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Shugo Chara Bloopers
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Posted 2/13/10 , edited 2/13/10
[mines are never good]

During when they were taking care of Tsubasa..

Amu: Here you go Kairi hold him

Kairi: *blushing*...Ahhh!! yaya..

Yaya: Yaya wants to be carried by Kairi-chan too..

Director: Cut! Yaya...Stop that..

Yaya: Ahhh!! Yaya will director for changing the script..*Baby MAllet thingy*

Director: Ahh...

Amu: yaya-chan//
Posted 2/13/10 , edited 2/14/10
this takes place when amu has to save Tadase from being sucked into the whole Black Diamonds CD

Keseki: C'mon let's go!

Amu: Why do i have to go? i've like totally healed a bajillion x-eggs already? can't u like go ask ya-ya or something?

Keseki: get to work peasent!

Amu: (hands over chest) do u know my grade in math now, i have an F! If Tadase really like cared about me he would not get me into so much trouble.

*slams door shut*
it's an Amu tantrum!
Posted 2/13/10 , edited 2/14/10
ohh... i have another one! it's when they're fighting the huge X-dog!

Utau: *struggling with fighting it* Yaya how do we stop this thing?

Yaya: Rubber Duckie attack!

Utau: You've already tried that! it won't do any damage!

X-egg dog: *grabs one in it's mouth and runs towards Yaya*

Utau: Run Yaya, it's going to hurt u!

x-egg dog: *drops duckie by Yaya's feet and licks her face*

Yaya: oh u just wanted to play didn't u.... aren't you just the cutest little thing... Easter's mean to u isn't it

x-egg dog: *whimpers*


Utau:......... *leaves a happy yaya riding on the back of the X-egg dog*

Utau: this was a waste of my time i could have been recording a song! *stomps away*
Posted 2/14/10 , edited 2/14/10
From Episode 99. The part where Tadase is fighting Ikuto, before he gets his sword

Tadase: Ikuto nii-san! I know you're weak, hurt, and being controlled! But if you even try to hurt her, I will fight you!
*scepter transforms into the sword*
Tadase: *stands in front of Amu* I will protect her!
Director: Cut, cut! Did you read the script Tadase?!
Tadase: Director-san, that's what I say in the manga!
Director: Not in the anime you don't!
Ikuto: *takes out darkened contacts* This sucks. Why can't I-
Director: Because Ikuto, the majority of viewers like you with Amu! You and Tadase are to keep your relationship in secret and out of this studio!
Tadase: But Director-san!
Director: No buts! Take 10!
Ikuto: *puts contacts back in* I'm surprised that scepter hasn't snapped in half yet
Tadase: Shut up! I don't like this any more than you do!
Amu: *sitting on the ground, forgotten*
Posted 2/20/10 , edited 2/20/10
*shugo chara party starts and no ones in the anime part*
director: ehhh?
Amu: We're going on strike you messed up the whole story! *coughimnotthemaincharacteranymorecough*
Director: WHATTT THEEE %^&*()_
*amu walks away acting cool when she slips on a banana*
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Posted 2/20/10 , edited 2/21/10
After reading the bloopers I feel bad for the director XD

[When Dia chara-changes with Amu]
Ran: By the what's your chara-change like?
Miki: Good question.
Su: We haven't seen that before.
Rikka: Show us!
Dia: Okay, chara-change!
Amu: *suddenly has a mallet* GRRRR!! ALL YOU PUNKS GET OUT OF MY WAY!! *smashes stuff*
Director: Cut! Dia, what's this about?!
Dia: I have no idea what you're talking about.
Posted 3/4/10 , edited 3/5/10
scene when ikuto is holding Amu and calls her princess

Amu: Ikuto....

Ikuto: Yes?

*Ikuto then loses his balance and falls to the ground*

Amu: help!

*tadase catches her*

Tadase: Mwa ha ha! eat my dust ikuto! *tadase runs away with amu in his arms*
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