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- cool & pure, closing to his 2 faces!
Matsumoto Jun talks about secrets of boys mind-

"All expressions I showed for this shooting can be my real faces. But it is interesing that my expressions and atomosphere are changing with "who to take a photo". Maybe it is not because I do and feel something."

"If you stay with a girl who you like, will your attitude changes naturally, right? When you stay with your partner, you might try to show your expression that you don't do it usually. But you only know the difference by yourself. I think I don't want her to notice it."

"If my gf talks to her male friend with good mood, it makes me feel bad.(laugh)"

"Boys are selfish. I really believe that they think it is much fun to talk and play with only boys. They want both. It would be perfect if girl can understand the balancing."

I've never fall in love with somebody in a moment. To begin with finding her good point, it turns my switch on, then my feeling is shifting to falling in love slowly. I don't aware of a girl I fall in love extremely, but sometimes I show my feeling with actions(laugh) When its happened, I'm like..."Oops? What's happened?"(laugh) and I will be like "Ok, me, calm down, CALM DOWN!"

"Homestly to say, I don't think its a big problem whether I cheat on somebody or not. I think "Can't be helped" a bit. Well, if I see somebody says "I don't cheat on anybody", I think its good to be pure. But even if I cheated on somebody, if Im serious with her, its also a real love, isn't it? So the most important thing is the relationship with partner. If both people think that the relationship as important, it won't be happened. I think it's wrong that the affair is only oneside's fault.!"

"Even when I'm in love with somebody, I'm cool and I don't be emotional. If somevody ask me, "am I passionate for love?", I think Im not. For example, about arguing or fighting...I don't do them without reasons. Even if the partner is in a nad mood, I just leave her alone. As I said so, Im not always be cool(laugh) I've cried before. The reason for crying is a secret..."
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