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Posted 4/21/11 , edited 4/21/11

cxs3gk wrote:

Weakness~her pet
Other~She has a pet wolf named Coal that is always by her side. Some people call her Scar. Scarlet was an orphan as soon as she was born. Her mother died after giving birth and her father had left her. She was put in her grandmother's care, as she had no other willing relatives. Her grandmother was nice, but not the best person to care for Scarlet. She was often out of the house. Scarlet occupied herself most of the time. She was a cold and antisocial child. One afternoon when Scarlet's grandmother came home from work, she brought bad news. "Your father was found dead, Scarlet." Scarlet had always hoped her father had loved her and would come back for her, but this was a huge let down. She started cutting and starving herself. She was 7 then. On her 8th birthday, her grandmother never came home from work. No one was there to take care of her, so she ran away. She stayed in hiding until she was 10 1/2, living off of scraps and still cutting herself. She is 15 now, and found this place where people would accept her. As a wolf, she has russet fur. Scar's eyes change colors, ranging from blue to green. As a human, Scar has red and black hair and a lip ring. Scar and her wolf have settled down, but are still uneasy and antisocial around strangers.

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