The best Drama youve ever watched
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The best drama Ive ever watched was Full House, a kdrama. Its hilarious and sad at the same time. Bi rains character is incredibly stupid and clueless and is very badly dressed but you cant help but love him, no matter how mean he could be in the eps. Ji-eun: the girl that marries Bis character as a contract agreement to get her house back from hin, has some messed up friends (can never remember their names). Even though you know whats gonna happen in the end you cant help but watch all the drama inbetween.

My favorite couples:
Ji-eun + Young-jae- I like their lovee hate relationship
Ji-euns friends- They are wackos and hilarious gotta love them
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too many to name....

to me the best drama i seen is:

Hana Kimi
One Litre of Tears
Devil Beside You
and so on.......
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This is pretty much the same as:

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