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Is the author of Bleach Tite Kubo racist
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Posted 12/6/09 , edited 12/6/09

queenofneworleans wrote:

Chad isn't useless. He just doesn't know how use his powers.
Haibel was stupid and follower just like every espada that's.
Tousen is stronger then he puts on. I serious doubt Aizen would have something weak by has side.

If anything is racist it's Rukia because she looks more Asian he can't kill her off cause the little Asian fangirls will get piss and she has to be the main character because she looks Asian.

Aizen has to be evil because he looks white and Orihime has to be big chested and airhead because she looks more american.

What are you going on about?
Rukia was the first character he drew; she was supposed to be the main character, they are all asians except Chad, asians aren't always small or flat chessed. And besides why would that be racist?

Aizen has to be evil because he is white? Seriously? Rukia is white, Ichigo IS WHITE why aren't they evil? Your so called "logic" doesn't make sense.

Not all American girls, are white and have big boobs, please. You make babies laugh with your "argument."

In every country, the "asian girls." and the "none asiangirls AKA BIG BOOBIES WHITE AMERICAN WHO ARE EVIL WHEN THEY ARE WHITE AND WHEN THEY ARE PURPLE THEY BE GOOD FRIENDS.(Like you describe them ) WILL mostly ALL get angry when Rukia dies. One of the leading characters shouldn't just be killed off.
You're being the only racist here.
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Posted 12/6/09 , edited 12/6/09

memphis834 wrote:
Tousen = Not weak. People only say he's weak because of the Kenpachi fight. He cut off Grimmjow's arm like it was nothing. As a lieutenant he defeated pretty much the entire 9th squad. Also he's Aizen's right hand man, that's pretty big. We'll probably see him fight once the story shifts back to FKT. Then we can see how he does against such powerful foes.

Anyone read the latest manga chapters?
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Posted 12/6/09 , edited 12/6/09
He is very intelligent and sly. If I had to guess all those who say that Gin was hiding his true power never thought it could be the same for Tousen. Afterall did he not have to play along too so Aizen could accomplish his goal?
Posted 12/6/09 , edited 1/8/11 do you people decide who is what race?
Anyway, Kubo just put other languages in for aesthetics.
Posted 1/8/11 , edited 1/8/11
No he's just evolving
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Posted 2/27/11 , edited 2/27/11
didn't zaraki fight an illusion, cause everyone in soul society was under complete hynosis, so the fight between tousen and zaraki didn't actually happen
Posted 3/2/11 , edited 3/3/11
I don't think he is being racist. IMO he is inspired by the influence of the different societies/cultures/languages and has incorporated them in his work.

Also Chad to me is a distinct example of how the show/manga is not being racist as...
a) He is clearly biracial a fact which appears to be well received and encouraged as his Mexican origin is portrayed in a positive way. To my knowledge the issue of his mixed heritage, in neither the manga/anime version has been associated with negative connotations and he seems to be well accepted as part of the group, at school and in soul society.
b) He isn't associated with a specific stereotype.
c) The fact that he is different is encouraged by incorporating Spanish terminology to refer to his grandfather as well as the name of his attacks (which do sound cool).
d) OK he looses a few battles but so does Ichigo and a huge list of supporting characters, Rukia, Renji, Hitsugaya, Uryu...could go on in specific detail but I think I've made my point.

You could argue that the Arrancar and the entirety of Hueco Mundo has a Spanish influence and since they are the antagonist it does portray ppl of Spanish origin in a negative way but I do disagree with that. Some of the strongest and interesting characters are part of the Espada. Grimmjow and Ulquiorra are good examples and have become some of the more popular characters. Plus they are not all portrayed as bad such as Nel.

What does annoy me the most are the fools who think they are some righteous genius for noticing the swastika pattern of Zangetsu's Bankai state. If you really weren't ignorant you would know that the swastika pattern is originally a sanksrit word originating in India. A symbol which through the years was adopted by many cultures including Japan and that it greatly pre-dates its Germanic/Nazi representation.

Sorry for writing an essay but i feel like I need to back my opinions with reason.
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Posted 11/4/12 , edited 11/5/12
Tite Kubo is not racist Tousen is the primary example against your argument. Tousen was justice given a living form thus forth even though he was an extremely strong soul reaper he believed in restraint, probably because his very close friend was murdered by her soul reaper husband he somewhat despises his soul reaper power. Regarding his fight with Captain Zaraki he was only suppose to detain him Tousen could easily killed Zaraki but once again Tousen is the personification of justice. Tousen like Gin join Aizen although they did not share the same ideals but their strengths were far beyond what was expect of soul reapers of their age.
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Posted 11/8/12 , edited 11/8/12
Quite the opposite. His manga has more racial diversity than most.
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Posted 12/20/12 , edited 12/20/12
its just glad there is so much diverse in the anime
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Posted 9/13/15 , edited 9/16/18
Closed as inactive. Looks like this subforum got overlooked during earlier cleanups.
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