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Roleplay here after you make a character.
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Ariel walked around a forest. "Ugh! I knew I'd get lost." she said getting frustrated and kicking a tree. She kicked it with more force than she had wished to though and her foot was now pulsating in pain. "OW OW OW!" She complained hopping up and down. "Just my luck." she hissed sitting on the floor and rubbing her foot.
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Sakura walks in the elven forest "hmm i wonder what i should bring back home today." looks around. "oh look there is a boar!" runs after the boar with a katana in her hand " Time for boar meat." smiles as she closes in on the boar and stabs it right in the head. "wow its pretty big for a boar should last the village at least a week."
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Aria wandered around.She spun her daggers idly
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