Trick 'r Treat
Posted 10/22/09 , edited 10/22/09
Trick 'r Treat

In here you everyone will post any picture..
And then..the next person (below) will edit the picture (make an avatar, badge, banner, anything you want) And she/he will post his picture, too.. And so on..

If you have a question...please post it in Question/Suggestion forum!
Everyone can post ONly ONE time!

Don't forget to say trick or treat if you want candies

I will start! =]*

And the person below me will edit this picture..
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Sorry It's bad I'm not Goood At making Aviis

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Here's my trick or treat! xD

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Here, I'm in a hurry, so sorry if it's very, very, ugly........

__________The pic________________

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