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Posted 10/27/09 , edited 10/28/09
Recommendations of home remedies that make us feel better or boost our immune systems to ward off illness. Post em here in this season of FLU bugs!
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Posted 11/8/09 , edited 11/8/09
Orange juice! not exactly a home remedy but it's fantastic 4 ur immune system
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Posted 11/8/09 , edited 11/8/09
I would call orange juice is a home remedy as I drink that when I need to get extra c-vitamin during colder times.

Hmm in chinese cuisine I think ginger in a rice porridge would be a home remedy.

Another one is a lime juice from 1/2 lime and X(choose how sweet you want it) spoons with honey and fill a normal size cup with hot water. stir and enjoy
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Posted 12/15/09 , edited 12/16/09
i shall try the lime juice...

ginger tea is amazing from Tagalog remedies... my friends are always forcing me to drink it... just a chunk of ginger in boiled water.... honey or what not for sweetner...

hmmm i like soups for ill times... depending on what kind of illness.... a sore stomach : a rich hot choco made from warmed milk with chocolate and a piece of chocolate melted in is a sure fire thing to work off the stomach ache supposedly...
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Posted 12/16/09 , edited 12/17/09
Orange juice can be used to ward off some virues floating around.

Another thing that can be useful (and it really works) is when you have a sore throat, get a microwaveable cup (like a coffee mug or a cup that can withstand heat) and squeeze in some lemon or lime juice and add some honey to it.
Shouldn't fill up the cup all the way neither about enough to drink 4 tablespoons is enough for it.
Heat it up when its just about hot (DO NOT BOIL!) for about 50 seconds should do it, depends on the microwave.
And drink it warm.

It helps soothe the throat and relieve those nights when your throat just won't let you sleep or disturb you during the day I just read that pearlprincessa just about wrote the same thing so it goes to tell you that it really works :D

Another thing I know is when you have a tummyache, wrap some mint on your wrist or put some in your shoe or under your feet, and it shall help you feel better.
You can also try to boil the mint and drink it like that but it all depends on you.

If you have a stuffy nose that just won't let you breathe, try this for a change. :P
Try to eat something hot and spicy. Not only will you get your fill, but it makes your nose run thus letting all the stuffy-ness go away. :D

Did you know that Jalapenos are used in Mexico not only for cooking purposes but for people who have stuffy noses? ;)

You know when your muscles are sore and you can't do nothing about it? Well mint seems to be the cure for any kind of pain really. It really help relieve it as well as put it off for a couple of hours or so. What do you think VICKS rub is made out of. It has methoyl (or however you spell it) in it, which is a form of mint.

I know a little food remedies that will help you out sort of. I have tried most of described above. but because it works for me, doesn't mean it will work for all, but it has help most of my friends
Posted 7/11/10 , edited 7/11/10

If u ever have stomach ache ......go for this drink DalChini Ilaichi Kawa o( Cinnamon & Cardamom drink)

put a pan full of water on stove and put cinnamon and Cardamom in it and let it boil till the two ingredients give color( by this i mean their essence is well mixed in water)

this will take about 10-15 minutes let it cool down and drink it...its really tasty

Hope this helps people
Take care everyone
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