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M / Yo Mommas House
Posted 10/14/09 , edited 10/15/09
Omg this game must not fail hopefully. A lot of games that are hyped that comes out on these consoles fail man or get average review scores. They have really good concepts but isnt executed right. Enter Borderlands a 4 player co-op first person shooter rpg. Yes this sounds fun not many games are made with more then 2 player co-op. Hopefully this game will have an execellent story, balanced gameplay and not to many bugs. What do you guys think will this game live up to the hype?
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30 / M / Kan-uh-duh
Posted 11/3/09 , edited 11/4/09
it looks good. kinda wanna try it but dont have time to play.
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29 / Norway
Posted 11/4/09 , edited 11/5/09
Enjoying the single player quite much, planning on teaming up with some people later.

Playing as Hunter, I like how things develop and such. The humour is a fresh touch too.

Feels like a combination between World of Warcraft, Team Fortress 2 and ... Call of Duty or something.
Posted 11/9/09 , edited 11/10/09
I'm playing as Siren, it's pretty fun. Haven't tried 4-player co-op but I dooo like single player.
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33 / M / Seattle
Posted 11/12/09 , edited 11/13/09
Yeah I am enjoying the game thus far. It has enough quirky dark humor in it to keep me interested. Although I am rather disappointed by the fact that the first set of downloadable content is going to be released at the end of the month. I am all for extending a game, however, I have barely had enough time to beat the game.

But as far as the game goes, they have a lot of interesting concepts that keep me coming back for more.
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Posted 11/13/09 , edited 11/14/09
lvl 18 hunter here. its a blast to play. almost every time i play i pick-up a more powerful sniper rifle. whats funny tho is my best weapon is a revolver that does 212 dmg + shock. it only has a 2 round clip tho

havent fully tested online co-op tho. maybe more when i finish my first playthru.
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36 / M / London, England
Posted 12/1/09 , edited 12/1/09
Anyone got the STEAM PC version because I'm giving away free items for those who help me beat a mission or you'd get one before we do a mission.
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25 / M
Posted 12/2/09 , edited 12/2/09
The game is definitely lacking in story but the game was advertised as an shooter, so a good story is not really expected.

I really liked the characters, although the story was just about the same with all of them I found the game very enjoyable with each character. The RPG style skills they used were a great addition to the fighting, and you never got bored of fighting the few enemies the game provided because they all had certain resistances, different weapons, and the battle was engaging because any character could fight with any style depending on the situation.

The game was very well structured, if you took the time to do each mission in order and collect the weapons your always prepared for anything you have to go against, but it was still hard to keep up with how often the types of enemies are changing. Mostly people seem to rave about the huge amount of weapons in the game, but I found it to be the weakest part of the game, In my playthroughs I found it rare that I found a new weapon better then the ones I currently had, when I was expecting to be constantly changing through weapons to keep up with the game. With every character I found carrying a sniper, revolver/shotgun, and a repeater were enough to get me through every mission.

Although rare, the humor was great when it showed up. Plus, is there anything more rewarding then going back to the enemies who used to give you tons of trouble, punching them, and watching there body explode?
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30 / M / Now in Austin Texas
Posted 12/2/09 , edited 12/3/09
I used to play on the PC I was lvl 26 but ever since my Laptop got the Blue Screen of Death I now Missing the Game it soo Adicted
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M / Canada
Posted 12/2/09 , edited 12/3/09
Good game, but too many haxes going on.. Steam / Online/ Garena.. Too many ways to pawn people (I mean team play).. It's like a multiplayer version of Fallout (and fast paced too)..
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28 / M / california
Posted 12/4/09 , edited 12/4/09
playingit on PC and loving it got my graphics maxxed out and running around as a tank
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