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Posted 10/24/09 , edited 7/10/10
I randomly feel like updatinggg after playing this game again... after... beating it 1237298473 times 8D
Soon >: D
Random EDITS for now :3

World 01: So Long Whinnie The Pooh. . .

If You Live To Be 100,
I Hope I Live To Be 100 Minus 1 Day,
So I Never Have To Live Without You.
- Whinnie The Pooh

In The Hundred Acre Wood, lived a fuzzy little bear all stuffed with FLUFF, Usually called "Honey-Addict" (Carb lover) amongst his friends, Tigger, Eeyore, Rabbit, Piglet, Roo, Kanga, Owl and lots more. His BEST buds were Piglet, Eeyore, Tigger and Rabbit.

Sonia ran up along the curvy path which lead to Pooh's Howse, visiting from a two year separation prior to her last journey on rescuing her friends. “Poooooooooooooh! Whinnie The Poooooh!” She was overly vivacious, just picturing the image of Pooh and his Ever-lasting Honey Jar... made her giggle. She couldn't fathom the truth, she was going to squeeze the life out of him!

But what stood before her was not the Pooh she knew and loved. It was a Shadowy looking HEARTLESS! She had thought she ridded the worlds of them with her friends...

“Oh, Pooh!” Sonia exclaimed. It was a dark, mischievous looking Pooh, Heartless. Sonia became more vigilant than ever, “Damn, Heartless! Pooh would never give into the darkness! For all I know, Pooh HAS no darkness in his heart!” What a ruse, she thought this was some kind of dream, an illusion. That, maybe her journey really hasn't ended? Nor even started?

“Pooh was weak. He gave into the Darkness almost willingly. Served it on a platter.” The Dark, Heartless Pooh said. Somehow... Heartless could TALK now.

And that was proof enough she wasn't dreaming all of this. Pooh looked like Pooh! But then she couldn't be deceived by the Heartless's appearance... mindless like she'd always remembered them.

Without thinking of it, she charged at the Heartless, like any corrupted Heartless, and pretended to wield her Key blade -she blinked- Wait..! Where's my KEY BLADE!? she had forgotten, she left it somewhere locked up to prevent Nobodies and the Organization from getting it. That was when she thought her Journey was over...

So, Sonia buckled her fist in the air, “Alright then! I'll have to BEAT the Darkness out of you, Pooh!” she didn't think that was possible... Once someone was turned into a Heartless, there was no going back... right?

Heartless Pooh lurked closer, tackling Sonia to the ground while punching fists in her face. Sonia bent her knee up and fully kicked Pooh off of her, jumping back far enough from Pooh. She believed Pooh still possessed light in him even now... it was just lying dormant inside that's all... “Pooh! C'mon buddy!”
“It's ME!”

Sonia punctuated each comment. But Pooh didn't seem to stir.

“An interesting thought, but not doable.” It's voice, POOH'S voice was disoriented. she remembered Pooh's soft voice like it was yesterday.

“What? You read minds now?” She asked it. If only she had her Key blade then somehow, SOMEWAY she could save him from this...

And than she saw a visual of it, a Sword that resembled a Key, HER Key blade! Floating right over the Heartless Pooh. Pooh tried reaching for it, but was too short. Sonia sprang forth and flew while she summer saulted and grasped it -real or not- while landing beside holding the actual Blade down so Pooh could see the Key chain on the handle.

“Remember this Key chain?” It jingled in the wind, moving back and forth across Pooh's eyes. Hoping to jog back some sense into him. “Remember how we almost used one of your Pooh Key chains on the Kingdom Key? It wouldn't of been right, would it? So we used Mickey's-”

Pooh began to grumble and crouch down to the ground. He was suffering, and she couldn't do anything about it. His hands began to wiggle, and he started to melt.

“POOH!?” She cried, not knowing what to do. They were right next to his Tree House... that little door that only Pooh could fit threw..

“S-Sonia. . . I-I'm so glad you visited...please...finish me-” Pooh's voice quivered, he caught a tear that fell from Sonia's cheek. Even though his small little hand was slowly fading from existence. Sonia knew what Pooh was going to say... she couldn't bear the thought. “What, no! Your all better now, right!?”

She wished.

But Pooh closed his eyes. Probably thinking fondly of the past and they're Adventures together. With Piglet and everyone else. She closed her eyes too, she didn't want him to suffer any longer... And she did as he wished, delivered the finishing blow with the Kingdom Key before he fully melted. And maybe this way, Pooh would be happier?

The Key blade disappeared just after.

Sonia opened her eyes again. “What...” She whispered, looking up to only find new tears as Pooh's true form drifted up into the puffy white clouds, his heart floating up there too, the clouds made an opening and she could see Pooh's face.

And his voice spoke out to her.

“Sonia... can you do me a favor?” Pooh's sweet honey voice was back, and Sonia tumbled to the ground light as a feather. “A-anything...Pooh...” She listened well.

She looked up one final time and Pooh's face wasn't in the clouds anymore, but he said, “Save me some Honey while I'm gone. . .”

The Hundred Acre Wood would never be the same without Pooh...

World 02: Disney Castle

King Micky and Queen Minnie were out in the Courtyard. The sun was shining beautifully and the suns rays made all of the long, tall, small bushes sparkle.

“Ah, Micky. It's so peaceful isn't it?” Minnie said, watering the Garden. Pluto was lazily enjoying the shade inside it's Doggie House.

Micky's smile brightened thanks to the suns help, “You got that right, Minnie! It's almost too... good to be true.” Though the King wanted nothing but peace and prosperity at Disney Castle, it seemed a bit strange nothing has befallen it yet. It's been 2 years.

Minnie's tail curled in worry, “Micky... don't jinx us!” She cautioned, not paying attention to the Watering Can flooding her flowers. “. . . ! Oh my!” She exclaimed, glaring over at Micky. It was his fault in a way. Micky somehow felt something wasn't right in the pit of his stomach, in one of the worlds' someone was mourning. Not quite well.

Inside the Colonnade, a man in cloak strolled along it. Searching for someone.
“She's not here either.” The man sighed, without her wielding the Kingdom Key 24/7, it was hard to locate her. 2 years ago, it was too easy. All he had to do was warp to where she was using the portal. But now he can't even sense the Kingdom Key's whereabouts. Where did BOTH of them go?

He whistled once and a tough looking Heartless appeared instantly, ready for command. But the cloaked man was fixated watching down upon Minnie and Micky. Who were dunce from the very start. They dropped they're guard, thinking the "unexpected" will never be "expected".

The man in cloak pointed at the two mouses, “Go, Heartless!” The Toughest of the Heartless went down to cause the mouses some mayhem. As the lesser Heartless followed behind, the other Heartless standing by the cloaked man stood idly as many other Heartless began to infiltrate the Castle on its inside.

Outside, Minnie and Micky fell on their tushes in shock.


“H-Heartless!” Minnie yelped, Micky jumped up in front of Minnie, looking back for a split second at her, he couldn't take his eyes off of the Heartless for a second!

“Minnie! Go get help!” Where was Sonia when they needed her...?

Minnie hurried along the path back inside the Castle. Pluto became aware of the intrusion, and started barking at some Heartless that were near his Dog House. He barked and whimpered at the same time, walking backwards into his house for "shelter". He put his head on his paws and whimpered some more. One of the Heartless blew up the House to smithereens with a huge ball of spinning fire.

The cloaked man which was still inside the Colonnade retired to sit around and watch Micky fight off the Heartless. It wasn't much of an entertaining show though.

“This is less work. I'll just sit around here for Sonia to find me. I'm sure she'll sense her friends in danger. If not..”

Minnie wound around the corner, catching the mans words abruptly and stopping to hide behind a wall.

That man stood in her way.

What was she to do now?

World 02: Disney Castle- Cont

King Micky was courageously fighting off the Heartless, he put forth a valiant effort on his part. But he was still a bit side tracked to keep the numbers of the Heartless to a minimum, Minnie wasn't back yet with reinforcements...he needed HIS Keyblade to extract more of the Heartless's nonexistent "hearts"... and it would be nice having to fight with Sonia back to back like those years ago.

Minnie didn't know what to do, the Library was just a few yards away... and she needed to get the Pooh book that Sonia was sure to be in! She peeked and stared hard at the man in cloak, and the Heartless around him.

Maybe if she were to tiptoe... light as a feather... she took one experimental test, put her leg out front, and then the other, thinking of making a run for it but one of the Heartless turned and detected those small movements ever so slyly, and charged toward her with its enormous boxing like fists.

Minnie jumped over the Heartless and in the air she pointed a magical finger at it, a strange, but abundant brilliance came from inside the Heartless's chest where the corrupt heart should be, and in a few seconds it was burst into nothingness and its heart floating upward sure to make its destination to Kingdom Hearts.

Minne lay her hands on her knees when she landed to the ground with the sparkling dust from that Heartless still about, “...I can still fight!” She invoked the other Heartless to attack, and the man that was shrouded in the black hood waved a simple finger toward her, and Minnie's tail caught on fire.

“'Fraid your bravery will lead you to your death, Queen.” He smiled within his hood.


Pluto was tired of playing the Damsel in Distress (Or dog), that was Minnie's role. He had no house right now because of those heartless, and he had a couple of burn marks too! Some fur was forever burned to the bone! Pluto stood his ground and kicked his back legs like a Bull would ready for a charge attack, and he did so while stomping on some of the small Heartless's heads, using them as stepping stones as he headed for the strongest of the bunch.

Inside the Pooh Book, Sonia didn't feel right. Even though she was still brooded about Pooh; Minnie was calling to her. Requesting her presence. She withdrew the hands that were burrying her pretty face and jumped out of the book, only to be faced with Heartless around.

She held in a curse, but ran immediately for the Keyblade that she remembered King Micky always saved for in cases of emergencies such as these. She dodged and jumped, jumped and dodged the Heartless, she couldn't do any fighting without the Keyblade.

She grabbed it with a winning smile, and ran to the group of Heartless that swayed around the room, swerving it around and hitting more than just one. There were all type of them, flying, ground type, disappearing and reappearing again! After a couple more efforts with the Keyblade, she ran for the door and was faced with more Heartless up ahead.

She wondered how long this was going to last... and if she was too late. And then she saw Minnie up ahead, rolling on the ground and trying to put out some sort of fire. A group of Heartless ran towards Minnie and huddled atop of her and she was under all of them all, with no chance of escape.

Sonia ran with clutched fists and the Keyblade as her only upper advantage, as she ran some more, there was a man in black laying on the ground with closed eyes. She payed no mind to him for a second and didn't realize he was part of the Organization, she ran and gained momentum to find herself over head of the huddled Heartless, making sure not to hit Minnie, she held the Keyblade with both hands and accurately air.

The Heartless vanished without her doing anything... Sonia was confounded by that, but helped Minnie up nevertheless.

Minnie held onto Sonia's warm hand for balance, glad her calls to her were not that late to meet her demise. Her tail was un-happy so that made her un-happy. She was still rubbing it.

“...Where...did they all go?” Minnie looked around, not only were all the Heartless in the Colonnade gone, but so was the man. Sonia's eyes were painted with anxiety. The Heartless were back, but not only them, The Organization too.

“Hey, Minnie... Who was that guy on the ground just then?” She needed to make sure. Minnie shook her head and didn't answer, but then she remembered Micky needed help...sooner or later they found out if was just a decoy, the real battle was outside with Micky.


They ran out of Colonnade and headed outside, more heartless. Just as they thought. The man in cloak seemed to have been leading them. He spoke out into the distance as Minnie and Sonia ran to fight alongside Micky -who didn't LOOK hurt- Sonia stood her battle stance and was ill at restlessness to find out his true identity.

“Who are you!? And what do you want here?” She glared at him with a new found hate, the Heartless that were attacking Pluto gathered around the man. Pluto leaped into the air with a whimper and Minnie caught him but fell on her tush in the process. “Pluto! I'm so glad your alright!” Pluto was wagging his tail back and forth, licking Minnie's face. Sonia looked back for a few short seconds in memories, she smiled but frowned right away at the man.

“Where's your Keyblade?” He only said. Sonia didn't have the one she normally battled with. And her defiance only grew over the years, “Why do YOU wanna know!?” She retorted. To only find a curt reply from the man,

“Your not the Chosen One for it anymore, are you?” He laughed for a minute, and called her out using her name, “Sonia!” Suddenly, there was a wheel of fire in his hands, revolving around him and heading into a straight line so only Sonia and him were trapped in it. Minnie, -Who still held Pluto- and Micky jumped back into the sidelines, the fire was wild and fierce, the kind of fire such people couldn't be around for even 5 seconds.

They wanted to be in there, fighting with Sonia. But the fire proved as a barrier and they couldn't get inside of it from where they stood. “How do you know my name...? I don't ever recall telling you or meeting you!” Maybe her name was just well-known to the Dark Realm?

“Where is the Keyblade?” He asked again, ignoring her questions. And Sonia returned the rudeness, “Answer my question!” She growled around her, the heat made her eyes sensitive and smolder,

“You mean you don't even know?” He asked with disappoint, bouncing fireballs in his hand.

Sonia sighed angrily, it didn't seem he was going to answer any of her questions... and looked through the intense flames and smiled at Minnie, Micky and Pluto, who looked worried. “...I'll be fine guys...” She whispered, and upon her promise a random fireball hit her at the gut.

World 02: Disney Castle- End

Sonia remembered the blissful meeting with Pooh. When Pooh was reaching for a butterfly high up on a perch of a tree, Pooh was reaching for it and the branch was about to break. But Sonia dived in and caught him before he had hurt himself. Ever Since then they became like other halfs. Best friends.

“Oh, d-d-d-d-dear! That was another close one, Pooh!” Piglet had stuttered, Eeyore said in his ordinary gloomy fashion, “Yeah, could have been hurt...or worse...”

Tigger hopped the way to Pooh and the strange girl who had saved him, “Thanks for saving my friend there, Stranger!” He hopped up and down on one leg and laughed the Tigger Way, thrilled beyond comprehension.

Rabbit walked up the curvy path to Pooh's house carrying two carrots in his hands. Taking a bite off one of them, and then the other. He ran up to the scene with company and a stranger. “What happened here?” Rabbit had asked. Sonia smiled up at everyone.

“My name is Sonia! I didn't think you guys were real...! I only READ about you! And here I am, this is all surreal!”

Pooh, Piglet, Rabbit and Tigger exchanged looks of relief and titled Sonia as a Friend the very least. She had saved their Best friend Pooh.

Sonia shook her head of those memories, why was she thinking about that memory now? Of all times...

She grinded her teeth together after being sent flying relative to the fireball that had hit her at the gut. She applied pressure on the burn mark, holding it down as she struggled to be on her feet.

Outside of the barrier like fire, Minnie was suddenly gone. Micky looked around and gasped, at both Sonia and Minnie. Sonia for being hurt, and Minnie for disappearing out of no where!

In a jiffy, Minnie was back with her watering can. She tried spraying water at the dancing flames of fire...but it wasn't working. Simple water wouldn't do the trick.

“M-Minnie! That won't work! You'll get hurt!” Micky warned grabbing her hand from behind. “Believe in her.” He whispered, but it sounded like he was trying to convince himself more than he was Minnie.

Minnie sadly nodded and walked back from the fire. “I just wanted to at least be able to help in some way or another...”

Micky nodded in understanding, “I know. I know you mean well, Minnie... but, Sonia-” He pointed at her when she'd full gained balance, and ran to the hooded man with her Keyblade, clashing swords. “This is her battle alone. We can't intervene.” He sighed again. If he had the will for it, he would cheer her on from the side lines. The battle-scarred Castle was reincarnated again after the Heartless appeared.

Sonia was forced to slide steps back as the hooded man's Sword pushed hers back. “Guess your really not the Chosen One for it anymore. If you were, you could of easily parried my attacks. I'm a little disappointed...”

Sonia frowned fully and glared, “Do you EVER shut up? How does the organization put up with you anyway!?” She pushed forward one last time and jumped back, lifted her Keyblade over her shoulder, and charging at the man while unleashing swipes at him with her Keyblade from all angles. He blocked them all but the final one that he was but a second late to deflect. It tore across his cloak and into his flesh.

She grinned evilly with fire dancing in her eyes. “You got anything else to say to me?” She panted, to strike again but the man took half a step back and missed the blades' end, a portal appeared behind him as he began stepping closer to it. Sonia remembered that portal...

Seemingly not to be hurt by the cut at all. “Tch. Cocky brat,”


He turned his head half-way around with satisfaction across his face, “Give my condolences to poor Pooh Bear.”

Sonia watched him walk into the portal and disappear before her very eyes. Her heart amplified. All the dancing fire around her that made a barrier on the outside disappeared. She ran to where he had disappeared and clutched the air in an attempt to catch him, “Don't run away you COWARD! ...It's all your stupid fault that Pooh's gone in the first place!!” She stumbled at the spot, tears slid down her cheeks as Minnie and Micky ran quickly to her side. They didn't know what to say or how to comfort her. She loved Pooh. She missed him so much...

But Minnie tried to comfort her anyway, “S-Sonia... a-are you okay?” She tried to see the look on Sonia's face, it was buried in her hands.

“What do you mean, Sonia? Pooh is gone?” Seeing Sonia so tormented like this made Mickey's heart ache. Pooh had a very dear spot in everyone's heart. But whatever the reason, he didn't want to bring it up again.

“They'll all pay...” Sonia resolved. Her mind adjusted to the fact she was going to go all out on this new journey and revenge. The burn mark she had received was a reminder of that.

Minutes later, Minnie and Micky had somehow managed to cheer Sonia up. Only a little bit. She was relieved friends were around, if she was all alone she would of done something...un-Sonia like.

“Minnie...Micky...thanks guys. But I have to go now. There may be more Heartless lurking in other worlds...I have to stop them. Again.” She smiled tiredly. But it brang back nostalgic feelings.

Pluto tackled her into a hug on the ground and licked her face, it made her laugh loudly.

Micky smiled and tilted his head toward where Pluto's house would of been, he walked over and frowned because it was gone. The others followed behind timidly.

“At least... it was only Pluto's house this time. Minnie ran up to him and lifted him up over her head, threatening to throw him off.

Sonia just laughed. But Pluto not having a house anymore reminded her of Eeyore in a way. How his house of sticks were always bounced upon...but he kept wanting to rebuild it all the time.

“W-what did I say Minnie!? I mean AT LEAST it wasn't Disney Castle!!” He wiggled in her hold.

“STOP JINXING US MICKEY!” Minnie reminded him with a playful grin.

Sonia smiled and began to walk away, waving enthusiastically. “See you guys later! I'll be back to visit soon! Let's hope this place isn't in ruins by the time I get back!” She joked.

Minnie dropped Micky instantly at Sonia's words and waved back, “Good-bye, Soniaaa! We'll miss you! TAKE CARE!”

Micky, who was thrown to the ground whined, “Oh, so Sonia can jinx us but I can't!?!” But he smiled anyways. Just noticing Minnie's burnt tail, he gasped to himself and decided that day to appreciate her more.

And with seeing Sonia again after so long, they were determined to rebuild Pluto's house and get things back to the way they were before the Heartless appeared.

Minnie was back to meticulously tending to every single flower in her Garden. And Micky was back to jinxing everything.

The Pooh Bear book in the library began to glow.

The Starry Hill at The Hundred Acre Wood- Was also a fond memory. The Starry Hill memories. With all of Pooh's friends, the tree was peacefully watching over the Hill. Sonia and Pooh were sitting on the log over viewing the moon. The lake just across the hill reflected the moon in it.

“Do you have to leave already Sonia? Can't you stay forever here?” Pooh had asked with his honey sweet voice.

Sonia just smiled and pointed at his heart, making him look down as well. “I'll always be here- in your heart, Pooh.”

World 03: ?????

. . . COMING SOON . . .

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*claims first post then reads later*
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nicee =w=
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Nooo, not exactly ;D
Just preoccupied writing my ubershort ^^
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OOoooOoo i cant wait :DD
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You.... you killed Pooooohhhh T_______T

My ubershort is about... IT'S A SECRET BECAUSE YOU KILLED POOH T_____T
Posted 10/24/09 , edited 10/24/09
His funeral is to be held this Wednesday...
Its a closed corpse...
All his friends are gonna be there....
all dressed in blackk..

T.T [i'll just have to find out and see wen you post teh ubershort then xD]
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I'll definitely be there T____T
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W...T....F...? POOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOH!!!!!!!!............waaaaait tigger is one of pooh's friends right?
[i used to think that Rabbit was a girl........XD]
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REALLY?? You thought... RABBIT was a GIRL?!?
How is that even possible....
He talked like an old man didn't he?!

But yeah yeah Koko-chan why isn't Tigger counted as a best friend??
Posted 10/24/09 , edited 10/25/09
^^ i dont know wat your all talking about XD
"His BEST buds were Piglet, Eeyore, Tigger and Rabbit."

@toru: yeah, yea! POOH IS DEAD! GET OVER IT! LMAOOO >3 take your hate on teh PERSON who MADE teh heartless eat pooh's heart D:
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*eyes Koko-chan*
You changed it.
Even says "Edited 4 minutes ago"

But you're still the Authorrr T__T
You MADE some evil guy turn Pooh Heartless T_____T
Posted 10/24/09 , edited 10/25/09
I coulda edited SOMETHING else -suspicious eyes-
Well then embie i HATE you for...., for... for.....o_o MAKING Joshua leave Amy for 4 years because YOU are the AUTHOR ;~;
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*sticks tongue out* Yeah but I didn't KILLLLL either of them T___T
Then again, I did kill her daddy T_____T
*huddles in emo corner of BLAME*

None of those charas are timeless, loved by all, bears that like honey T___T
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-raises up white flag of defeat-
you alright wiff THAT!?
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