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horikoshi gakuen
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F / where you can eat...
Posted 4/7/11 , edited 4/7/11

i have a question, why is kawashima umika part of class 2-D? i mean shes 1 year younger than all of 2-D class.?! is she an accelerated student? if so, then why is she the #1 ignorant in school according to horikoshi ranking floating around? im confused

She not that smart LOL grading system in japan is different. if your born in January-March of a certain year youll be put in the grade ahead of you thats how it is she isnt special or anything im like that to i was put a grade ahead
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Posted 12/7/11 , edited 12/8/11
Do they accept only Japanese?Can foreigners enter the school?And about the school fees,I'm a bit confused.Can you tell me how much to pay the fees altogether?Not one by one.Thank you.
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Posted 4/30/12 , edited 4/30/12
Horikoshi Gakuen class D 93-94
yamada ryosuke (9/5/1993) & kawashima umika (3/3/1994)
yamada ryosuke & kawashima umika

cùng có khuôn mặt của thiên thần

theo thời gian không đổi

tài năng

điện ảnh

cả 2 đều đóng phim từ nhỏ

phim cổ trang

diễn viên lồng tiếng

Quảng cáo

style trên tạp chí

âm nhạc


Kawashima Umika play piano

hoạt động nhóm - thành viên trong những nhóm nhac thần tượng
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Posted 5/2/12 , edited 5/2/12
My older cousin (she's around 20 right now) used to study there as her family is DAMN RICH!!!!! but was expelled after breaking some rules. She's what I called a mix breed (Japanese, American, Filipino). I think she was expelled when she was 17?? I don't know if its 17 or 18... or maybe 16 >_< waah....

Well I hope my family is that rich though :OP
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