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Does Japan have fansubs of American cartoons?
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Posted 7/5/10 , edited 7/6/10

ryvlyn wrote:

TheAncientOne wrote:
Remember this was a response to your message, which only indicated your belief they would not be interested in American cartoons.

More to the point of that, in A 2005 nationwide survey sampling persons of all ages ranked Tom and Jerry at 85 in a list of of the top 100 anime of all time. It was the only non-Japanese animation that made the list.

Not much reason for either a fansub or dub of that one, however.

In more modern terms, it appears Spongebob Squarepants pulls in a viewership of about 2 million households, which would equate to a rating of about 3%. Lest you think that is low, compare it to the ratings for anime:

A bit more on American cartoons in Japan:

I doubt it would qualify as "going gaga", but it appears they definitely are interested in them.

okay.. my bad for linking this to the forum topic then..
if this only concerns my message, you said it yourself, i said "going gaga", i used that term because she was asking for fansubs, that only a dedicated fan would do. I didnt mention anything about not watching them
So dont say that i have a belief that they would not be interested in American're putting words on my mouth..

In response to the topic itself, my research on this far indicates Japanese fansubs are rare, but apparently do exist, as per a message in this forum:

Satanic Hamster, 14th Sep '09 5:49:00 PM

One thing I do notice about Japanese fandom is that fansubs seem to pretty rare. I know there was fansubbed episodes of Avatar in Japanese. They were posted at a Japanese video site.

Speaking of Avatar, a bit of the Japanese dub (note the slightly different title):

I suspect one reason fansubs are rare is in part because the market is well served by official subs and dubs. Note that 1 out of 5 animation DVD sales is foreign anime. I doubt the percentage here in the U.S. is anywhere near that close, and the amount of animation marketed in Japan is certainly much higher.

Another reason is that the bulk of animation produced by America is targeted at lower age groups. I doubt you have many people under the age of 12 or so that care if what they are watching is dubbed. Even in the U.S., I doubt you'll find many 8-10 year olds have joined the "dubs suck" club.

Speaking of dubs that suck, apparently America does not have a monopoly on butchering the original material when making a sub:
(Note the messages discussing the Japanese dub of Beast Wars).
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Posted 7/5/10 , edited 7/6/10

iwannabeaninja wrote:

i was just wondering.... since we watch anime thats actually getting fansubbed and we're all addicted to it and everything... well are people in japan watching fansubbs of family guy, south park and other american cartoons????

might seem like a stupid question, and they probably arnt... i was just kinda wondering.....

Well, if they have American movies with Japansese subs on them, they should have Japansese dubs (at least from what I've seen on thier movie schedules)
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