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29 / M / Canada
Posted 11/23/09 , edited 11/23/09
4 player co-op is good
there is actually 1 Bazillion guns in the game
Sheilds Health packs cars large open enviroments is good
Lack of Computer based AI's who you can talk to and other such things is its own bad fault point i mean a big planet filled with people going after a vault and you got one person or two living in a large people walking about doing things...that just seems boring to me thatd be the only bad thing though.
Posted 1/18/10 , edited 1/18/10
co-op is amazing i play with my cousins alot and we all just try to rank faster than each other.
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23 / F / Somewhere over th...
Posted 2/9/10 , edited 2/10/10
I need the New DLC that will raise the level cap
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29 / M / Vancouver Canada
Posted 2/11/10 , edited 2/11/10
The coop is really fun. This entire game reminds me of diablo 2 turned into an FPS (just because of all the loot you get and skill trees =D)
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M / Somewhere In the...
Posted 5/16/10 , edited 5/17/10
not 2 guns are the same with very few exceptions awesome guns currently have the scoped SMG with unlimited ammo it is awesome (for every bullet fired i gain 1 in its place)

only wished that the energy weapons had better capacity instead of having to work for it but nothing anyone can do about that.

still awesome game
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33 / M
Posted 5/17/10 , edited 5/17/10
i have a hunter thats level 40ish and am starting a playthrough with berserker (lvl 10ish) very fun game... it seems to be one that i can always go back to
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30 / M / Endsville
Posted 5/17/10 , edited 5/18/10
i love it. can't wait for borderlands 2. but there's suppose to be 2 or 3 more dlc before they even start making bl2.
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27 / M / Netherlands
Posted 7/15/10 , edited 7/16/10
Borderworlds - MMORPG version of Borderlands
Borderlands 2 - Awesome no doubt
New Borderlands DLC - Only God knows because currently gearbox is keeping quiet.

My question is which system has better modded weapons and shields Xbox 360 or PS3 because everytime I get on it seems there are 100 new modded weapons and shields that didn't exist last time I played.
Posted 4/2/11 , edited 4/2/11
Borderlands was an awesome rpg, I like the fact you could play the storyline twice that was awesome!
Posted 4/6/11 , edited 4/6/11
I've enjoyed Borderlands plus all of its expansions (except for maybe Moxxi's DLC). Only annoying part I've found for co-op though is that the Xbox users seem to be more kick happy and annoying as a whole, compared to the PC version.
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26 / F
Posted 4/15/11 , edited 4/16/11
borderlands kicks ass
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24 / M / My Bed
Posted 4/17/11 , edited 4/17/11
The game was great i played with all characters i grbbed when it first came out but a accident happened and i had to buy another , but this time i bought the game of the year addiction and got the dlc with it. But i didnt like it that my frend wanted to play with me but he didnt have online so we tried system link and it didnt work i was disapointed in that TwT.
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23 / M
Posted 4/19/11 , edited 4/20/11
It's ok I guess. I played it for a while but haven't gone back to it since.
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25 / M / United states
Posted 2/22/12 , edited 2/23/12
got boring after all the modded shields and guns got into my grasp and all of my friends
Posted 3/1/12 , edited 3/1/12
Can't wait to run through Borderlands 2
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