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Girls who Play Defense of the Ancients or Computer Games
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Posted 1/6/10 , edited 1/7/10
I used to play dota... I'd spend the night in a computer shop with my friends just playing it. Time would fly by so fast... and I always thought the crystal maiden is beautiful...

I don't see anything wrong actually, sometimes we'd dominate the boys....

Right now I'm raring to try left for dead...
Posted 1/8/10 , edited 1/8/10
I played

Perfect World,
Cabal Online,
RF Online,

Yep I'm a name is usually girly like PrettySmart and Sun_Kiss...
Some people doesnt believe that im a girl sometimes

currently not playing anything..sawa na eh...haha
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Posted 1/14/10 , edited 1/14/10
Try Ran Online for girls and o2jam
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Posted 1/31/10 , edited 1/31/10
yah i play psp games like tales of the world 1
Posted 1/31/10 , edited 1/31/10

jaeljael wrote: you play dotA? if yes, what games?
im just curious XD

is it weird for girls to play dotA?
im a girly girl and i play Warcraft (thats the only game i know and play)
but i only play with my guybesties :))

facebook games dont count, kay? ^^

correct me if im wrong,but i think DotA is already a game...asking "if yes,what games?" doesnt really make much sense.

and its not weird for any girl to play any game.
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24 / F / Italy
Posted 2/11/10 , edited 2/11/10
d q pa na try mag DOTA pro RANatic ako
level 91 pa char ko... malayo pa sa pinapangarap kong 127 pra my skill na akong DOD. hahaha!!
play din akong Red Alert at Counter Strike. hahhaha
Posted 5/6/10 , edited 5/6/10
some of them are not girls
panggap lang yung iba mga bakla
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32 / F / Seoul City, Korea
Posted 5/9/10 , edited 5/10/10
Me me me!

Dota and HoN (Heroes of Newerth) just like dota but good quality graphics!

I started playing Dota when I was 17 I think and then got addicted to it and stopped after 2 years and then came HoN.. got addicted to it as well.
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24 / F / Philippines
Posted 5/10/10 , edited 5/10/10
DOTA sometimes but online games talaga nilalaro ko
gaya ng Tantra, RAN, Luna, Cabal
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26 / M
Posted 5/12/10 , edited 5/12/10
only saw few girls playing DOTA (Defense of the Ancient) but i see many guys pretending to be girls playing DOTA lol xD
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23 / F / Zincredible Class...
Posted 8/1/10 , edited 8/1/10
nainggit sa bro na naglalaro + sinubukan = EPIC FAIL XD

i think its not weird for girls to play dota^^ i'll even think of them as cool though

y8 <~~ yan lang aking know na game laruin lolzXD
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Posted 9/13/10 , edited 9/13/10
I tried Ragnarok, Gunbound, Flyff, and a 2-hour gaming of MU, Half-Life and Doom (both demos), Counter Strike, DOTA, Star Craft and others similar to this game, also, Nintendo games from those handy game consoles. I play Left 4 Dead with my cousins and guess what? I'm a female and I suck at games (seriously speaking) but I still enjoy gaming.
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Posted 9/18/10 , edited 9/18/10
yeah... I play DoTA... XD, and other computer/online games.....
top games I play were ragnarok and grandchase...
especially video games and I know it doesn't count.. haha
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Posted 9/21/10 , edited 9/21/10
i tried playing dota but i was such an epic fail that i stopped can't even beat the AI

played battle realms, red alert, and diablo then.
played ragnarok online for almost 5 years (i think) and i tried playing rose online, perfect world, secrets of solstice, cabal online and freestyle online but the maximum time i've spent on them is 3 months

currently playing nostale and crossfire.

i really have high regards to those girls who play for fun and enjoyment (hey, there are some girls that are better than most guys). and i dislike those who solely make the online community their flirting grounds (it's really annoying and their presence just adds to the game lag).
Posted 9/25/10 , edited 9/25/10
i've played ragnarok, starcraft, red alert, clock tower, resident evil, counter strike
dami pa eh
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