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Posted 10/19/09 , edited 10/19/09
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Username: Roy-Mustang-
Name: Sai Mitsoyu
Race: Necromancer
Bio: Sai was once human, however after an experiment went wrong he was turned into a necromancer. he is the only one of this kind since people stopped the experiments after they realized they would never get what they wanted which was immortality. he was unkind at first, going on a killing spree, however it all stopped when Dai hatched, which took away his darkness. he is now a dragon knight and is a bodyguard of the princess. no one knows, but he has fallen in love with the princess, but he knows his love would never happen, because the king is always looking for someone to marry her.
Dragon Type:Light
Dragon Name: Dai
Dragon Age: not even a year yet
Bio: Dai was obtained by Sai in a tournament as an egg that was a month ago. he just hatched awhile ago so he is learning on how to live with Sai helping.
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Posted 10/19/09 , edited 10/19/09

Username: AhChuu
Name: Yumeki, Ai
Age: 15
Weapon: 7 inches claws on both arms
Race: Claws
Dragon Type: Rock
Dragon Name: Aya
Dragon Age: 169

Bio: Ai was raised from the clan called Claws. There she learned to perfect her usage of her 7inched full steel claws that where handed down to her. They are steel with and leather bindings so that she could slip them on easily. Aya was founded by Ai when she went down to the creek to fetch water. Aya was hiding as a rock, she camouflages, and there those two became partners.

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