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Posted 10/10/09 , edited 10/10/09
Ok the game goes like this.Basically,person 1 describes a charater of any anime(or maybe post picture that'll give you more points),then person 2 guesses that person.If person 2 is correct he/she may write another guess that staement.If not,person 3 will have to guess it.Then if she got it right she will write another guess that staement.Or maybe you could just write something they said like:"I'm not gonna lose my ikuto to you..."

Like this:
Person 1:I'm a singer in shugo chara and i'm a lil' sister of a certain someone...who am i?
Person2:Utau! I may be popular among the girls but i'm very sad indie it's just i'm not showing it....who am i?
Person 3:Ikuto! I'm someone blah blah blah.....who am i?

So on and so forth ready??Go!!!

Me first:
"I'll never lose to someone like you!"
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