrounds: Arena 1~~ ,have to put up those techniques/abilities in this thread,compulsorily ,weather they modify their techniques or not,doesn't matters,& HAVE TO WAIT UNTIL THIS THREAD IS LOCKED UP BY ANYONE AMONG THE MODERATORS OF THE GROUP.It depends upon your own interest to fight,to contact the Mods so as to lock up this thread,& let you begin the fight as soon as possible.
Both the fighters please put up all of your techniques/abilities in 2 separate posts.
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Greed-kun vs rkanubis
My original powers:
Special Ability: Copying other's powers, skills an techniques.
Powers,skills and techniques: Armor Skin, Black Magic, Regeneration, Elemental Magic
Stolen powers, skills and techniques: Blades, Claws and Armoed Form (granted from Naruto_700)
Six King, Corpse Shift, Corpse Saw, Corpse Venom, Exposion Wave and Corpse Guard (stolen from rkanubis)
Forms: Giant Cobra, Hulking monster and Seraph
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