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24 / M / pluto! or jupiter...
Posted 12/31/07 , edited 12/31/07
Yosh In 2008 i am goin to boarding school =( so i leave chidori96 here in charge just every week change the weekly pic choose one of the photos at the our photo gallery or at photobucket you don't need to put the info about the characters on the pic if you can't find em...and if new episode of naruto comes post it at NEW naruto episodes find the info at wikipedia if you can't find em it is alright ANY NEW MEMBERS TO VOLUUNTEER FOR MODERATERS ONEGAI!!! we need three more to help for this group Thanks i will come visit here every three weeks for one week so YOROSHIKU ONEGAISHIMASU!!! THANK YOU!!!! oh yeah moderaters and members if you want to shout any ideas for this group tell em at the guestbook chidori96 will see to it and approve it or not ok then Have A ninja time minasan ITTEKIMASU~~~~ ~naruto_ninja
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