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Posted 5/22/07 , edited 5/22/07
Does anyone here play the addiction known as ogame?
Universe 14 for me here, I may join 28,30, or 31 depending on how much I like my current alliance.
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Posted 7/16/07 , edited 7/16/07
I'm playing in uni 6, 24, 30, and 32 at the moment.

Here's a link to it, if anyones interested: http://www.ogame.org/
It's a text based strategic space simulation game, don't let the fact that it's text based scare you off, it's actually fairly good.

Here's some addons to enhance your OGaming experience...

This is a Greasemonkey script that enhances OGame a fair bit, they can't detect it, but don't use it if you're a goodie-two-shoes, you'd be breaking their ToS.

Here's Greasemonkey, if you don't have it and plan on using the above script.

Foxgame is almost a requirement for playing OGame, and it doesn't break their ToS.

All of these require Firefox, which you should be using anyway, if you don't normally use it, you should for OGame at least.
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