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Violence on the Temple Mount
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Posted 11/1/09 , edited 11/1/09

Yei wrote:

But what problem? The overall 'disagreement' between them? From what I've seen, the secular ones on both sides both can easily identify themselves with each other and get along, while the religious ones always see it as "this land belongs to the Jews/Muslims." What about the Westbank do they argue about exactly?

The actual political solution is irrelevant to what people's views are though, so I'm sure any disagreements they might have on the Westbank will be settled after international law is implemented. Even after the UN resolution is put into place and we have 2 states, the problems in Jerusalem will still continue, and it's for religious reasons.

Well, in the case of Jerusalem the issue is mostly religious, but it’s also cultural. Whenever comes to the Westbank they argue about what you might imagine. Ancestral claims, legal claims, philosophical claims, and yes religious claims. But as a whole it’s mostly a political and cultural thing and only in Jerusalem does the problem seem to be so singularly religious.

I don’t know anything about your personal experience, but if you honestly believe that atheists and agnostics in Israel and the Arab world are completely innocent then I think you’re diluting yourself. They’re just as hateful as the religious ones on both sides. Again, the slaughter of Jews in Jerusalem during passover of 1920 was done not for religion but nationalism. The responding zionist attacks were done for nationalism.

I think nationalism is the bigger divider on the whole. Jerusalem may be an exception, but for the issue as a whole religion is only a minute part of the great issue: nationalism.
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