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Posted 10/23/09 , edited 10/23/09
Ok, not every fan of the series plays video games, so I decided to create a new forum that everyone can that part in. Here is the big question ....

IF you could be related to anyone from the anime or manga of Hunter X Hunter who would it be?! In other words .... which character family (or gang, example: The Spiders) would you want to be apart of?

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Posted 10/26/09 , edited 10/26/09
Thats tough theres alot of good character in hunterXhunter
But i'd have to say Gon haha at least he cares about his family more then others
pluse you can hug him all the time
Posted 10/29/09 , edited 10/29/09
I think you guys already know my answer so theressss no need to say it
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Posted 10/31/09 , edited 10/31/09
umm .. donno...maybe part of gon's family
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Posted 11/1/09 , edited 11/1/09
uhhmmmmm....... part of gon family......
Posted 11/10/09 , edited 11/11/09
To answer my own question .... I pick Gon family.
Posted 12/13/09 , edited 12/13/09
Killua's family......
Posted 1/23/10 , edited 1/23/10
deffenitly the killua family
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Posted 1/24/10 , edited 1/25/10
gon's family
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