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Posted 10/14/09 , edited 10/15/09
This is where you can put your info down on your own created fantasy charactor or your dream hero or demon.

Info as such.
Name Of Charactor:
Race or created Race:
Race Powers:
Powers(Learned Powers):
Describe Zanpaktou:
Race Release Forms:
Zanpaktou Releases:

What's he like (tell everything about him. Like where'd he came from. what may have happened. Make a sort of story for him):

I'm am still making up mine. Like I ain't fully sure on what else he should have.
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Posted 10/15/09 , edited 10/15/09
Name Of Charactor: Kisuke Moto

Race or created Race: Cyblonk (type of dragon/demon race) He retains as a human form

Race Powers: making bones appear out of his body and uses them as weapons.

Powers(Learned Powers): Cyblonk Fang, Nightmare Strike, Nightmare Storm, Dragon of the darkness flame,

Abilities: Demon claws, Demon feet, Spiritual hover (Defying gravity). Call upon hell tentacles from his body.

Other Weapons: Saphire Blade and Ruby Blade (Both Greatswords).

Describe Zanpaktou: Annabel is a golden great sword, with a pointed red eye at the top of the hilt, she has red aura with lightning around her. her power can increase by drawing blood. She can call upon chains so the user can attach his sword to the chains and swing his sword at his opponents with them or wrap his chains around his opponent and make his chains spiked chains as well and saw him up like a chainsaw.

Race Release Forms: Cyblonk Legend (He wears a bone mask and also has bone armor on him and has a tail.)

Zanpaktou Releases: sealed from: sealed form: none(It's always in it's first released form). 1st release: Golden great sword with a red pointed eye at the top of the hilt.

What's he like: He and his brother Doom are guardians protecting their master name Cecil. He is a Cyblonk as well and are helping him become leader of earth while Kisuke learns of all the secrets of a Cyblonk and becomes the Lord Of All Cyblonk. A granting power after learning of it's power source and can control all.
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