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[News] November 2009
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[TRANS] 091028 SM-TVXQ Current Exclusive Contract Released

We will reveal the exclusive contract SM Entertainment holds with its celebrities. Although this contract is the one between TVXQ and SM, it can be inferred that it is almost a basis contract for all the others. Also, as SM stated that the income division for TVXQ was the best they offered, one can surmise that the content of the contracts of other groups such as Girls' Generation, Super Junior etc. will be worse.

In the contract, it states that TVXQ must pay for all of the expenses required for their activities and this implies the wages for their managers and road managers. "TVXQ must pay for their travel fees and rent fees, as well as their meals, make up and coordinators' wages, dance crew and any other stage crew costs. They must also pay for the wages of their managers' monthly wages (The wages of the manager is 800,000 per month and the wages of road managers is 600,000 per month, and this increases by 10% every year.)"

Exclusive Contract Periods - 'TVXQ' is 13 years and 'BoA' is 15 years

TVXQ's Kim Jaejoong finalized his contract with SM on May 14th, 2003, Kim Junsu on February 12th, 2000, and Park Yoochun on June 30th, 2003. There were five changes to the contract after this. The contract period was extended from 10 years to 13 years and the income division was slightly increased for the celebrity. However, the clauses regarding the extended contract or compensation which were ruled by the Courts as unlawful were not changed. The five changes of the contract occurred in December, 2003, February, 2007, March, 2007, October, 2008 and February of 2009.

If you look at the contract, it can be seen that SM holds almost no obligations. All there is for the agency to do is to take care of the group's popularity and tell them of their activities. On the other hand, TVXQ must follow the orders of the manager SM gives them, and cannot personally make any promises or contracts regarding activities.They cannot talk about the internal affairs of SM. If a show or performance has a setback for no special reason, TVXQ must compensate. They must make two full albums every year and must release an album six months before the termination of their contract and perform all activities diligently. TVXQ must get permission from SM to give any of their compositions or arrangements to a third party. But SM is allowed to give any SM singer TVXQ's compositions without the consent of TVXQ.

Although the income division aspect has improved, they do not receive any money until at least 50K copies are sold. If they sell 50K~100K, the group receives 2% of sales, sell 100K~200K and receive 3%, sell over 200K and they receive 5% of total sales. The group must then split this income. If the appearance on a show is not regular, SM receives all the money for publicity. If the contract is terminated for any reason, TVXQ must pay compensation worth three times the investment money and twice the amount of their forecast income as well. This also applies when both sides have agreed to the termination or when SM is the cause of the termination.

Exclusive Contract Content

Clause 1 (Purpose)
For the effective celebrity activities of 'B' (TVXQ), all legal actions dealing with all activities, appearances and such will be dealt by 'A' (SM Entertainment) or the manager chosen by 'A'. 'B' cannot make any personal promises or contracts regarding his activities and must only focus on what they have been given.

Clause 2 (Contract Period)
1. The contract period will begin at oooo. oo. oo(The latest contract signing date) and will end 13 years after the debut date of 'B' in the industry (album release, appearance as a supporting role in a movie or drama - movie: 20 scenes or more, drama: 12 scenes minimum per episode).
2. In the case that 'B' is unable to perform normal activities due to a personal reason, the contract period will be extended by that amount of time.

Clause 3 (Assignment of Rights)
1. 'A' has full rights for the maintenance of all of the TV appearances and activities performed by 'B'.
2. During the contract period, 'B' must diligently perform all activities decided upon by 'A', 'B' is not allowed to perform any activities without the consent of 'A' during the contract period, and if this clause is violated, the appropriate consequences will be taken stated in Clause 11, subclauses 1, 2 and 3.
3. All TV appearances and authority of 'B' are held by 'A'.
4. 'A' has the rights to all albums and recorded songs (including unreleased songs) that were created during the contract period. All income division after the contract period has terminated has already been determined by the exclusive contract.
5. 'B' must give 'A' all rights such as the right to reproduce goods, copyrights, the right to release albums, distribution rights, airing rights, performance rights, karaoke, right to create second hand goods regarding any compositions, arrangements or lyrics done by 'B'.
6. 'A' is allowed to use the songs recorded and produced during the contract period in any form. ('A' is allowed to reedit and reuse any song in the form of L.P, M.C, CD, CD-FMV, DC-FMV, CD-I, CD-V, CD-G, L.D, VIEDO, limited edition albums, best albums, commercials, movies, picture, VIEDO filming, MP3, any music files.)
7. In order for 'B' to give a third party other than 'A' lyrics, compositions or arrangements, 'B' must get the permission of 'A' in advance.
8. The manager of 'B' must be chosen by 'A', and he must diligently work to maintaining the schedule of 'B'.
9. 'A' is allowed to use any lyrics, compositions or arrangements that 'B' made in any album 'A' is creating other than the album of 'B'.
10. 'A' is allowed to transfer and use all or a partial amount of the contract's content in other businesses. But if 'B' says in advance that he is completely against this, this no longer applies.

Clause 4 (Contract Mandate)
What is under the maintenance of 'A' is listed here and this is applicable for all domestic and overseas activities, 'A' is allowed to transfer and use the rights of this contract, and can give the maintenance to another company.
1. Contracts for TV appearances and schedules (including the internet)
2. Contracts for domestic and overseas performances and events
3. Contracts for movies and commercials
4. Control of illegal use of pictures of 'B' (copyrights etc)
5. Contracts for use of lyrics, compositions and arrangements
6. Maintenance of any legal problems
7. All domestic and overseas activities
'A' will hold all ownership and copyrights for any goods created by 'A' during the contract period.

Clause 5 (The Responsibility of 'A')
1. Maintain the popularity of 'B'.
2. Quickly report the schedule of 'B'.

Clause 6 (The Responsibility of 'B')
1. 'B' is not allowed to reveal to the public of the contents of the contract or the internal affairs of 'A'.
2. 'B' is responsible for adhering to all scheduled TV appearances or performances set by 'A' or the manager.
3. If a setback occurs during an appearance or a performance for a personal reason, 'B' is to tell 'A' or the manager in advance and if there was no special reason for such a setback, 'B' must take responsibility.
4. The manager of 'B' must be chosen by 'A', and he must diligently work to maintain the schedule of 'B'.
5. Between the time of the contract's termination and six months before said termination, 'B' must release one new album (recorded) that 'A' asks for, and perform activities for P.R. for said album (six months).
6. 'B' must, when 'A' wants, produce two full albums every year, and perform all recordings and activities accordingly, and work diligently in all areas. ('A' chooses the amount of time allotted for the creation of the album, and 'B' must follow accordingly.)

Clause 7 (The rights of 'B')
If 'A' asks for any demand that is not the duty of 'B', 'B' is allowed to refuse.

Clause 8 (P.R. and Production Fees)
1. P.R. will be done by both sides working together.
2. During the P.R. period, if 'A' feels there is a need to stop the P.R., 'A' is allowed to do so and if 'B' would like to stop activities, 'A' will make the final decision.
3. For the production of albums that is done by 'A' and 'B', all responsibility including production fees is incurred by 'A' and 'A' is entitled to all profits or losses.

Clause 9 (Profit Division-Album)

Clause 10 (Profit Division-TV Appearances, Events, Commercials, Rights)

Clause 11 (Compensation in the case of a violation)
1. In the case that 'B' violates any of the clauses in this contract, 'B' must compensate for the losses incurred, and any actions or situations that may affect the activities of 'B' will be held accountable by 'B'. If 'A' feels that it will be hard for 'B' to continue on with his celebrity activities, 'A' has the right to stop the activities of 'B', and 'B' must compensate 'A' for the losses. (Compensation does not mean termination of the contract.)
2. 'B' must pay compensation that is worth three times the amount of investment (any money used for the purpose of 'B') and twice the predicted profit that would be gained in the years had the contract not been terminated.
3. Even if a termination of the contract is agreed upon by both 'A' and 'B', 'B' must still adhere to subclause 2.

Clause 12 (Disputes and other responsibilities)
If any misunderstandings occur due to a communication error in the contract, the problem is to be solved in a mutual agreement by 'A' and 'B' based on trust.

1. Regarding Clause 2, subclause 1
-The original contract period was set for 10 years but was changed to 13 years with the first amendment to the contract.

2. Regarding Clause 3, subclause 10
-The second half of the subclause ("But if 'B' says in advance that he is completely against this, this no longer applies.") was added in the fourth amendment to the contract.

3. Regarding Clause 9
-This clause in the original contract (changes made by amendments are noted) was as follows but was changed in the second and fifth amendments to the contract and the income division classifications, ways, and rates were slightly altered and the current income division method was used since July of 2008.

Original Clause 9 (Profit Division-Album)
1. When 'B' releases albums as a singer, if the sales surpass 500K copies excluding refunds,'B' will receive a sum of 50 million Won (approximately $43,000) when the next album is released and if sales surpass 1 million copies, 'B' will be given a sum of 1 billion Won (approx. $86,000). (However, in the case of a single selling such number of copies, 'B' will receive half of what is allotted for albums.) However, if the applicant is to be a member of a team (group), 'B' must split this amount given to them by the number of members in the group.
2. The aforementioned subclause 1 only applies to the sales of official albums of 'B' and the income made by any edited goods that 'A' made (Live albums, Best albums, omnibus albums, etc.) all belong to 'A'. - in the case that 'A' releases the songs of 'B' that have already been released in a compilation album (edited album), 'A' receives all of the income. However, if 'A' releases a song by 'B' that has not been released yet in a compilation album, 'B' receives the amount of money that 'B' would receive from an album in subcluase 1 and multiply that amount by ratio of the number of unreleased songs in the compilation album. (Income of 'B' = Income received in accordance to subclause 1 (100%) X Number of new songs/Total Songs in album)
3. 'B' will receive 10% of net profit from all online song sales (MP3 and other audio files) and albums created to target overseas markets. (In the case that the applicant is a group, the same rules of Clause 9, subclause 1 will apply.)
4. If 'A' requests that 'B' appears on an internet program that SM is producing, 'B' must do so and as the internet program is deemed as publicity for 'B', appearance payment will not be given. (The fourth amendment fixed this subclause to "Unless 'B' has a valid reason not to appear on an internet program that SM is producing, 'B' must appear when 'A' requests so but 'A' must pay 'B' for the appearance. However, if the appearance is to publicize the album of 'B'. then payment is not needed.")
5. 'B' must prioritize all broadcasting productions created by SM. 'B' will be paid 50% of the average payment given to guest appearances in cable or subscription television for all appearances on SM's programs.

4. Regarding Clause 10
-This clause in the original contract (changes made by amendments are noted) was as follows but was changed in the second and fifth amendments to the contract to change the rates of income division and was implemented on July 1st, 2008.

Original Clause 10 (Profit Division-TV Appearances, Events, Commercials, Rights)
1. 40% of payments for regular appearances on a TV program must go to 'A'.
2. In the case of guest appearances, they will be seen as publicity acts and 'A' will take all the payment given.
3. Out of all income earned through celebrity activities (excluding Clauses 9 and 10.1 and 10.2), 'A' will receive 50% of the true profit (subtract all operating expenses). However, in the case of a group (team), 'A' will receive 40% of the true income while 'B' receives as follows. (Duo 30% each, trio 20% each, quartet 15% each, quintet 12% each, sextet 10% each etc.) Example of operating expenses: all of the expenses used by the manager of 'B' and the staff members is a specific example, it includes all expenses needed for activities. Traveling fees and rent fees, as well as their meals, make up and coordinators' wages, dance crew and any other stage crew costs. 'B' must also pay for the managers' monthly wages (The wages of the manager is 800,000 per month and the wages of road managers is 600,000 per month, and this increases by 10% every year.)" All living expenses while living in the home (excluding water and heat expenses, subsidiary food expenses, and housekeeper fees) and all training fees incurred during the process.
4. The calculations for the income division of 'A' and 'B' should occur within six months of the income earned.

5. Regarding Clause 11, subclause 3
-In the original contract, it stated, "'B' must pay compensation that is worth three times the amount of investment, three times the predicted profit that would be gained in the years had the contract not been terminated and 1 billion Won (approx. $860,000)." but was fixed in the third amendment to the contract.

A friendly note from your translator:
Hey y'all. Your friendly Korean translator here. As you can tell, this contract is very long, and took quite a while to translate. To save you all the pain of white font on black background (since I should be putting this on a template as it is very important news), I'm not putting this on a template so that you all can highlight things while you read etc.

HOWEVER, if I find that ANYONE (and I don't just mean people from TS, I mean ANYONE) takes advantage of this and takes any part of these translations without proper credits, I will hunt you down and make sure you suffer a horrible, painful death. You may think I'm joking, but I'm not. I have MAJOR issues with plagiarism, so don't even TRY. I WILL find out. I'm Korean. Trust me, I WILL find out.

Also, I will begin putting EVERYTHING on a template if this happens, which may be a pain in the tushie, but at least it stops people from taking the hard work of another person.

Thank you

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Translation credits: [email protected]
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[TRANS] 091109 Jaejoong: "Yunho and Changmin had been cheering for me"

On the 9th 16:30, in Seoul, Hero Jaejoong had made his first appearance after the dispute with SM Entertainment during the movie premiere “Heaven’s Postman” organised by WANSIM CGV. When asked regarding his acting skills, he stated that he had received a lot of help from his Dong Bang Shin Ki members.

Hero Jaejoong said "All my members had told me a lot of encouraging words because while I was filming this, we also had promotional activities for our 4th album." He also added, "Yunho and Changmin had been cheering for me passionately. The two men had been very concerned about my acting skills. They would ask me ‘How was the atmosphere during acting?’, they were also worried because I did not received any special guidance on acting. "

"Did you give any words of encouragement to Yunho who was filming for a drama?” Regarding this question, Jaejoong replied: "No. Because he had great desires and is a person who is able to put in a lot of efforts, so regarding him, I am very assured. He is someone who rarely mentioned about his own difficulties and will not cry out in pain."

Source: [email protected], NEVEREND
Translation: nings @
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[VIDEO] 091109 Heaven Postman Press Conference

Credit: TVXQnights4misc + Yunise6
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[NEWS] 091109 Heaven's Postman Sells Most Advance Tickets!

Heaven's Postman Top Advance Sells Rating
in Korea's New Movie Release

The tele cinema "Heaven's Postman" recorded the first place
for advance sells rating in Korea's new movie release.

Heaven's Postman received interest by the Hero from TVXQ
and Han Hyo-joo from the hit drama Brilliant Legacy acting together.

The movie promotion committee's movie theater admission ticket unification network counted
the theaters advance sale data in a standard in real time 2:30 PM on November 9th, 2009.

Haeven's Postman was reported an advance sells rate of 19.1%,
which marks the first place in the new release of the Korean movies.

Source: Stoo News
Translated by: [email protected]
Shared by: { One World. One Red Ocean. One TVXQ! }
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[TRANS] Heaven's Postman Press-Con

An idol group singer. A joint production between Korea and Japan. Fantasy-romance. The combination of these three elements may make viewers feel unsure about film "Postman to Heaven" at first glance, but it would be too early to make any judgements just yet.

Director Lee Byung-hun, actress Han Hyo-joo and boy band TVXQ member Hero Jaejoong turned up at a press screening on Monday for "Postman", the second of the telecinema projects where a Korean director, Japanese screenwriter and Hallyu stars have gotten together to produce a total of eight films.

In "Postman", Hero plays Jae-joon, the postman from heaven, who delivers letters living people have written to their loved ones in heaven. He comes across Hana, played by Han, who writes a letter full of resentment to the dead man that she used to love, reveals his presence to her, and the two start writing responses to the letters for the saddened people who are left in the real world.

Needless to say, the co-stars of the film are top stars in their respective fields of the entertainment industry and screenwriter Eriko Kitagawa, nicknamed 'the god of love stories' for her various hit dramas including "Long Vacation" and "Sora Kara Furu Ichioku no Hoshi", turns the fairy tale into a fairy tale-like romance. Director Lee backs up the fantasy even further with his beautiful imagery, as he displayed in dramas "Sorry, I Love You" and "Snow Queen";

Below are excerpts from the press conference held after a screening for the film, set for release on November 11, which waited a year for its showing to the world.

Q: We heard that Erika Kitakawa started writing "Postman to Heaven" with Hero in mind. Why do you think that is? And is there anything the writer or director requested for in particular to you Hero?
Director Lee Hyung-min (Lee): Since the telecinemas are a joint project between Korea and Japan, we thought Hero who is widely known as a member of TVXQ, would be good for the part considering the fact the movie would be shown in Japan too. I actually didn't even know who TVXQ was but I now know the names of all the members. (laugh) And during filming, I realized why the screenwriter wanted Hero to play the part. We were in shoot for over a term of four weeks and during that time, Hero would perform in Asia but come to set right after he got off the plane to practice and shoot his scenes. His acting was good although it was his first time and he would have been done a better job if he had been able to just focus on the movie.

Q: Were you able to feel any differences between Korean scripts and one written by a Japanese writer?
Han Hyo-joo (Han): When I first got the script, there were parts I didn't quite understand or lines that didn't make sense to me. There were also parts I wasn't too sure about so in the beginning, I got the original script in Japanese and looked it over alongside the one in Korean and studied both. I ended up just going with how I felt but it was good because it was a different experience.
Hero Jaejoong (Hero): I got the Korean script first which had been translated from Japanese but I didn't really understand it because it was my first time acting and I didn't know how I should analyze it. But director Lee said he wanted to go with the lines that the writer had originally written rather than change them so he helped me to study and practice many of the lines which had difficult nuances.
Lee: These two are good at Japanese but I don't know the language. So when it became difficult for me to catch the emotions the script was trying to display at certain points, we all studied and worked together on those scenes.

Q: There were some slightly corny lines toward the latter half of the movie. How did it feel and did you make any bloopers doing the scenes?
Hero: In the end of the film, there is a scene where we say things such as 'Haven't we met somewhere before?' and I'll respond, "In my dreams?" I felt a bit weird saying that. It would've felt less awkward if I had been able to do it in Japanese. And in my mind, I made a lot of bloopers. (laugh)
Han: I made a lot of bloopers in my mind too. (laugh) So it didn't seem as awkward when I was actually acting out the lines but there are some parts are a bit corny now that I look back on them. (laugh)

Q: Director Lee, the imagery you had shown us so far in your previous works, shone again in "Postman". Is there anything you payed close attention to in particular?
Lee: Japanese people have dealt a lot with the topics such as life and death and love stories between the living and the dead in their movies. But Korean people aren't used to the genre so I had to change some of the script after consulting with the writer. And I because of those parts which may seem awkward to the Korean audience, I felt that it should be more attractive in terms of imagery compared to any other film and got together the best staff in broadcasting, filming and television commercials. I had the TV commercial team work on the filming and lights, the broadcasting team on the editing and producing and the movie staff on the art while paying a lot of attention to mise-en-scene or images. There are parts where the film may seem Japanese but the younger generation these days seem to take in such props, designs and colors quite naturally. I wanted to bring this out as best as I could.

Q: Was there any pressure in having to act with Hero who is a newcomer?
Han: It's true that I was very pressured but it gradually lessened and had completely disappeared by the time we were done shooting. I actually had fun while in shoot because Hero's staff and fans were very considerate towards me. As his acting partner, I would have to say he very quick. His reactions toward my acting was very good and he adjusted pretty quickly so I think he has much potential for the future.

Q: Are you considering to continue to act? And you're currently in a dispute with your agency SM Entertainment over your contract so we are wondering if you plan to continuing to use the name they gave you -- Hero Jaejoong?
Hero: I'm not the one who put the name "Hero Jaejoong" in the poster so I'm not so sure about that part. (laugh) And I can't tell you as of now, whether I'll continue acting or not but I think it would be most right to say, like I have been saying since my debut, that I will try my best if given the opportunity.

Q: What is a new sort of joy you felt while acting, different from going up on stage to give performances like you have been doing so for the past several years?
Hero: They joy I feel on stage performing versus acting are very different but it took me a long time to catch what it was. The director had actually told me many times to think of acting the same as going up on stage to put on a performance. And he took singer Rain as an example, saying he had become a better performer on stage after taking on acting.

Q: What advice did you receive from other members of your group, including U-Know Yunho who recently starred in MBC TV series "No Limit"? Or since you had actually filmed your movie before U-Know went into shoot, had you given him any advice?
Hero: They didn't give me any advice. (laugh) We were all extremely busy back when I was filming "Postman" because we were promoting our fourth album. We also had concerts so everyone was exhausted but U-Know and Max Changmin showed a lot of interest in the atmosphere on set and told me to work hard. And U-Know is such a hard-worker that I wasn't in a position to give him advice on acting. He never even tells us when he's having a hard time or he is sick so I just watched how he did, believing he would do well.

10: Would you like to say a word to your fans who are worried over the legal dispute?
Hero: It was actually hard for me even having to show up publicly during such times. But I thought that I really should attend this screening event. I had a very hard time while we were in shoot for this a year ago but I was also very happy during that time and became very close to the director, actors and staff. I myself had been looking forward to its release for the past year so I am in hard times but I thought that I should turn up to congratulate the film. I know a lot of fans must be worried but I hope this movie can be reassurance to their hearts at least a bit.

Reporter : Choi Ji-Eun [email protected]
Photographer : Lee Jin-hyuk [email protected]
Editor : Jessica Kim , Lee Ji-Hye <ⓒ10Asia
All rights reserved>
Credits:[email protected] and if whoever that translated the article
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[TRANS] 091110 Conversation Between JaeJoong and Cassies – I Really Need To Leave Already, (>.<)

The conversation between JaeJoong and Cassies after the ‘Heaven Postman’ movie preview.

MC: Now, let’s welcome Hero JaeJoong. (Fans cheering~)

JJ: Hello everyone. (Fans continue cheering~)

JJ: Woo~ It is much more comfortable here~

JJ: I… what should I say?

(A fan amidst the crowd: I LOVE YOU!)

JJ: … Hello.

JJ: Press conference has just ended ; There was too many cameras, too uncomfortable… (Laughs)

JJ: Is everyone feeling great?

Fans: Yes!

JJ: What have all of you been doing?

(Fans: “Oppa is so handsome!”, “The movie is great!”, “We've been waiting for it~~~”)

JJ: … Really. (Took a long, deep breath, he seems really nervous…)

(Fans: “Wooo~~~~”)

JJ: I was really nervous during the press conference, but it all went away the moment I reached here…

(Fans scream: “… Oppa!” “Looks like a doll!”)

JJ: Is it?

JJ: The time is…

(Fans thought that its going to end soon and said “What~”)

JJ: I have yet to say anything…

(Fans laugh~~)

JJ: The time is short, so everyone, please ask some questions and I will answer them.

(Fans were all cheering~~)

JJ: Kidding~~

(All fans went crazy and… undulated~~~)

JJ: (Laughs) Eh, first of all, the first preview, it was my first time watching the complete version too. Eh… very interesting.

JJ: Though there are some awkward moments…

(Fans laugh~ and shouted “Kiss Scene!”)

JJ: Kiss scene was interesting too…

(Fans: “Ahh~~~”)

JJ: The ending part… the lines are very meaningful. Hope that everyone can watch this movie joyfully and have a good laugh.

JJ: And… now is a very tough period of time…

(Fans: “Ah~~~” heartbreaks..)

JJ: During this tough period of time, to have made everyone worried about us, I’m really sorry…

(Fans: “Oppa hwaiting!” “Oppa keep the spirit up~”)

JJ: (Laughs) This is a secret, actually its not really a secret. Not long ago, I logged onto DNBN to check the comments from everyone…

(Fans screaming~~)

JJ: Then I can only logged in using “XXJaeJoong”…

(Fans laugh~)

JJ: Because I’m really curious, wanting to know what everyone thinks.. what everyone is worried about…

JJ: The chances for us to meet now is getting lesser… don’t even have a chance to say what I wanted to, to everyone, and there isn’t any place that we can have a conversation with on the internet, therefore…

JJ: This preview event, got to know from the director that there is a chance for me to have a conversation with everyone, I’m really grateful for that..

JJ: Though I can’t say anything that would be considered happy right now… but at least I can let everyone take a look at me, to be able to talk to everyone… really… in the midst of such a worrying period, if everyone can have a good laugh while watching this movie, that would be good…

JJ: … Ah… the male actor named on the movie is “Hero JaeJoong” isn’t it?

Fans: Yes!

JJ: … Therefore, have to do according to what they say… (Laugh~)

(Fans: “Aii~~” once again it breaks their hearts…)

JJ: Then, that’s all…

(Fans: “No!” “Don’t go~~” “Oppa, let’s leave together~”)

JJ: I should leave already…

(Fans: “Please stay awhile more~” “Oppa, let’s leave together!”)

JJ: (Laughs…) I really don’t wish to leave too…

(Fans: “Aii~~”)

JJ: But… (took a deep breath…) as long as everyone finds the movie nice, that would be enough for me…

Fans: “We have yet to watch it together!?”

JJ: Everyone please support the movie! Thank you!

(Fans almost broke into tears…)

(JaeJoong left after a hand sign…)

(Fans: “We can’t even watch it together…”)


Source: JaeJoong Bar
Translation: sshutingg @
Credits: { One World. One Red Ocean. One TVXQ! }
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[INFO] 091110 History In Japan Vol. 4 Achieves Gold!

Note: to be certified gold, 100, 000 copies are sold (the arashi and exile ones achieved platinum, aka 250,000+)

Source: RIAJ
Credits: tvxq_luv @
Shared by: + DBSKnights + DBSKcafe
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[VIDEO] Heaven's Postman 3minsTrailer ENG SUB

Credits: kcyrse + kyjj
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[TRANS] 091108 There’s a need for respecting the artist and also the efforts from the company to clean its own name

SM Entertainment’s CEO Kim Young Min stated during a press conference, held on the second of November, that “In 2002, 2007, 2008, the company under the correct and impartial advice of the Exchange Commission had amended the exclusive contract damages and it had contained the time of the contract and also the contents" "Yet, after such an amendment of the contract, it had been described as ‘slave contract'"

But there were raised objections regarding the statement, "After three revisions of the contract yet it was still like this, then we could imagine how badly this contract was previously."

After the press meeting, a fan stated, "The nature of this incident is obviously unfair and an inappropriate treatment, SM has always been ambiguous” "How could they really believe that today's contract is legitimate and conventional?"

The new representative for the cultural development, Kim Myeong-Sin expressed his own views regarding this confusion, "There’s a need for respecting the artist and also the efforts from the company to clean its own name," "For the sake of our performing arts and cultural development to go further, it is required from the company's own efforts to develop a better contract, as well as practices and protocols."

Representative Kim stated “Such a large company like SM acts as the precursor for our country’s cultures." "I hope to see the industry recognize a real sense of responsibility, and to strive for reasonable contract practices and performing arts industry aiming for a common development."

Representative Kim also added "The entertainment industry should not treat this lawsuit as a legal dispute between artists and the company; it should be treated as a fight for the rights of the artists and the establishment of a reasonable distribution of income in a contractual relationship with a transparent structure and other advanced management system opportunity."

There were also people who expressed that with the complains that had emerged from the society, both the company and the artists are not gaining anything, they should work together to find the solutions regarding this matter.

Professor Lee Dong-Nyeon stated, "The company should not look at their artists from the perspective of goods or capital, but as collaborators and companions, artists should also be conscious that they should seek for the short-term self-interest and generate them into something which promotes the cultures."

Source: DNBN,
Translation: nings @
Credits: { One World. One Red Ocean. One TVXQ! }
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[INFO] Heaven's Postman rankings

Online Booking (pre-order of tickets) no. 1

Movie Chart no. 7

Ratings no. 2 (Rated as like grading)

Credits: DNBN
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[TRANS] 091110 Jaejoong & Yunho At First Official Press Conferences

TVXQ's U-Know Yunho and YoungWoong Jaejoong have been garnering attention for showing their support for each other at their individual press conferences after the dispute began.

The two people's friendship seemed not to have been disturbed in any way by the legal dispute with agency SM Entertainment. In fact, they both seemed to be trying hard not to accidentally bring harm to the other.

YoungWoong Jaejoong attended the press conference of 'Postman of Heaven' at 4:30 pm at the CGV at Wangship-li in Seoul on the 9th and said, "It was hard for me to decide to show my face at this press conference which is my first official outing since the trial," and "But I wanted to attend the press conference because this production was something I worked hard on a year ago."

He also said, "When I was filming the movie, it was a busy time as activities for the fourth album were going on at the same time. So the members couldn't give me a lot of advice but U-Know Yunho and Choikang Changmin supported me by telling me to work hard," and "I did not give U-Know Yunho advice when he began filming for his drama. I didn't worry about him because he's a friend who works as hard as he can in everything he does," and showed his deep trust and faith in U-Know Yunho.

He also showed his affection by saying, "U-Know Yunho is a friend who hardly ever says 'I'm tired', or 'I'm sick'."

At the press conference for MBC's drama 'Heading to the Ground', U-Know Yunho supported the three members who had a different stance than him by saying "I hope that the TVXQ dispute is ended in a good, reasonable way. There are a lot of bad rumors floating around but please don't believe them."

When more TVXQ-related questions were asked, he carefully said, "I don't know why everyone is thinking of it so negatively. There are a lot of bad rumors going around. I worry that these rumors are only worsening the situation. I hope that nobody believes in these rumors and from my point of view, I hope that everything ends in a good and reasonable manner."

On the other hand, SM Entertainment gave the ultimatum to the three members and said, "TVXQ will make a comeback next spring. Answer our question of your return by the 12th." An answer regarding this was not available from YoungWoong Jaejoong on the day of the press conference.

Source: [asiae+DNBN]
Translation credits: [email protected]
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[VIDEO] Fan Preview w/ Jaejoong ENG SUBS

Credit: 2yunnie206
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[TRANS] 'Postman of Heaven' Ranked Most Pre-Ordered Film Of Korean Movies

Movie 'Telecinema 7-Postman of Heaven' has been ranked the most pre-ordered Korean film.

'Postman of Heaven', which is garnering much attention with its cast of TVXQ's YoungWoong Jaejoong amd 'Shining Inheritance''s heroine Han Hyo Joo, has been ranked as the most pre-ordered Korean film with it holding 19.1% of all pre-ordered tickets as of 2:30pm on the 9th according to the Korean Film Council's Movie Admission Ticket Total count,.

First place overall was taken by the Hollywood blockbuster '2012' (51.92%. 3rd was 'Good Morning President' with 5.33% that brought in over 2 million viewers.)

'Postman of Heaven', a romance fantasy film that depicts the 14 day love between Jaejun, a special man who delivers letters written by those who cannot forget their deceased loved ones, and Hana, a girl who cannot forget her deceased lover. It will air in certain Primus and CGV theaters and has less screenings than the other productions.

However, it has brought in high pre-order rates and one representative said, "It may be because we pulled the opening day earlier to the 11th which is Ppeppero Day due to the anticipation of the fans."

Source: [osen+DNBN]
Translation credits: [email protected]
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[TRANS] 091112 Three Members Ignored SM Deadline, Both Parties Stood Their Ground – What Will Happen to TVXQ?

Today is the last day for SM Entertainment and the three members to come to a decision. However, both parties have still failed to do so.

The three members of TVXQ (Xiah Junsu, Micky Yoochun and Youngwoong Jaejoong) and SM Entertainment have still not come to a decision. Both sides are standing strong with their choices, not giving in to the other. Thus, the possibility of them reconciling is decreasing each day. Recently during a press conference, SM has requested the three members to come to a decision by the 12th. However, even though the 12th has passed, there is still no news and this has made fans very worried.

On the 12th, SM Entertainment and the three members of TVXQ did not release any statements; both are still not giving in to the other party. We’re afraid that we cannot anticipate SM Entertainment and the three reconciling.

Regarding the stand of the three members, their representative lawyer from the Sejong Law Firm stated, "Other than those that had already been said, there are no other new updates.” SM Entertainment also said on this day, "We have not received the reply of the three members, meaning that they are not yet ready to officially make a stand."

In the end, there was still no decision made on the 12th and TVXQ's activities may now have problems. In this situation, fans hope that TVXQ can be reunited. The fans said, “We hope that both parties can give in a little, so that we can once again see the future of TVXQ." An anonymous person from the entertainment industry said, "TVXQ is Korea's representative."
"Abandoning the stands of the singer and the company, I hope there will be a good ending to this, for the sake of Korea."

However, someone else from the entertainment industry had a different opinion and said, "From the start, both their stands are already very strong and clear, and getting back together is a difficult thing," and “Instead of just hoping that things will be fixed, they should make the decision to get what they want.”

Source: newsen + TVXQasia
Translation: jaesarang @
Special thanks: sshutingg @
Credits: { One World. One Red Ocean. One TVXQ! }
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[TRANS] 091111 Tohomobile Director's Cut★SPECIAL

Jaejoong, preparation ok~?

Yunho and Yoochun was waiting for Jaejoong to get prepared!!
I'm sorry...

The campaign schedule in Hokkaido was too relaxing.
"I want to see our fans more!!!!"
Jaejoong protested to the staff….

Source: Tohomobile + linhkawaii
Translation: linhkawaii @
Credits: { One World. One Red Ocean. One TVXQ! }
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