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--- Inspired by the song Domino by Varsity.


A soft melody soared passed the classrooms, the hallways, throughout the school, out to the town, passed the ocean, fading bit by bit as it came closed to a girl. Her lips pressed against eachother lightly. Her lips parted a bit, mouthing the words of the melody, running through her ears. Her eyes closed and her lips curved up a small bit.
Nothing ever happens in this town.
Its the same when we go out
A new place to hang with the same crowd...

Snow started falling from the sky. It landed one by one around the girl. Not a single flake touched her. She lightly kicked the snow in front of her and then fell down to her knees. "I'm falling like a domino..."

{Chapter One} - Melody

[Finally gonna rebuild the story i never published XD New ideas + KHR :D]
{May or may not exactly match up with the prolouge because i wanted to keep it there XD}
[This will be TYL~ ... watch me get people OOC : D]
[I just seem to love this idea owo. ♥]

She glanced up at the boy who had sat next to her. She blinked once. Twice. And a third time. Until reality hit her again with someone sitting in front of her.

"Your Naomi-san, yes?"

She blinked her pale brown eyes up at the young man. In quite a formal suit, a tree bark like colored hair; spiked up slightly, and deep light brown eyes. His hands clasped on the small coffee table, giving her a reassuring smile. A handsome man in her opinion.

"Y-Yes," She stuttered out quietly, glancing down at her hot chocolate. The marshmellows, floating around the surface as steam rose, stating it was still quite hot. "I-Is there...s-something you n-need of me?"

"You hold the possession of a Sky ring...a Vongola Sky ring, I presume?"

She pressed her lips together. How would this man, whom she hasn't even known the name of; know about the ring in her possession. She wrapped the loose scarf around her neck a bit tighter. The tail of it flowing lightly, as the cold breeze passed by. Winter would be here before she knew it; along with another lonely Christmas.

"We wouldn't hurt you."

She blinked at the new voice, and then remembered another person had took a seat next to her. She looked over; black hair, hazel nut brown eyes, in a suit; just like the other man was. Except he held such a childish grin.

She gave a small nod, "I do have the possession of the Sky ring." Boy was he going to kill her now. But looking at the reassuring and childish smile held by the two, who couldn't trust them.

"Ah! So Hibari did tell us the right girl!" The black haired man grinned and then looked over at the brown haired man. "Ah, I'm Yamamoto Takeshi."

The brown haired girl blinked a bit, tucking in a loose hair strand. Yamamoto Takeshi... she'll remember that.

"Do you-"

Her mind went blank when the words Yamamoto said sunk into her head. They know Hibari...? Just who were they really?


What did they want with her? Take advantage of her? Use her against Hibari-san? She bit the bottom of her lip quite harshly, a small drip of blood slid down her lip.

"Ah, Naomi-san!"

She was finally snapped back into reality when she felt something soft against her lip. She moved her eye sight to the hand wiping the blood from her lip; meeting calm brown eyes.

"A-Ah! G-Gomen," She apologized quickly, giving a small bow, making sure not to hit her hot chocolate. "C-Can you repeat w-what you said?" She brought her hot chocolate to her lips, taking in the warm liquid. A deep breath escaped her lips as she placed the drink back down.

"Do you know of a person named Hibari Kyoya?"

She got quiet, They do know Hibari-san... She stared at the barely still alive marshmellow floating on the surface of her hot chocolate. Should I tell them I know Hibari-san...?

A soft melody flowed through the air as the three of them look around the area. A soft smile was placed on her lips as she stood up and waved for the little boy to come over towards her. She reached into her small purse and brought out a few coins; placing it in the boy's hat. He looked up at her cheerfully and continued on; playing his peaceful melody.

"I do know, Hibari-san."

"Would you like-"

"But I would like to know how do you know Hibari-san," She cut him off abruptly. She was taught not to be rude, but how could she? Those men...they knew Hibari-san, and definitely wanted something to do her with Sky ring.

"He's the Cloud guardian for the Vongola X," Yamamoto explained. [Oh god; I dont know how long chapter 1's been up but i JUST realized i said Mist instead of Cloud ;_; FAILLL]

"You guys are...?" She thought about it, finally realizing who this man was. "T-The Tenth and the Rain guardian!" She stuttered out quickly. "I-I'm sorry I didn't notice sooner," She bowed.

"A-Ah! It's okay, Naomi-san!" Tsuna[ : D] wailed his arms a bit, trying to get her to stand back up.

"I'm guessing you need the help of the Sky ring?" She stated standing up straight. She turned her head towards the grey skies.

"Mm," Tsuna nod his head.

"Welcome to Vongola, Naomi-chan!"

A smile formed on her lips; maybe this year's christmas wouldn't be so lonely.

..... Fail. Colorcode tomorrow im tired XD

{Chapter Two} - Just A Few Thoughts

Honestly, the whole reason Naomi was welcome-d into the Vongola family was sort of...strange. First, there was really no need for the ring she held. Which clearly pissed off Hibari straight on there...

"Well....the whole reason Naomi-san is here, honestly, is because we felt the whole family needed to be whole."

It was quiet. Quiet enough to hear someone's hand come in contact with their forehead gently.

[Guess who's saying what? 8D It shouldn't be that hard... xD;;...well most shouldn't
Note; not everyone in Vongola [+ alliance] had a line said xD
[Not colorcoding this cause it can give it out xD]

"VOIII! Is that the whole reason you called us here?!"

"HEY! Don't you dare insult Jyuu-"



"Ahahah! You guys are so funny!"



"Lambo-san! You need to wait!!"

"This is funnn ushishishi~"

"Bel-senpaiii, can you stop throwing knives at my backkkkkk."

"We sure are lively."


[Hints will be given out if i feel like it; Some lines may be OOC ish ;_; so i dont mind giving hints to those lines XD but the obvious ones. ./kicks you should know : D]

Naomi looked at how such a peaceful event...or rather meeting? She wasn't sure, but was sure that in this family. Anything could happen. She blinked as a glass cup flew towards her, "Eep." She gasped, sliding her bo out from underneath her sleeve. In a quick slash to the side; it was stretched out to it's full length, the glass breaking to the side of her.

Everyone seemed to just stare at her; amazed how fast she managed to get her weapon out.

"Sugoii, Naomi-san!"

"Naomi-san is amazing!"

"VOIII! Can we eat?!"


Yeah, this event was sure a life twisting point...a crazy one for that point.

Naomi smiled as she gave a small wave towards Takeshi, Gokudera and Tsuna. They were off on their next mission. "Return safe~!"

"We always do, Naomi-chan!"

"Later, woman."

"Gokudera-kun!..." Tsuna sighed, "Jaa ne, Naomi-san."

Naomi laughed lightly, "Gokudera, I will kill you one day."



Naomi looked up at her black haired senpai, "H-Hai, Hibari-san?"

"Keep this ring with you at all times. Do not let anyone know you have it, nor who gave it to you," He placed the ring on the palm of Naomi's hand.

"Wakarimasu, Hibari-san!" Naomi nod and clutch the ring in her grip.

Naomi somehow, managed to trip over a small rock on her way back to the Vongola HQ. She didn't feel the need to get up just yet, and sat down comfortably; looking at her scratched knee. She blew on it lightly; trying to get the pain to lighten up a bit.

Naomi glanced at the Christmas tree; stationed right in the middle of the living room of the Vongola HQ. "S-Sugoi..." Never once in her life had she seen such a big Christmas tree. Nor have she ever decorated a tree either. But, Yamamoto made sure she was in charge of decorations.

"So, Naomi-chan! You're in charge of decorations," Yamamoto grinned as he placed down the last box of decorations and lights.

"Just...this tree right?" She didn't exactly want to decoration the whole HQ.

"Yep! Just the tree!"

Naomi smiled, leaning against her knee. Having to fallen near the park, she got up and sat onto the bench, clearly remembering a moment of when she fell and scratched her knee.

"" Naomi continued to stretch her arms forward, standing on her tippytoes. That star will get up on the top!

"Hi Naomi-chan~!"

Naomi fell over from the ladder, due to the shock of Yamamoto's random shout.

"Naomi-chan!" Yamamoto ran and caught her, causing himself to fall along due to gravity.

"A...ah..." She winced.

"Are you okay, Naomi-chan?!" Yamamoto asked as he sat up quickly, sitting her on the floor, looking for injuries.


He eyed the rather large scratch on her knee. He shook his head lightly and went to get a first aid kit.

"It's fine, Yamamoto-kun," Naomi said, watching him come back with a first aid kit.

"Not if it gets infectedd~" He stated, taking out a spray to disinfect it.

"Eep..." She gasped quietly, biting her lips shut to avoid yelling in pain as he sprayed it against her knee. Then quickly wrapping it in bandages.


He smiled, "No problem, Naomi-chan~!"

"Christmas was fun this year~" She sighed, looking out onto the park. The little children running around, dog owners walking around and quiet chit chat from passing by people.

"So much can happen in one event..." Naomi stood up and headed towards Vongola HQ, before her knee really did get infected badly.

That was, until a hand covered over her mouth and blocked off any air coming into her lungs with a cloth. "Shiashiashia, finally got her."

[The person IS in KHR : D. And He was "totally" not killed. xD]


{Chapter 3} - Well...

To get a phone call and find out someone precious to you was kidnapped. Who would react normally? Not Yamamoto; that's for sure. He was pacing around the airplane, waiting for anything on Naomi. Anything, any little piece that will help him get a step closer to finding her and her kidnapper.

"Yamamoto, even if you get infomation about the damn woman, you wouldn't be able to go back to Italy," Gokudera pointed out.

Yamamoto stopped pacing around, heart sunken. "How would it feel if Cyndii was kidnapped?"

Gokudera frozed. "..."

"It'd feel reassuring if you knew something about what was going on, wouldn't it?"

Yamamoto was making sense to him now. If something happened to Cyndii...who knows what Gokudera would do. "Alright, you win, baseball freak."

Yamamoto managed to give a small smile. Naomi...


Naomi opened her eyes, lifting her head up. She tried moving her arms and legs; only to find them tied to the chair she was sitting in. A frustrated sigh escaped her lips.

"Shiashiashia...looks like the princess is awake~"

She quickly looked over to the voice. Her eyes widen as she felt her kidnapper's hand, cold and rough, forcefully lifted her chin up.

"Shiashiashia, such a pretty princess."

"Let me go," Naomi ripped her chin out of he's grip. She fidget-ed with her sleeve, trying to get her bo out. Only to figure out it wasn't there.

"Shiashiashia, any weapon you have is gone~. Don't worry though, I just need you til the Vongola Tenth gives me what I want," He just laughed. This guy, her kidnapper, was crazy. Just like...just like...

Her eyes finally realized who this was, "You were dead!" She was completely confused now, "Belphegor killed you!"

"Shiashiashia, as if I could die from a stupid prince like him. I am King, after all," Sil smirked. Just hearing him speak was slowly getting on Naomi's nerves. This guy was full of himself. Exactly like Bel.

"Rasiel-sama, you have orders from Byakuran-sama."

Naomi's eyes shifted towards the butler at the door. "Shiashaishia, I'll be back princess.~"

As soon as he left, along with the butler Naomi's nails were trying to cut the rope. "God damnit," She muttered, looking around the room for anything that could cut and was in a reachable area.

With another frustrated sigh escaping her lips, she heard a quiet snap of the ropes. She blinked a bit, wondering how the ropes tying her hands back broke. She shook her hand and went to untie her legs.

She fumbled across the room, looking for her bo. But as soon as she heard footsteps, she ran towards the window and jumped through it, blocking the glass shards with her arm.

Naomi landed a bit wobbly on the ground, but as she heard yells from above, she knew she didn't have time to rest or worry. But to just run, unless she wanted to get caught.


"Ciao~ Goku-chann~"

"Is something wrong Cyndii?" Gokudera wondered, usually Cyndii didn't call when he was on a "business" trip.

"Nothing, Goku-chan~ I just miss you." He heard a quiet pout.

Gokudera ran his hand through his hair. Just when he got home from his last mission, he had to leave imediantly to the next. Not able to see Cyndii, or tell her about his trip. How long as it been since they both had alone time. A few weeks, that's for sure.

"I have a request, Cyndii," He glanced over at Yamamoto who stared out the window, deep in thought. And then at the Tenth, having that same worried look Yamamoto held just a while ago.

"Hm? Anything, Goku-chan~"

"..." He thought about his request again. If he brought Cyndii into the mafioso...then...


"Ah, nevermind," He said quite quickly.

"Is there something wrong?" He could hear the worriness in her voice...along with a few things breaking in the background. "DAICHI! I told you not to play with that!"

"...Daichi's over there?" Gokudera was annoyed. Daichi was the most annoyingest, needs-to-die-est, kid ever.

"Y-Yeah, his parents are out and--DAICHI! Get away from Gokudera's things!" He heard her put down the phone, and quick footsteps. Oh boy, when he came back that kid will die.

"Oh hi, Hibari-san! Mika-chan!"

If Tsuna or Yamamoto havn't noticed yet, they noticed now, that annoyed look Gokudera held. One of his eyes was twitching when he heard those names. "Why is Hibari and Mika there?!"

"Visiting?" He heard Cyndii reply faintly.

"Herbivore wanted to come."

"Just thought you might need some help with Daichi~ Since Tsuna-lover is out~"

Yeah, he would make sure Mika died too.

"Oh! Thanks, hold up-" He heard Cyndii's voice get louder and then phone being picked up. "I got to go, Goku-chan~"

"Oh? Tsuna-lover's on the phone? HIII~!"

"I'll talk to you later ~ ♥"

And then the phone clicked.

"Damn woman."


This chapter totally got random LOL. xD

I'll color code later ;w;
./throws clothes in the closet

{Chapter 4} - Choose already!

Naomi, panting slightly as she leaned behind a tree, "Damnit." She heard leaves crunch a few meters behind her. She was covered in scratches and bruises. Her teal polo were tattered at the ends, along with her demin jeans. Dirt scratches on her cheeks and small drip of blood slid down the tip of her mouth. Her hair was in a messy ponytail to the side; just because she couldn't see where she was running just a while ago (And nearly ran into a few trees before tying it..)

She searched around for any of her weapons once again. Still finding nothing she could fight with. She bit her lip, looking at the Vongola ring on her finger; covered in a Mammom chain.

The footsteps got closer along with a few voices, "I think I found her!"

"Quiet, she might start to run again."

She had no choice. Fight or be caught. As soon as the footsteps were literally right behind her. She grabbed a small orange colored box from the inner pocket of her hat. She took off the chains from her ring, throwing them into her pocket and pushed her feet off from the tree trunk. Breaking into a run just as they pointed their guns at her.

"I havn't done this in awhile," She muttered, lighting a flame on her ring as she narrowly dodged the bullets. She plugged the flame into the box; doing a 180 and pointed it at the enemy. "Come out buddy~!"

A deep orange aura covered cat came out, charging at them at an amazing speed. Within seconds they were on the ground, in pain and nearly unconsisous.

"Thanks buddy," She grinned as the cat went back into the box. She took in a deep breath, running a hand through her now flowing hair. She seemed to of lost her hairtie somewhere.

She turned around and took a step forward; falling over in the process. "What did they..." Her eyes drifted closed. "Teh....heh..." She weakly pulled out a dart from her leg. "Numbing..." She was out cold.


Mika grinned at her accomplishment. She managed to get Daichi asleep! Dispise[SP] all of the broken things she'd make sure Hibari would pay for later, she did it! The question was how was she going to explain this to Tsuna-lover and Cyndii.

"Ehehe...." She rubbed the back of her head, closing the door to the room that held Daichi. She felt a vibration in her pocket; pulling it out and looking at who was calling her.

Marshmellow Dude.

Her and her weird code names, she picked up the phone, slightly wondering why her boss was calling her, "Moshi moshi~"

[Time to kill Byakuran xD;; *personality fail*]


"Yesss, bossuuu~?" Her boss was scaring her now.

"Mika? Hibari-san just left for work~" She heard Cyndii call from downstairs.

Mika held the phone away from her mouth, covering the mouth piece, "Ah, I see, I'll be going soon since Daichi's asleep~"

"Really? Thanks, Mika!" And then the footsteps faded from the base of the stairs. Probably to the living room or kitchen.

"What do you need, Byakuran?" She went back to the phone.

"Capture an escaped prisoner," He said quite boredly. "Rasiel seemed to have managed to capture Vongola's Sky backup, Naomi. She escaped into the woods by his castle though."

Mika couldn't exactly put her thoughts into words. Naomi. The one that was in hiding...? The one who was kept a secret. Her best friend? She didn't want to capture someone as precious as her. "I..."

"Mika, surely you can do it~"

"Its just..." She wasn't sure what to do; disobey her boss or obey and be treated as a the enemy.

"Are you disobeying me?"

She winced at the words.

"N-No, I'll get her b-back..."

She heard a chuckle at the other end of the line, "You have a week."

With that, the phone clicked off and Mika stood at the end of the line; listening to the plain tone. "N-Naomi...what do I do?"

"Mika? Your still here?" She heard Cyndii come upstairs. "Is something wrong?" She noticed the distressed look Mika held.

"A-Ah, it's fine, Cyndii! Tell Tsuna-lover to come home more often~ And ask Hibari to pay for the damages," Mika's lips curved into a false smile.

"Damages?!" She heard Cyndii shout out.

"I'll see you later, Cyndii!" She ran downstairs, barely putting on her shoes and almost forgetting her things. She ran outside and nearly tripped down the stairs, "Phooey."

Boy, she was going to be the betrayer. Hibari sure wasn't going to like that.

She stopped running and leaned against the wall. "Hibari..." Now it seemed she couldn't pick. Her own mission, someone she admires, or her own life. Damn, life sure loved to play around with her.

She froze at her words; admires? She didn't admire Hibari. She loved

Damn life.


Lovetriangle? <3. xD;; Maybe maybe not owo

{Chapter 5} - Friends to Enemies

Naomi's eyes opened; expecting to be recaptured and tied up. She looked around; realizing she was still at the place she had fallen. Down a few meters she peered at the unmoving bodies. The people after me...

She struggled to stand, looking up at the sun's position. Maybe...late afternoon..? She guessed and staggered forward. Her arm stretched forward to lean against the nearby tree.


She looked up to see Mika. Mika...why is she here...?

"Are you okay?" Mika ran over to Naomi to study any wounds. But, she quietly snuck a kunai underneath her pale, purple sleeve. Just as she threw it towards Naomi, a small clash of metal was heard.

"..." Naomi couldn't say a thing as she stared at the kunai beneath her feet. She glanced back up at her ring that defended from a serious injury. "Mika...?"

Orders...Orders... Mika's thoughts were filled to the brim. Was she really going to the do this?

Naomi's eyes trailed over to the ring on Mika's finger. Mare...ring... She looked a bit closer, rain attribute..."I guess your the enemy now, Mika?"

Mika couldn't trust her voice anymore and nod, "Mm."

"I guess lying to me these whole years...lying to Tsuna, Yamamoto, Gokudera, Cyndii, just for the sake of your own mission?" Naomi understood she was slowly hurting Mika on the inside. She had enough of friends becoming enemies. And if this was Mika's choice, she wouldn't hold back. At all.

Mika took in a deep breath; letting out all of the old
Mika out. She reopened her eyes, and smirked, "I guess so."

Naomi flicked her hat off; grabbing a few boxes from the inner pockets. She knew she had about a 2% chance of winning. Mika knew that too.

"Tch..." It was worth trying.


Cyndii let out a soft sigh. Daichi was asleep, Gokudera was on a business trip, and Mika just left about an hour ago. It sure was quiet at home. Another sigh escaped her lips; she didn't like days like these. She loved them when it was just her and Gokudera, but when she was alone...? She didn't like it one bit.

She stared blankly at the TV in front of her; all news on recent Mafioso events. Nothing on the city; nothing on murderers or even kidnaps. It was dead set on mafioso business.

Just as she was about to turn off the TV, something caught her eye.

"Recently, the gathering of all Vongola guardians have been in action."

They showed a few; very poor quality and angle; videos of the 10th, Yamamoto and Gokudera.

"It seems as if war would soon be happening between the Millefiore family and them." [: D Random current KHR plot + My random plot mix? : D]

Cyndii's eyes widen, war...? She stared at Gokudera's photo appearing.



Heavy pants escaped Naomi's lips as she gripped on her still lit sky ring. Her two animal boxes were out; nearly out of flames now. The stick she was using as a depositable weapon was crumbled to pieces while Mika stood there. Not affected to what had happen. That 2% sure had shrunk down to about 0.002%.

"You should know how this will end, Naomi~ Give up now~" Mika smirked as she twirled the kunai between her fingers. A bright blue flame surrounded the small weapon along with the same flame on the Mare ring.

" if..." Naomi muttered quietly. She gripped onto her last box. ...Never thought...I'd have to use the present...from them...

"You asked for it," Mika stopped twirling her kunai and aimed it at Naomi, just like a person would aim a dart. With a flick of her wrist, the kunai was sent flying towards Naomi. The blue sparks left a travel behind as it flew quickly.

"Same thing?" Naomi smirked as she captured the kunai with her finger, still spinning a bit from the flick. "Aren't you going old?"

She held the box up along with her lit ring. "Never used this box before..." She plugged the ring into the hole. "But I guess there's a first time for everything," She quickly through the box upwards.

"Ne! Naomi-san!"

Naomi turned to look at Tsuna and the guardians, "Hm?" She looked down at the small box in on his palm.

"Merry Christmas~! From the Vongola family!" Everyone cheered. A few pops and confetti was coming down from above. Naomi looked up to see Yamamoto and Ryohei; holding a few poppers [thingy...mabobs.], the string obviously pulled.

Naomi stared down at the pale, and faint orange box.

"Open it ~" Tsuna grinned, "Cause' we don't know what powers it holds either...."

Everyone laughed.

"Hahah..." Naomi managed to give out a soft laugh as she looked down at the badly damaged Mika. She staggered forward, but managed to keep her balance. "Looks like the tables are tu-"

"Looks like Mika did need help~"

Oh god no.

Naomi was knocked out from behind.

"" Mika couldn't finish her sentance as her eyes drifted closed.


./kill coding

{Chapter 6} - Unexpected Things ~


"Ah, looks like Mika bossu is awake," One of the subordinates[CoughSubordinate#1] stated, placing down the little soldier marble piece on the chess board.

"Wonder how her wounds are now," Another [CoughSubordinate#2] said, countering the soldier. "Check mate."

"Arg!" The first one cried out. [#1]


"Probably still not fully healed, meaning-"

The two of them, and the crowd who was watching the used to be intense game heard a rather loud thump.

"Yep," The opponent agreed and began resetting up the game.

"Mii-nee's okay!" A scrawny little girl came in, telling the remaining subordinates. "Though...if you see her walking around, you should try to get her to bed."

They looked at the little girl for a bit, "Alright, Miyui-sama."

Miyui smiled and then left the room.


"Teheheh, you shouldn't be so reckless, Mika~" Mika twitched at the stupid white haired boss in front of her. [./Totally hating on Byakuran since ep118 : D]

"You shouldn't be talking!" She shouted back, only to wince in pain. She held onto her arm, covered up in bandages. She ran her hand through her short brown locks, feeling something wet and sticky underneath her thick hair. She brought her hand front of her eyes. Blood... "God damnit," She muttered. Stupid marshmellow boss's fault.

She felt a hand lift up her hair.

"W-What the heck are you doing?!" She muttered, a pained look struck her face.

"I can't let my trusted partner be bleeding~" She heard as she saw bandages pass by her eyes.

"I hate you," She groaned, unconsiously leaning against him. The wounds were finally catching up to her, she felt pain and sick.

Marshmellow boss just smirked and picked her up, bringing her towards the couch and laying her there, "Good night~"

Don't I...hate this stupid...guy?

...Don't him...Hibari...?

Mika drifted off to sleep as she felt a blanket cover her body.

I...don't know anymore.


Naomi slowly opened her eyes, examing her held captive room. She grasp on whatever was near her hand; realizing it was the pillow. Wait...the pillow? She quickly got up from the bed. "E-Eh?" She was confused alright. No chains. No locks. No security guards or cameras.

She felt around her any of her weapons, around the room, in drawers, everywhere. Nothing. She brought her hand to her face; no ring there either. Her ring...They have my ring!

A frustrated scowl left her lips. She clutched her hand tightly, holding it to her chest as her legs finally gave in. She collasped on the ground, feeling tears being brought to her eyes. Everything had been taken from her. Everything...even...

Her eyes widen as she hesitantly reached up towards her head. Her hand ran through her hair, looking for something. She finally found it, pulling the dark blue ribbon out. She wrapped it around her hand, the one that would of held the sky ring.

After the tears running down her face stopped, she stood up and opened the door out of the room. She was going to get the hell out of here. "It'll probably be harder to leave..." She realized. She shook her head and began walking down the hallways casually. It wouldn't matter. They've already noticed since I left the room.


"Still no news on Naomi...?" A sigh escaped the black haired man.

"Yadda...gomen ne, I should of been there to see you guys off," He could hear the sadness in the boy's voice. "Then maybe she wouldn't have been kidnapped..."

"It's fine, Shiro," He said, over and over again.

"And, Yamamoto-san, could I speak to Gokudera? Cyndii-nee looks quite worried."

Yamamoto gave a small smile and handed the phone to Gokudera, "Cyndii's worried about you."

Gokudera hesitantly took the phone from Yamamoto's grip, "M-Moshi moshi?"

"Why...why didn't you tell me you were in the mafioso?"

Gokudera bit his lip, unable to say something in reply.

"Why...why didn't you tell me Naomi was kidnapped? Why didn't you tell me both her and Mika are in the mafioso? Why...?"

Why didn't he see this sooner?

"Don't you trust me...?"

"It's to protect you!" Gokudera shouted, causing Tsuna and Yamamoto to look over at him, a bit shocked from the shout. "If you didn't know...if the mafioso world didn't know you, you wouldn't get hurt. I wouldn't have to worry when I leave on trips that what happened to Naomi could happen to you. I don't have to think of 'what ifs'..."

Tsuna walked over to Gokudera and gently took the phone out of his grasp, "Gokudera-kun really cares for you."

And with that, Cyndii understood.

"Cyndii-nee? May I have the phone back?"

They heard the phone shuffle a bit.

"The CEDEF and The Chiavorone Family have been sent off to search for Naomi. They suspect it's the Milliefiore."

"Milliefiore..." Yamamoto looked up with a dark look, "It looks like war has just started."



Naomi glanced up at the tall brown headed girl. Deep, honey wood brown locks fell from her pigtails. "Hm?"

"If I told you...I was in the mafioso, would you still be my friend?"

Naomi noticed how figet-y her brown haired friend was. "Of course I would!" Naomi grinned as she played around with her bangs.

The smile seemed to have brightened the girl's expression. "Thats-Naomi?" She looked around her as everything seemed to just dissolve into thin air. Her arm stretched out forward as if trying to grab the disappearing figure.

She was alone now. Yet...before...why did she choose orders over friends she've come close to?

Ah, she remembered.

"Because of orders. Orders you seem to never disobey," She faintly heard a familiar chuckle.



Naomi looked out the window, completely shocked
. There; outside the little window in the shape of an oval, were clouds. Fluffy, soft, white, in all different shapes and sizes. The sun glaring at her left eye as she stared.

"I'm...I'm...on a plane?"

"We will be landing in Japan in 10 hours and 45minutes."

"I've been unconsious for 4 hours...?" Naomi bit her lip. Why was she going to Japan?


"Hm?" Naomi turned around, to see the familiar grin.

"I was wondering if you..I..erm..."

"I?" Naomi tilted her head at the stuttering man.

"See us off at the airport today!"

Naomi blinked a bit confused, "I always do." She chuckled, "Your going to Japan right?"

He nods. "Be safe, Yamamoto-kun ~ "

"....I should of saw this coming," A deep sigh escaped Naomi's lips.

They were going to use her as bait.



{Chapter 7} - Got to Believe Something Will Happen

"W-Will she be okay?"

"Don't worry, Kyoko, she'll be fine."

"But her injuries..."

"Their fine."

Naomi opened her eyes, she couldn't see anything but pitch black. That was bad. She began blinking furiously, desparately trying to gain her vision back.

"A-Ah! Naomi-chan you shouldn't be doing that!"

"I can't see...I can't see..." Naomi whimpered as she began rubbing her eyes. Whatever she did, it just seemed to get worse. She couldn't tell. Everything was just black.

"Calm down, herbivore."

Naomi took in a calm breath and closed her eyes. She trusted Hibari.


The straight out order nearly caused everyone to fall in shock, along with Naomi. With a small nod, she laid comfortably on the pillow. "Oyasumi..."


"Naomi!" Yamamoto ran into the room only to get shush-ed by Kyoko. "Is she okay?" He hesitantly walked over to the sleeping figure on the bed.

"Naomi-chan woke up not to long ago. She seemed to have lost her sight..." Kyoko trailed off as she remembered what had happened earlier. "There's no knowing if she'd get it back."

"A...ah..." He stood at the side of the bed, his sight looking down on the ground. "You can go Kyoko, I can stay with her."

Kyoko looked up at Yamamoto, a bit hesitant, but got up and walked out the door.

"Naomi...I'm glad your safe..." His hand brushed against her bandaged cheek. He just couldn't believe they managed to get through with the plan without her getting severely hurt.


What was he talking about! She had lost her eye vision. She had wounds on nearly every inch of her body, Naomi was just lucky enough to live without any broken bones! broken bones... That certainly brought his lips into a small smile. "Go back to sleep, Naomi-chan~ I'll still be here," He wanted to give a reassuring smile, but all her could do, was stare at the blank orbs that looked towards his direction.

He knew for sure, there was just no chance at all Naomi was getting her vision back.


"Eh? So the plane was ambushed as it grounded?" Marshmellowy [I swear i will never put his name down ever again D:<] dude repeated, placing a few marshmellows into his mouth.

"Hai, there is a possibility they are still in the area, we are conducting a search right now Byakuran [Marshmellow D:<]-san," The red haired said as he shuffled through pieces of paper on the other side of the computer screen.

Marshmellow man leaned back, glancing over at the now awake Mika. "Teheheh...It seems like Vongola is starting war on us..."

Mika's eyes widen; she'd have to go against...? Nononono...! She imediantly sat up and got off the chair; Marshmellow man looked at her in interest of her next move. "I...I....!"

She didn't even know what she wanted to say anymore. Her brain couldn't function the correct words to come out of her mouth. Just when she found the correct words; she realized what would happen if she said it.

"I'm sorry..."

She ran out of the Milliefiore headquarters. She just had to protect the person close to her. Cyndii.

-- *Enter some random fillers LOLL*

"Sayakaa~" A cheerful teen called out as she waved over to a friend.

"Hey...Nao...mi..." Sayaka was panting as she finally caught up to Naomi. Her hands rested against her knees as she breathed in and out slowly, regaining her breath, "I'm so sorry, something came up and-"

"It's fine, Sayaka," Naomi gave out a soft laugh. She placed her hand gently against Sayaka's head. "Besides, I wasn't waiting that long."

"But if something happened to you, Yamamoto and Jyuudaime [Its Gokudera! ... in girl form?! 8D] would have my head..." Sayaka pouted as she remembered her last lecture of leaving Naomi alone.

"Their just paranoid since I was nearly killed my first two months with them~ It's fine Sayaka," Naomi let out another quiet laughter.


"I can protect myself, remember? I was properly trained after that," A smile formed as Naomi lit her sky ring, proving how successful her training was.


Naomi just gave out a carefree laughter, "Just like..." She looked down, remembering how this reminded her of. She shook her head, "Shall we go for some tea?"

Sayaka noticed Sayaka's down look. She wanted to say something, but she knew if she brought it up, it'd probably cause Naomi to be even more [ : D] "Sure~"

Sayaka remembered that small talk. A few days after that talk she was sent to investigate something happening in France. (Since she really was the only one fluent in about 6 different languages.)

When she came back from her trip, bad news hit her fast as soon as she entered the Vongola headquarters. First off; she was nearly ambushed on the way there and secondly; she had just walked in as the Vongola HQ was under attacked. Oh the joy.

She held her sword close to her side, running passed the enemy in look for the 10th and Naomi. She held on her arm, blood dripped between her fingers as she finally opened the last door down the hallway. Naomi's room.


She looked around the room in a rush. Everything was in place. Photo frames, bed sheets, notebooks, everything was in order with just Naomi no where in sight.

"Sayaka-senpai! Naomi-san is safe, we have to get out of here!"

She finally noticed her kouhai next to her, tugging her towards the corner of Naomi's room.

"N-Naomi's okay...?" She felt a rush of relief flow through her body as she watched her kouhai open up the secret passage way and hurried her through it.

"Go straight out of here and head to Japan," He said and then closed the secret passage door; leaving him on the other side.

"Wait!" She turned around to grab him but couldn't. "Your not-"

"Sayaka-senpai, go!"

Sayaka shut her eyes and crawled off. She'd just have to believe in him. Her first priority was to get to Naomi.


...The end sure was random : D. New character introduced <3 I should find a way to end this o_o. I CAN CALL THIS MY ACCOMPLISHMENT FOR 2010?! LOLOL XD;

{Chapter 8} - A Present

Beep. Beep. Beep. Beep.

The continuous beating rang through the hallways and into the rooms. Naomi let out a soft yawn as she stuck her head out into the hallway, "Door!"

Yamamoto, Gokudera, and Tsuna came out of their rooms. Tsuna held and alarmed look as he headed passed her room. Gokudera following behind him quickly. Yamamoto came over, stopping by her room and grabbed her hand, heading towards the ...that room... [LOL I SAT HERE FOR 2MINUTES THINKING OF THE NAME OF HTE ROOM ;_;] with all the technical stuff.

"Giannini-san, what's going on?" Tsuna asked as they entered the room. They watched Giannini furiously typing across the keyboard.

"I-It seems there is a ring in this area," He said nervously as the screen behind him held a map that pinpoint the ring.

Naomi held a shocked look at the way the the 'Beeps' sounded. Three quick, short beeps followed by a long, smooth one, "That's Sayaka! We have to get her!"

"You can't be positive that's her, woman!"

"No, no, no, that's her!" Naomi made a movement to head out the door. She wasn't going to leave her guardian, her only guardian out there to die. The Milliefiore were everywhere, there was a high possible chance she'd run into trouble.

"No it-"

"Both of you cut it out," Yamamoto tried to calm us down. He grabbed onto Naomi's arm just as she began to walk away, "There is a chance that's Sayaka, Naomi. But even so, we're not sure it is."

"And you can't go off not being able to see."

She knew that voice. The one who took care of her and helped her master her hearing, able to hear anything, within miles even, around the area. The one who made Gokudera clutch his stomach and fall to the ground in pain. Bianchi.

"Bianchi-nee's right, Naomi-nee." She knew that voice too. The little boy's voice whom she missed fourteen years ago. Fuuta was the little boy she used to babysit. And now look at him (Well if she could..), he was taller and more mature then he was before.

The odds were against her, so, she finally gave in to the two and the one holding her. She ran her hand through the soft blonde locks of the boy in front of her, "You win Fuuta-chan."

"Now that it's settle-" [...I forgot who said this LOL DX]

"Gokudera and Tsuna, you two go check the signal. Naomi and Takeshi will be here for backup," Bianchi stated as she looked at everyone, especially at her kneeling brother.

"W-why you..."

"So your not going?"

"I am!" Gokudera forced himself up and walked out of the room, a sighing Tsuna followed behind him.

Naomi looked across the room as if she was staring at the blinking dot on the rather large screen.

"Merry christmas, Sayaka!"

Sayaka stared down at the present. It was small, small enough to be hidden in plain sight by just turning her palm over. She was quite shocked at how such a little present could weight a lot. She really didn't know what to say. "Uhm...N-Naomi...?"

"You didn't have to get my anything!" Naomi gave her a cheery smile. She held a small sack on the side of her waist. Still looking as if it had a few more items in them. "I just thought since it was Christmas, it'd be fine if I gave out present."

Sayaka slowly nod, returning the cheery smile back at Naomi. She'd surely find a present for her older friend...? Was Naomi a friend to her? Sayaka stared off into space as Naomi walked off, quietly singing about how she was going to go find Lambo and I-pin for their present.

Sure, Naomi was her boss, but without all the Mafioso related stuff, what was she? An acquiantant? A friend? A sibling? She didn't really know.

She slowly pulled the green ribbon, releasing the bow it held. Her eyes stared at the plain box. It was bright orange mixed with a calm, lush green color with a flowery design on the sides of the boxes and against the top was a hole, for where she should put her ring, and the same clearly printed underneath it. Sayaka.

She knew what the box held, and what it could do. But when she thought of the trouble Naomi must of gone through to get such a rare pained her.

And with that, she started her journey to find a special box. The box in which Naomi used to this day.

The rare sky animal box, the Tiger.


Sayaka groaned as she was thrown towards a tree. Her head was pounding as she tried to hold on to consiousness. The annoying laugh whom she hated echo-ed through her head.




Woo story is almost 7000 words ♥ And i have so many colorcodes D: ...
#ffa905 Tsuna, #1485bd Yamamoto, #ffdf4d Naomi, #eb0016 Gokudera, #bc4ebc Hibari, #fc88fc Rasiel, #ff9f0f Cyndii, #636363 Other
#a1a1a1 Other 2, #580aff Mika, #9e00e0 Byakuran, #eb008b Miyui, #19c007 Shiro, #fa3600 Kyoko, #c10606 Irie, #07c066 Sayaka,
#5f4280 Mukuro, #210047 Bianchi, #004741 Giannini, #9295d3 Fuuta

D; ..........

Planning to end this soon...somehow ;3

{Chapter 9} - Choices

Mika stared at the creamy colored door. She wasn't sure if Cyndii would be okay, if she was fine, or if she'd even be there. She had just subconsiously ran towards this apartment. She held up her clutched fist, wondering if she really should see if Cyndii was there.

Her knuckles barely brushed against the door before it opened. A frightened scene in front of her.

Before she could even could register what the scene held, she noticed the rooms were out of place. The kitchen was mirrored to the other side of the room and the living room was mirrored across also. And a very thin mist laid across the entire apartment. "Illusions..."

[style color"#5f4280"]"Kufufu...."



Cyndii quickly looked towards Shiro's way.

"T-There's ring activity at your apartment! I think it's Mika...and..." Shiro stared at the familiar ring near the deep, purple colored radar signal.

Cyndii looked at how another ring signal appeared. Followed quickly by another one, "Their there so," She gave Shiro a reassuring smile. "It's fine."



" head..." A fourteen year old Tsuna groaned as he rubbed his head.

"laksjd THAT DAMN AHOISHI!" Gokudera muttered and quickly looked around, noticing his precious Jyuudaime. "D-Daijoubu, Jyuudaime?!"

"A-Ah, hai, Gokudera-kun."

"T-Tsuna?!" Sayaka stared at the two young teens in front of her. She was confused to the point of forgetting her injuries, the person who attacked her, and even her own name for a second. Wait... She looked around for Mukuro.

There was no sight of him at all. No damages, no foot prints, scratches. The only thing that really made her think he was here were her wounds. The wounds that made her remember the pain of her previous famiglia.

"Who are you?" Tsuna asked a bit confused.

"How do you know Jyuudaime's name?!"

"Tsuna? What's going on over there?"

Tsuna paniced as he heard a voice near him, on the ground was a headphone. "A-ano...This must be the work of the ten year bazooka! We were sent into the future, Gokudera-kun!"


"Ah!" Sayaka weakly took the headphones from the ground and placed it over her head, "N-Naomi? A-are you okay?!"

"Sayaka...? Yogatta! You're okay!"

" send someone...?" Sayaka winced as she felt something soft against her arm.

"Are you okay...?" The young form of her boss asked, tearing off another part of his shirt to help with her wounds. I understand how Boss is how he is now... Her eyes soften.

"You're hurt?! SEE I TOLD YOU, GOKUDERA! he...?"

Gokudera jumped up at the sound of his name, "Who are you talking to, woman?!"

"Mhm," Sayaka murmered, watching Tsuna finish bandaging her wounds.

"...Takeshi's on the way. Sorry I can't go.."

"Is there a reason why?" Sayaka was confused. Why couldn't the person whom she admired so much, not come to get her?

"'ll see."



"O-Onii-chan?! Riri?!"

[Ahaa ~ It's like everyone of the guardians is getting paired up ;D. .. ./stares at Lambo. Twenty years later please : D XD]

Mika stared at the man and woman in front of her. She never thought she'd see either one of them. After what had happened a few years ago, she just couldn't believe seeing them now, protecting her.

"What are you doing to the extreme, Mukuro?!"

"YEAH! What are you doing!?"

A deep sigh was let out of Mika's lips. Her life was on the line of these two?

Oh, the joy.


Naomi gently placed the microphone on the desk, fumbling around to even find the table. It was frustrating. She couldn't tell where things were, she didn't know how people look.

She clutched her hands tight, hugging her stuffed animal close to her chest, her knees up against the stuffed animal.

She was starting to forget how Takeshi looked. How Tsuna looked. How Gokudera, Ryohei, Lambo, Chrome and Mukuro looked. Even Bianchi and Giannini.

And it was even more upsetting when she couldn't even see the boy whom she took care of for so long, all grown up. It nearly brought her to tears to even think about it. Her little Fuuta was growing up and she couldn't see it one bit.

She wanted to be the one with Takeshi to go get Sayaka. Instead she had to stay here, worrying about him. Why? They knew the dangers outside the hidden HQ. How they could be killed at any moment, at any time.

It pained her to even think of the 'what ifs'. "Gah..." She gave the wall a blank stare, her eyes slowly drifted downward.

"I need to stop worrying..." With that, she fell asleep, cuddling towards her teddy bear.


Mika couldn't deal with the illusions that came at her over and over again.

She knew they were illusions, but her brain and self said it was real. She didn't understand it at all. W-why?

She shut her eyes tightly as she was surrounded in nothing but darkness. She slowly opened her eyes, staring at the two paths in front of her.

One seem to have a trail of marshmellows, while the other one held a suspicious, but rather dim strip of purple run along the trail.

She remembered this choice.

A choice she regretted so bad.

So this time?

She took the path that she knew would lead her to the one she really loved. The famiglia she
wanted to support. The whole reason she continued on.

Hibari Kyoya.


Gonna be doing a timeskip soon C:
& Then the end ! :3

{Chapter 10} - It ends here...

Chapter 10 is on Page 14 ♥
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