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Aiko's storyy<3

Aiko is the new hunter in the hunter thingy to hunt bad peoples.
One day,she was bored and went to hunt.she went to kurosora with her sword

"yo."someone said.oh its kaz and hiro.=\

"hi."she said
"wheres airi?"kaz asked.
"dunno"she said going out.
when she was walking.."Aiko."
someone called.
"Huh?is it the pie deliverer?"she turned around and found its hiro.
"please stop being a hunter."hiro said
she looked at him weirdly.then smiled."i'll be alright."
Hiro's eyes widened.


A girl with white attacked theTomatsu family.
before that...

"heyy..why do i feel like there's something wrong?"asked Hiro's Dad,Huro.
"Theres nothing wrong..dont worry.i'll be back before 7."Hiro's mom Tohru, said sweetly and went to go shopping with her sister
at the shopping mall...
after few hours shopping,suddenly theres an explosion..
"I want the power of Tomatsu..So im gonna kill you."She said.
"who are you?"tohru asked.
I've killed your dear husband HAHAHAHAHAHAHA"she said with an evil tone
"now its your time to DIE!!"she continued.
Tohru freezed.
The white haired lady attacked tohru but..

"Tohru!!even if your husband died dont freeze like that! you still have hiro!!"shouted her sister,Kiryea
"you shut up!i want her! not you!!"said the white thing attacking Kiryea now
"STOP!!"Tohru shouted.
"Sis,dont worry.i WANT to fight her."

and on that day...the white lady was Tohru.Hiro's mother.

Hiro's child center....
"hiro.dont be sad still got us."
"what are you talking about?"Cute 8 years old hiro asked.
"your dad and your mom died."said the teacher

End of flashback...
"NO! its not alright!!"Hiro screamed

"are you alright?"Aiko asked worried
"No im not!!Aiko!stop the hunter thing or I'LL STOP YOU"he said helding her shoulders
Aiko shivered.
"what-NO!hiro!its my dream! you cant stop my dream!!"she shouted and ran.

At the sunset hill.....
"Hiro never understands me."tears lingered down at her cheeks

"ARGHH!!screw hiro!im still going to hunt!!"she said and went hunting.

In the forest...
As aiko was walking,she saw a guy holding a sword.

"Owh.its Hanzo.Whats with the weird clothes?"
"what do mean owh its hanzo?!you should be thrilled or at least wonders how come im not making pies today!instead going to the forest!"
"i'll tell you anyway.because there an elephant stole my pie."
"how come an elephant can come all the way to MHA and steal your pie??"
"Urgh!!how should i know!!"
"er..well..i'll be going now.bye!"She said and walked deeper into the forest.
"WHAT ELSE HANZO?!!!"screamed aiko.annoyed

"who's hanzo?"asked the guy.
"Huh?who are you?"
"Im a spiritizer"
"er..whats that?"
"what are you doing here?"
"Shut up!!!you are the tomatsu child's girlfriend right?!!right?!!im wanna kill you!! because that child's mother killed my mother!!"
"so prepare to die!and i'll kill That hiroki tomatsu after you."
"You heard me."
"Grrr..How dare YOU!!!"

Later...Aiko finally managed to kill him after 3 hours fighting..
she went back to her dorm...

"Sigh.i guess hiro's right.he's just worried about me.."
"i should apologize tomorrow..."she continued and went to sleep

"heheh.Guess aiko's recovered now.I just saw her running with a really annoying sad face..well.i'll see her in school!"Said airi to herself and jumped away..
Next day in school...
Aiko was walking to class suddenly she bumped into someone and fell down..
"Ouch."she groaned in pain
"H-hi."said the someone


"Want some bubblegum?"
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Story about Airi<3

one day in a mansion

"good morning Erika-sama!!"

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