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wrote this last year, but that teacher gave, like, everybody a hundred
tell me the truth!

April 10th, 1912 I was going home. Home to my beautiful New York. Not that I didn’t mind the trip to Southampton, but around most of my family i was just Anne, the one to find a husband for then ignore for the rest of her life. New York, though, was my favorite place in the world.
I tied my boots too tight in my hurry to leave, but I didn’t mind for we had to walk down to the docks.
“Alexandre`, if you don’t hurry I am to leave without you!”
“All right Anne! Don’t get your knickers in a twist!” My brother’s muffled voice came through the door before he emerged. He held his beat up travel bag in one hand and put on his hat with the other. He shoved the hat roughly on his head and it covered his forehead making him look older than the nearly 18-year-old he was.
“I suppose we should go now.” He said and walked in long strides to the main room and kitchen. I grabbed my own bags, and tried not to drop them in my attempt to walk as easily as Alexandre` had.
“My Alexandre`....” I heard Oma saying. Mi jn lieve kleinzoon.” She said embracing him. My oma looked so tiny compared to my six-foot brother. She spoke to him slowly in Dutch so he would catch every word.
“Yes, we will, Oma.” he replied in softly in English. Oma saw me and her arms drooped then hung at her sides. Her look was empty, even blank.
“Afscheid, Kleindochter.” she said then walked over and hung her arms loosely around my shoulders. The thought occurred again: Just Anne. The emptiness I had never noticed hurt.
“Farewell” I replied trying not to sound hurt, but sounding more numb. Amelia ran with suprising speed for a seven-year-old and hugged Alexandre`’s waist.
“Gelieve niets te gaan!” my little cousin wailed.
“We have to go, Mia. Now please speak English.” Alexandre` had to speak with her for a while before she would let him go. I would glance now and again at my cheap pocket watch hoping we could leave sooner with every passing minute.
Finally my brother finished. “All right, we should depart. Afsheid van mi jn familie.” he said as he walked through the small door with his bags. I followed him quickly without a word in my departure.

Alexandre` waited just outside the small house, looking towards the coast. He, at least, didn’t treat me like Oma or anyone else did. To him I was his equal.
“Alexandre`, not even eightteen yet and still everyone’s jewel. How do you manage?”
“Anne, you know it’s all just a stupid family thing. And you, not even a full year younger than me, should be treated the same,” His tone was one that told me he was deep in thought. I let the subject drop and instead watched the way to the docks. The neighborhood looked busy with people running about their shops and yards, preparing for the new morning and the chores it brought.
Alexandre` stopped and smelled the air intently. I walked slower and starred at him.
“Smell the air, Anne. Fresh bread from Mr. John’s bakery.” He said closing his eyes and inhaling deeply. I sniffed at the air curiously but only noted sea air. I wished I could pickup details like my brother always could. The dock was crowded with people: sailors readying the ship, passers bye looking with curiosity seeing the monstrosity they called “unsinkable” and future passengers of different status milling about looking for where they were to stand or drop their luggage.
My brother fiddled with his oversized coat. The large tatters of fabric that towered as high as he wrapped around his arm as he dug viciously through his pocket. He finally found what he was looking for and grasped two small pieces of paper in his hand. They were tattered and wrinkled, and looked as if they had been soaked then re-dried. He handed me one and I held it carefully like glass.
He walked, still without a word, to where people were boarding and we gave our small tickets up to set foot on our home for then next week or so. My brother and I had worked hard and managed two third class tickets on the ship for the little belongings we had two rooms side-by-side but we each had a roommate.
My brother turned to look at me while we were on the ship’s main deck.
“Ready?” he asked me not sounding like he needed an answer. I still nodded and we walked down to Deck E to see our rooms. Alexandre` went to his one one side and I walked, breathing a little to heavy, into mine.
The room was small, but I expected no more. There were small bunks pushed against one wall but that was the benefit of being short on that ship was that there was no bed too small for you. On the top bunk sat a girl slightly younger than me as she looked. Her hair was light but still brown and had large beautiful curls that framed her pale, lovely face. She looked up from the book she was reading and her eyes met mine.
“HI!” She nearly yelled jumping down from her bunk to greet me. She grabbed my hand and shook it like she had sipped too much sugar in her tea that morning. “I’m Teyah! I hope your my room mate. You seem nice already! Did you know this boat isn’t supposed to sink? I don’t think it really can be unsinkable do you? Oh! Do you want the top or bottom bunk?” she said all at once in just less than ten seconds.
I could think of no real reply at that moment other than a questioning look. She slowed down and asked each question waiting for a reply every time before asking a new one. I couldn’t help but like this new near friend as I would have some one to talk to now, that was my own age, and also a girl.....not the I didn’t mind Alexandre`.

Me and Teyah talked for hours about anything and everything that we could. We talked of her and her family who she was also going home to, and of how she liked seeing that she didn’t have some bitter old woman as her room mate. I shared her gratefulness and we laughed as it occurred to us how alike we really were.
A knock on our door brought us back to reality as we rushed to see who else we could draw into our conversation. Alexandre` stood at the door looking at us questioningly, as to ask where I had been for the past few hours. The ship had left the dock and we never noticed.
“You two all right to go get supper ‘bout now?” he asked sounding more like he needed company to talk to as well. We agreed and exchanged giggles as we all walked looking for where the food may be served. It took us an hour to find 3 boiler rooms and a room full of raw potato’s before we thought that it wouldn’t be on the same deck, then we raced off to get what was left of luke-warm supper.

The next few days were filled with conversation and walking over the ship exploring extra rooms. Others, even adults wondered sound, but they were always caught and sent off not to be sneaking around again. But the three of us were never caught. I felt like a decent sneak because of this fact. Not to mention the company made the whole affair more interesting.
Teyah didn’t get our family problem very well. “Wait,” she would start again. “So your family only pays attention to Alexandre` and you just do the chores?”
“Well, I’d like to think I am more than a servant to them....but I can’t be to much more.” I said truthfully.
“Then why do you try so hard for their approval?” she retorted skillfully. I was used to brilliant questions from Teyah, but this had never struck my mind. Why should I care about my family? They only have so much control over me anywise, and there was no way to meet their approval. I starred at Teyah in disbelief that she had thought that. It was too simple and yet something that has never been mentioned by anyone else.
We were looking at that moment for some one to imitate. It had been something to occupy our time. The three of us would go to the main deck and either act like the 1st class who usually thought we were servants, or act like the sailors, always joking around and playing childish games as we were.
Mrs. Durere was one of our favorite subjects. She was a tall, but plump,middle aged woman. She wore expensive fur coats where ever she went and had a little leashed dog that looked more like a squirrel. She walked with a straight back and good posture, but coincidentally her neck went up as if she would only look and speak with people taller than herself.
We didn’t like the way she treated us, or we would’ve been nicer, but she was oh so fun to imitate.

It had been only about four days sense the ship set off. We had been in the lower decks that night dancing and listening to the random notes played on different instruments. The first and second class were upstairs drinking and eating from tiny plates while we flowed around the other decks and sang without certain key.
I was exhausted. Only a few days and already Teyah was one of the best friends I had ever known. We went to bed late, but not drunk like the adults had. My eyes closed easily over the noise of the parties I could still hear from the room hallways.

Alexandre` yanked the pillow from under my head so I fell on the side of my face. My eyes opened in slits and I saw Teyah and him standing in front of my bottom bunk matters looking distressed. I sat up right away.
“What’s wrong?” I asked sounding more desperate than I had intended but not caring at that moment. Teyah grabbed my arm and pulled me from the bed.
“Get you warmed cloths and a coat, now!” she ordered me. She also, I realized, was digging through her belongings pulling a long coat and some small trinkets from boxes. water puddled on the ground. Alexandra had his bag filled with some of his own things.
“The boat hit a chunk of ice, it’s going down. FOR GOODNESS SAKES’ ANNE GET UP AND GRAB YOUR COAT WE HAVE TO GET OUT!” Alexandre` yelled.
I desperately grabbed and pulled on my warmest articles of clothing and shoved some of my personal belongings in a bag. We ran into the walkway and it was crowded with people, some of them dirty from working on the boilers. I grabbed a hand of both my brother and Teyah. I could not loose them in the confusion. This was to unexpected to seem real. It was too sudden to be true. I was shoved down and lost both of the hands I had grabbed. I felt myself being stepped on, I screamed and looked desperately for my companions.
I was being picked up, and I wasn’t sure who by until I saw Alexandre` ‘s face. he ran with me back to where Teyah was. we traveled at a steady pace even with Alexandre` carrying me and Teyah with all of our things.
We, after what felt like hours, got to the main deck in the midst of an almost familiar crowd. I heard children crying even without being lost, and people in panic without knowing what yet was happening. Alexandre` put me down to walk for myself. I felt blood around my ankle where I was have been hurt when I fell, but I brushed the idea aside.
I climbed desperately up higher on top of a metal table. It seemed that everything I was doing in those few moments was desperate and I wasn’t even sure if we really were sinking or if some one had just spread the rumor as a joke.
I didn’t know.
I didn’t know if I wanted to know.
I just tried to understand how this might have happened.

Alexandre` called me down from where I was. I tried to get to him but again, half in my clumsiness and half in the bustle of everyone around me, I almost fell. He grabbed my hand and handed it to Teyah so I could be held up. My other hand reached my face. It was ice cold.
The cold was sudden. It drained all feeling from me as I realized we were somewhere that would make the water freezing. I ran away from Teyah and Alexandre` and i heard them call after me, but I ran. I shoved people out of my way and then reached the edge. Chunks of ice floated distantly in the water, some larger than others.
The color drained from my face. I could feel myself pale and then heat. The heat shocked my face going from one extreme to another, and then a draft sent me back into a numb cold.
Teyah ran up behind me panting as she stopped her sprint.
“Whets wrong, Anne?” She asked then looked out into the water. She looked shocked but not as worried as me. She didn't get that 2200 people couldn’t manage in freezing temperatures for very long, even with the added alcohol in there blood. She, without any other words, dragged me back to Alexandre` who was now farther from the crowd.
“They’re ordering us to stay calm. I think we--”
“HOW CAN WE STAY CALM?!?!” I cut him off, my emotions rushing from astonishment to grave panic in a matter of seconds. He glared at me.
“Woman and children are to get on the boats first. You two are going and I am to stay and help more people. all right?” Teyah nodded but I felt a scream build in myself. Then my thought drained of letting any word come from my lips. He was staying. My brother wasn’t going to come......he was going to die. He recognized what I was thinking through the look I gave him then he hugged me tight. I will be fine, all right? you just get going so you get off, I’ll follow, don’t worry.”
“Promise?!” I asked, nearly yelling at him. He said nothing. He hugged Teyah shortly then shook her hand, and ran back the direction we had come from.
Teyah seized command as soon as my brother left. I couldn’t move. I didn’t want to. I would have rather died than left without my brother; my best friend.
Teyah dragged me and shoved me onto a boat next to her. Most of what had been in our bags was now in our pockets so that enough room was left for more passengers. I said nothing. I couldn’t watch the boat be lowered into the water, but I felt gravity move us slightly then stop abruptly as we hit water, water that had top be freezing.
Teyah grabbed my wrist and squeezed it. It helped to have even the friend of only a few days there. I felt freezing tears gather around the creases of my eyes them run down my cheeks.

We rowed the oars for a while, getting farther and farther from what had been only a four day home. Suddenly I saw Teyah stop rowing, and I turned around. The boat was in two pieces. one was sticking nearly straight into the air with poor people clinging on for life, as others fell into the icy water. I screamed, even there in the middle of silence.
I felt no gaze meet me. I looked and no one had moved their eyes from the horrific sight.
“ROW!” I ordered. That time they looked at me. I couldn’t stand to watch the ship, and I started rowing.
Only half of them joined me. But I understood once I calmed down.
I thought. I thought about how my brother would never know how much I respected him at the moment he made us leave. I thought about how I wouldn’t be able to tell my family what had happened. I though about how Teyah would have to leave and find her old life leaving me alone. I thought about What would happen to me when i got home and was the only child...if I would still be just Alexandre`’s little sister. And I thought about how I would wake up after more sleep, and expect to see the wall of our cabin, just to be unpleasantly suprised.
Posted 10/26/09 , edited 10/27/09
omg it reminds meh of Titanic </3
AANDD it also makes meh wanna put up this one story i had to write last year =w=
llol teacher cried wen she read it xD
but shes like...OLD...and SENSITIVE so w/e XD
imma find teh paper tmrw or my...last year..notebook xD

Grade: ithink you deserved that 100 :3
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Posted 10/27/09 , edited 10/27/09
I cried D:
It reminded me too much of Titanic (I cried at that too =w=)
and I have a big brother like that too T____T

I agree with Koko-chan, I think you deserved that 100, but there were some typos here and there. Not enough to make me want to "lower the grade" ^^
Really Good!!
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