short story of the world
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Posted 10/31/09 , edited 11/1/09
When life have gone, Time stop, and Death beside "i can't no longer feel my existent"

That light above seem so close yet so far, i almost reach it. i almost reach it but why this force pull me back.
"where am I?" a voice echo in my head, "what is going on?" another voice float.

Darkness, the abyss, that all I feel. "Look he move" that same voice flying around my head.

"Where am I ?" that same voice that echo in my head said again this time louder.

"Who is he?" another voice said.
"I don't know i found him on the shore" said the first voice.
"You know you should not bring everything you found home" a third voice said this time more deeper and not very pleasant.
"But Dad look at him, we have to do something" said that first voice now sound pleasing.
"Yeah old man look at that guy, he need a bath, and some food too, and everything that a human need" said the second voice, a young woman perhaps.

"Okay, Okay you guy do what ever you want i go to sleep and when that thing woke up kick him out" the deeper voice angrily said.

"cheez! Dad is always so mean can he be nice for once or something" the first voice said and she drag this body which should belong to Death inside her place.

I awake founding myself dress in a white pajama, I smell like peach, and it seem like Death have leave my side for now. Look around, the room is simple everything dress it self in a very delicate look and have a slightly caramel smell. The blanket is warm and so does the sun light, shine from a silver frame window. I tried to sit up, but found my body unable to move, I tried to call out but my my brain is not function yet. Close my eyes again and took a deep breath I scream out loud but only a small noise coming out, my brain hurt again. I black out and in the darkness a red eye appear look at me with an angry look.

>>>to be continues>>>

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Posted 11/1/09 , edited 11/1/09
Bahhhh, why is this in the Extended Discussion section?

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