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Well I don't really feel like the 4th ova is coming to anime anytime soon that is. So I thought I would post the a web site that you all could go to if you wanted to read the manga. I check the site to make sure that they still had the manga up .... hunterXhunter is somewhat old by now. Anyway here you all go .....

www. onemanga. com/Hunter_X_Hunter/

Oh, I am sure everyone knows this, but I will say it anyway .... if you copy and paste make sure you go back and close the spaces I had type in.
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Hey i love that website <3 thanx for sharing hun im glad you became active ^^
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You're welcome. Besides, it's no fun keeping something good all to ones' self. Sharing with others/friends makes life much better ... well so I have heard anyway.
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Hhahaha its so SO true makes life funnier haha you say all the smart and intelligent stuff
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thanks for the website ...
but I'm allready read all the manga and it's not compleated
and it's stop on the coolest part in chapter 290 ...
I wish they complet it ....
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It would be nice if they finish it, but as of now I have not heard anything about them doing so. lol this anime/manga could become one of the greatest works to never be finish.
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truehonor wrote:

lol this anime/manga could become one of the greatest works to never be finish.

hahahaha ... this is realy funny ...
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They have to finish it!!
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Haha lmao why are you telling us its an order lol i don't think we can go right up to him and say here this is an order from rou so you better do it lmao
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lol the only reason we could not do that is because security would throw us out first
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