Did DBSK break up??????
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Posted 10/20/09 , edited 10/20/09
i just read on another post that they broke up. did they really break up?? i hope not!! i love them!! they're so perfect together! please tell me they didnt!
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Posted 10/21/09 , edited 10/21/09
Nowhere has there been a statement about disbandment or splitting. TVXQ members and SM have not said anything regarding the issue. Mentions of Disbandment are just assumptions by the media and fans at large because of the lawsuit. -- allkpop.com

click the link to see the whole article :)
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Posted 10/24/09 , edited 10/25/09
If they broke up, then it would've been big news and would've have spread everywhere and fans would be mourning and stuff... so no they didn't break up -_- Jesus, when will people will ever get it right that it's the lawsuit that's going on, not them breaking up?

Sorry, I'm just a little pissed because people always ask me "Did DBSK disband/break up?" at school and msn >_>
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Posted 10/24/09 , edited 10/25/09
they haven't broken up officially.
they didn't say anything to the public,
and yunnie and the others are always saying
they have no plans to split up.
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Posted 11/13/09 , edited 11/14/09
they say they have no plans to split up.
but the drama that has been going on between them and SME, things dont look too good.

agh. im sorry worried about TVXQ
always keep the faith.
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Posted 11/16/09 , edited 11/16/09
i dont think so...there are no words or stories about they break up.
if do there will be a major big story all around the world-FRONT PAGE OF THE PAPER
i hope so they will stil be together 4eva

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Posted 11/19/09 , edited 11/20/09
they havent broken up :]

but i think that theres a huge possibility that they
might because theres just so much drama going on.
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Posted 11/21/09 , edited 11/21/09
They haven't broken up yet. So a brief breakdown of the current situation.
1.) The Korean courts have ruled that if they want to do activities as DBSK then they can only do them through SM but individual activities can't be controlled by them.
2.) They are having problems with SM but not with Avex Entertainment which is their Japanese management (they are Tohoshinki there). And Avex has stated that they will continue their schedule there as planned.
3.) It is still not completely clear what Yunho and Changmin want to do though the other 3 have made it clear that they all want to be together but they are still at a deadlock with SM. Yoochun, Jaejoong, and Junsu appeared at the MAMA Awards ( http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-4rpnEBBUr0&feature=player_embedded )and you should watch it. You can see how much they want to get over all this mess.

Hope that helps. For me I want them to stay together but I really think that SM is holding them back right now. Those 3 especially just have so much musical talent and maybe it is time for them to have a bit more artistic freedom.
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