Post Reply any suggestions??
Posted 10/25/09 , edited 10/25/09
do u have any suggestions??? any at all??
we can make this group a little bit better!!!
c'mon dont be afraid to say your ideas!!
we want to hear ur suggestions!!
just post it on this forum!!
if we put ":excl: thinking" theb that means we are thinking about it!! (oviously)
and if we put " accepted" then ur idea is now opened to business!!
if we put ":excl: declined" and we'll say why the isea is not cool abd kawaii matirial!!
:) c'mon and lets dance our rondo!!
(hehe that my catchaphrase)
~pinguinlover29 (michelle)
p.s. please dont feel bad if we decline ur suggestion!! please dont ever feel bad at this group!!
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