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» Chapter 14 ★ "BIG Trouble"

Dad was at home with the guests enjoying themselves to the food, when he started to get antsy. He excused himself and went to the phone; dialing Sharon's number.

He listened to the dial tone 3 times in a row, then someone picked up. "Hello?" The voice was female, Sharon's Mother.

"Elena, how are you?" Dad asked casually making light conversation, he had guests, and he needed to attend to them. But something kept him from that.

"Fine, why do you ask?" She was confused, because she as well had guests and a busy night.

"I'm wondering about something, how is Mary doing? She having fun making Pumpkin pie?" He asked with a touch of worry.

"Huh? What do you mean? Mary isn't here. . ."

There was no answer for 10 seconds. "John, are you there?" Elena's voice was alarmed after the delay in response.

"Y-yes sorry, Elena. I'll talk to you later-" And he hung up then.

On the other line, Elena said, "W-wait, John!" But the line was disconnected.

Dad muttered to himself in an angry tone, "She... lied to me." His daughter was never one to lie, rebel, or anything. She was his sweet, little perfect Angel.

He went somewhere his instincts told him to go, the guests too engrossed in chitter chatter and food.

Mary was silent for the time being. She thought nothing of Conner's smile and looked over at Suzanne- who had been cleaning for a while now, the dishes sparkled all lined up on the counter. She knew the cooking part was over for tonight, so she went upstairs and followed the trace of faint voices coming from above. She didn't know what to except from the 'hanging out with Lionel' part. Pervyness for sure. . .

She entered a room with a sign on it reading, 'Lionel's Room, CAUTION'. Mary had NEVER been in Lionel's room, so she expected ANYTHING inside. Mary laughed to herself, scoffing as well. She turned the handle and entered, seeing immature little boys hollering; 'I WIN!' 'REMATCH!' 'MWAHAHAH LOSER!' 'I WINNNN!' They were... playing video games! What were they 8!?

"Wtf!" Mary ended their 'manly' time with her curse.

Ron scowled, fun time with the GUYS ONLY was over. But what would he except from Mary being here as well? And of course, being Lionel's girlfriend. Did Lionel get that bored of waiting for her that he'll have to resort to video games?

"Maryyy~" Lionel drifted to her side in a singsongy voice dropping the video game controller, kissing her on the lips right away.

She blushed. It would always come to her surprise.

Conner, the strange boy without words sat on the bed, reading a book and un-interested in what the other guys were doing, he didn't seem to quite fit into the 'loud and obnoxious' group.

When Mary squinted for better vision she noticed the label titled 'Adventure', it was an Adventure book like the one's she read! So they had ONE thing in common interest.


And then at that exact moment, she didn't even know that her Father was on the way to catch her in the act.

» To Be Continued

» Chapter 15 ★ "Lovers Quarrel"

Dad stood in front of the large front porch of Lionel's house, betrayed. He knew Lionel's Mom well enough to come barging in this late, and he wasn't even invited!

Mary was side by side next to Lionel still, and when Suzanne heard the doorbell ring; she went to answer it.

"John. . .?" Her voice was almost too low to be audible, ever since her Husband left on that business Trip to Illinois. John had almost felt like a replacement to Suzanne's husband...

"Is my Daughter here?" He knew anyway.


Mary heard Suzanne shout her name from the downstairs, Lionel still held onto her waist tightly. "I thought you two were done with the Pumpkin Pie. . .?" Lionel asked, copying the same confused expression Mary had.

"We... are. I mean, I thought we were. Maybe it's something else she wants?"

Mary shrugged Lionel's hands off her waist, and went to find out herself. "I'll be back," She stopped just mid-step threw Lionel's door. And quickly and recklessly kissed him on the cheek once; then was gone downstairs.

Lionel smiled, it had always been him having to kiss her. She never took it upon herself to do it. Until now of course.

He hoped this would become a habit of hers.

Then when Conner finally spoke out, it sounded so new and clear, that everyone looked at him the moment of. "Uh-oh." He said, it looked like he was talking about the situation, or maybe his book all along?

Everyone raised their eyebrows, what did he mean by that? Lionel mused and watched the door Mary walked out from, maybe he should go too?

When Mary held the staircase as she walked down, she saw two adults staring at her. The one standing on the porch looked furious compared to Suzanne's expression, it had a small hint of worry. Then when Mary finally realized who was at the door, she froze in place. And she felt her heart stop too.

Lionel was beside her in moments, worried beyond comprehension. It's her Dad. . . He thought. And he took it upon himself to walk ahead of her and explain. No lies. Nothing. Just the truth.

"Sir, I-" But Dad had interrupted Lionel's "apology."

"I don't want to hear it! Mary! We're going now, come."

Lionel didn't like being ignored, in the past, even with Mary. "HOLD ON A MINUTE!" Lionel shouted at him. Suzanne looked at her son with a look she'd always given him when he needed to behave himself. She'll scold him later for it.

Mary hid behind Lionel as a shield, "Hear him out at least!" Mary defended. Suzanne didn't want to be mixed in these affairs. If her Father didn't decide upon her even coming here, then she should listen to him the very least. And lying. . . Well that just didn't seem like Mary.

Lionel shook his head slowly. Moving away so I could be out in the open.

Why wasn't Lionel defending me...?

". . . Lionel!"

He showed a sullen look upon himself. His head down.

Dad took me away then and I wasn't trying to make him understand anymore. What was the point when neither Lionel or Suzanne were on my side? But... I did lie to my Father. And I know how much he hates Lionel's types...

"Just what were you thinking, Mar!? That kid..." He scoffed loathingly, I could tell he wouldn't forget this. We were already on the sidewalk.

"H-he's a good person!" I defended him up to the very end still.

When we got home all was peachy around the dinner table. Everyone was content and Dad had told Mom what happened... Great, now Mom having to know equals double the punishment! Dad thought rotten things of Lionel... He once told me that all that "boy" wanted was sex. That's ridiculous!

I waited in my room for them to announce my punishment. Grounded for... I wonder how long! I threw myself on my bed and screamed in my pillow, emo style. YOU STUPID IDIOTTT! YOU COULD OF SAID SOMETHING!! And then I went to my window sluggishly, opening it to let the cool air out. I wanted to eat that Pumpkin Pie I made with my own two hands! It wasn't fair!

3 in a half hours passed. And I could tell Mom and Dad had forgotten about me already. They were having too much fun with they're friends.

All the plans with Lionel were ruined. I leaned on the edge of the window letting my waist support me from falling, closing my eyes while the wind blew my hair. Maybe a months worth of no phone, TV, friends, AND MAYBE EVEN READING!

I heard some noises from under my window, twigs breaking, bushes talking, I don't know... I didn't bother opening my eyes, even when he called my name.


Lionel just didn't want to come in between Mary and her Dad, they're relationship would be tarnished because of his actions... That's why he couldn't say anything back then.

It was like that night I went to his house because of my guilt, standing outside HIS window, this time it was him.

I ignored that voice and kept my eyes closed. When another mumble entered my ear, "What's the point of this? If your Mom finds out she's gonna-" Lionel shushed him right away, he needed Conner along for the ride it seemed.

My lips remained mute, I didn't care for the answer. Lionel's actions a couple hours ago just weren't what a boyfriend would do! "Say something to me, Mary!" He pleaded still, and my lips twitched. I heard Conner whisper something else again! If he didn't want to freaking be here with Lionel then he could just leave!

My eyes twitched and I growled, wide-eyed. "Tell your stupid little friend down there to SHUT IT!" Something he'd said got under her skin. This WASN'T a Lovers Quarrel! We would make up in no time! But-but I'm not allowed to see him anymore...Dad had told me on the way home, "I forbid it! You cannot seem him anymore."

» To Be Continued

» Chapter 16 ★ "Trick or Treat, Dumb ass!"

The sprinklers in my lawn had been turned on; (Hmm, perfect timing?) driving Lionel and Conner away.

Halloween was just around the corner. And guess what, I was grounded! If I was lucky, they would let me go out just for tonight. They had too! It was Hallow's Eve!

So I asked this Morning.

Dad and Mom looked... different. I knew it was too soon to ask Dad for forgiveness of my 'Choices', but maybe Mom would be reasonable here?

"Nope." Mom rolled her eyes at me, sipping her [lmao typed "cocky" @ first] morning coffee while traditionally raising up her pinky. I guess it helped balance the mug or something?

I didn't even ask her anything yet, and I get a 'No.' T.T

I pouted, "Be reasonable, Mom!" I didn't look at Dad. I could just imagine what was going threw his head, and even when he dragged me home that night. "How could you be inside HIS HOUSE!?" I mocked him in my mind.

This time, I felt as if I should hang out with Sharon. Go trick or treating or something. Heck, we haven't hung out in ages! But would it work this time? I mean, I wouldn't be with Lionel...

"Why should I," She pointed to herself, and gazed over at Dad on the couch- "Or your Father trust you after last night?"

Waaaaaaait, since when did she PAY ATTENTION!? What happened to the 'Uh huh' as in answering all my questions? What happened to THAT easy-to-handle Mom?

"Because I'm, Mary! And I think I deserve another chance to show you I can be trusted again..." That sounded a bit cocky in my head.

Dad was still obscure, he raised a brow, "Plan on hanging out with "Sharon" again?" Sarcasm, good one Dad. But he was the one who assumed I would be that time.

Yeah, Actually, I AM. THIS time. . .

I only nodded. "I am, Just for tonight. . . and after, I'll shut up and take my punishment like a big girl, Daddy." I haven't called him that since I was a little girl. Halloween only comes once a year, I'm missing a once in a life time chance here! And I didn't plan on running into Lionel tonight. He didn't seem like the type to go Trick or Treating. And I didn't plan on coming to his house and begging for candy either.

Mama sighed and shrugged, "Then, go. Mar. Hang out with Sharon. But stay away from you-know-who. Trust is a very breakable thing you know." I could hear the doubtfulness in her voice though. But they still LOVED me, enough to trust me even now, because I was there only daughter. And because all teenagers make mistakes. I hugged the both of them awkwardly- Only dad- Mom's hug lasted longer, because she said Yes.

Dad wouldn't let it go that easily, I've already heard the lecture last night. The Talk. Lionel this... Lionel that. Blah blah blah. I understood I couldn't see him again. Geez. "Curfew, Mar. Be back around 10." I guess that was decent... at least I could go out.

"Okay, Dad, that seems fair. . ." I grinned and kissed him on the cheek. I called up Sharon and I was glad she wasn't busy tonight, we would go Trick or Treating after all! The hours went on by; I looked out the Living room window and it was dark enough to head out. I already saw short Trick or Treaters outside holding their parents hands. I hoped we wouldn't go all out on Candy this year.

I grabbed my Pumpkin Basket from a corner and dashed out in my lame Ghost costume, I'm so lame. The only way you could tell it was a Ghost was the white bed sheet on the top of my head extending down to my feet. Ha. I was so not into it. Sharon met me halfway on the sidewalk and waved most-eagerly. Sharon flashed a smile and hugged me as if we've been separated for years. We hugged like any two best friends did.She had always been busy with School. She was Cinderella for Halloween! With a huge dress, and glass heels. Ha, Cinderella and the Ghost-wannabe. Nice.

"I missed you. T_T" She said, her voice upset. But in a second or two we'll be happy again. Hello, IT'S HALLOWEEN~!

"Sorry, sorry! I missed you too!" She finally let go and pretended to dry off no tear, I rolled my eyes, Drama Queen. She swang her Pumpkin Basket -which will soon be FULL of candy- and we headed to the nearest house. It was creepy; But COOL! The whole house had a large amount of cobwebs covering it all. And fake spiders around the porch that looked real to the naked eye. A black cat was sitting near the window purring and grooming itself. The window was open just slightly open to let in the fresh, Halloween air. Sharon rang the doorbell twice and we saw an elderly women from the window coming to the door, Great! Mrs, Brown was always so giving.

She presented us 5 packs of TWIZZLERS Twists and 3 packs of Hubba Bubba Bubble Gum, AWESOME!

We held up our Baskets to our chest, appreciative while she poured all her goodies in our baskets. "Thank you Mrs, Brown. >W<" We both said in unison. And went onto the next house. It wasn't decorated. "Oh, what a boring looking house." I said cheerlessly, with a face like, =_= Sharon's eyes glittered at the amount of Candy she had stocked, "Man~! I hope this next person is as nice as Mrs, Brown!" I nodded in agreement. "Yeah. =w=" Even though these people who lived here seemed spirit-less.

And it was my turn to ring the doorbell this time, I rang it about 5 times, what was holding them? No spirit for Halloween. No candy. I guess. D:

God, off all houses we come by Conner's!

". . ." He stood in front of the door, leaning against it. His baby sister, -I guessed-, was adorable and dressed up as Tinkerbell for Halloween. She had the whole green outfit and everything! She looked ready to head out the door, but we were in the way. Conner scowled at us two for being in their way, it looked like as if he was being forced to take her Trick or Treating. What a great brother. NOT. She took one shy step closer to me, and pulled on my Costume, "... Trick...or... TWEET! >W<" She looked up at me with a spirited smile, with red, chubby cheeks.

Sharon's face had glee all over all of a sudden, she kneeled down to the little girls' height, "Hehe. ♥ Your supposed to go to other people's houses and say that! Not wait until someone comes to yours." She laughed.

Well, that was true enough. But she was just so darn cute! I ignored that and stared dead on Conner. That... dumb ass.

And I kicked my foot out, "TRICK OR TREAT, DUMB ASS!" I almost took my Basket and swung it at him. Rawr. I didn't like him. He was weird. And... gay.

Sharon's mouth fell to the ground, she tried picking it up but was clamping her palms around the cute little girls' ears after my curse, virgin ears, VIRGIN EARS! She looked about 5-ish, 6-ish. "O_O WHAT THE HECK, MARY!?" She shouted, bewildered. And just like that- my mood changed like how you would turn on and off a light switch.

I became over-bearing I'd say, "What? This is me being nice!" I tried to give this, eerie creepy smile. it was funny.

I looked at Conner-Dumb ass with a petulant look, "Where'z mah canday?"

Sharon had no idea why I was acting this way all of a sudden, and the cute little girl was anxious for some reason. SUGAR HIGH!!

Conner was quite for a second, the Fall leaves from outside fluttered into his house, he watched them so absent mindely, then said, "I don't have any candy for you."

I shot a glare, "What? Why not!?" Preposterous. Who DOESN'T have candy on Halloween!? Then I noticed the 'you' part, oh, so it's personal IS IT!?

My fists were cravin' to punch him the face, but then his little baby sister would see violence. . . And Sharon was freaked out as it was. Though I saw a bit entertainment in her eyes.

After looking at me up and down, he looked off and said, "Nice consume." I could tell he tried to suppress a laugh or two.

"NICE FACE!" Oh yeah, WHAT NOW!? Fall back!

"Thank you." His mouth pulled up into a fake smile.

"Wasn't a compliment." I growled.

"Then, no thank you." He answered, still with the fakeness.

"Your very, very, NOT welcome." I said.

"What are you supposed to be anyway? A bed?"

"Har har. No! A ghost!" Okay. . . so maybe a simple bed sheet DID seem like I was a Bed... or not.

Sharon laughed. And the little girl gave a fruitful look, I don't think she had any idea as to what was going on.

Conner looked as if he had another come-back to say, but before I could hear it I moved my hand to the door knob and got the last word, "BE PREPARED NEXT YEAR!!" and SLAMMED his door right in front of his face. Nothing personal little girl. . .

Sharon half-screamed and almost fell on her butt backward. She gave me the most confused- WTF IS WRONG WITH YOU face. That I couldn't help but to laugh. That was all amusing... and she knew it.

Inside the house, The little girl was a bit startled and surprised... Conner held his baby sisters' hand, as if Mary did NOT just do that! He handled annoying girls like him, "Told ya, Sara. The freaks always come out on Halloween Night."

Sara pouted and could only see the door in front of her, ". . .Still wanna go Twick or Tweating, Bwotha."

Conner sighed and nodded, opening the door just to find a bunch of candy hurled at him and the two girls running away.

» To Be Continued
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