Facts About Aaron!!

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Posted 12/31/07 , edited 12/31/07
The customs, habits and family facts of Arron

Arron's talent is more on the music side. As well as studying the piano from a young age he also has talent in the flute and violin.


Basketball is Arron's favourite sport. His favourite player is KOBE. When he was little his dream was to become and NBA player. He also won second place in his high school's league tournament.


Before joining Fahrenheit, Arron was a dance master. Op, locking, breaking and wave dancing never baffled him.

Arron and Wu Zun are alike. Arron likes to eat snacks between meals, particularly potato chips and fruit jelly and also has a sweet tooth. These are the kinds of food he likes because when he was in hospital with his injury his friends would always buy many snacks for him.


Arron's father is the head of the surgical department at Tai Da hospital. He once hoped that his son would also become a doctor someday.


Arron once asked Jiro to teach him to play the guitar, therefore it is reported that the student was too stupid and Jiro saw him running away.

Arron believes that a minute of diligence equals a minute of harvest, therefore he works diligently and wholeheartedly to make his music even better.


Arron was born prematurely, so his body has not been very good from infancy and also has/had chronic asthma. However due to his doctor father's loving care and his friends by his side he changed for the better.


Arron is kind and genial to his classmates, friends and work colleagues. Because of his cute appearance he is also pursued by his female classmates in school.


Arron's life is not much different from other university students. Like them he likes named brands, buys lots of cds and also goes to KTV and movies with his friends and classmates. He also certainly has happy and bitter memories with regards to love. When asked which member of Fahrenheit he thought girls would choose he said Jiro.


Up till today Arron has always listened to his mother. His mother had for a time worked as a model in Japan. Arron often describes his mum as ''the old spirit''.


Some say that Arron is sometimes weak and childish. Everytime he goes out to eat he puts the KITTY cat puppet on the table and says hello!


Arron likes to read English books. World famous books go directly to his shelf as soon as they are released.


Arron's only treasured person is his little sister. Although she is adopted their sentiment is still very good. Arron is a very outstanding older brother.


Arron's teachers quite like him and he always asks questions and so is recognised as an outstanding student. This time Calvin said that he is too dog-like (?).


When Arron was small he was quite mischievous. Liked to randomly spread his mother's makeup everywhere and...(something about his little sister and the family alcohol...)


KO One's Xiao Yu has a nuclear bomb fist, but Arron hates violence. When he was little in America, because the American children made fun of his name he got involved in a fight.

Arron's will is very strong. When practising dance moves for long periods of time his leg would become uncomfortable. But he was persistent to continue, because he always believes that nothing can defeat him.

Christmas Day is Arron's favourite day. Last Christmas Wu Zun returned to Brunei and Jiro kept his mother company. He was working very hard and a sympathetic Calvin gave him some chocolate as a gift. (NB. AWWW Calvin so sweet!! ^^)


Arron always thinks about his deceased girlfriend and will often go to the cemetary to see her. He always says that he hopes she can share his mood.

Although Arron's temperature is cold, he playfully calls himself the ice flame.
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Posted 12/31/07 , edited 1/1/08
awww. deceased gf. i so did not know that *tear tear* i luv arron more now. oh crap. sorry i called him arron not aaron, but i thought that's how he spelled it xD cute lil ice flame btw, stupid lil american kids made fun of his name and lil arron threw a couple of fists haha not tryna be racist here, but i couldn't help laughing when i read this! thankx for that =)
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Posted 1/1/08 , edited 1/1/08
so cute I imagined how there were just two of them, arron and calvin, at christmas and calvin gives arron chocolate I once saw Arron play flute in a variety show and it was amazing he was really good at it

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wow. you know so much about him. after knowing more about him, i love him even more now!
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Posted 1/17/08 , edited 1/18/08
I luv aarron!!! he's so cute!! all of this gave me more info on him!

he's kinda the lay back, mellow, cute, funny one of Fahrenheit...and that's why i love him!...
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