The Power of Alice Stones & Stealing Alice
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Posted 11/5/09 , edited 11/5/09
Guys I have several things that bugging me after I read Alice Gakuen scanlations this last 3 days... I hope u can help me understanding some things~

Point One

We've been introduced to alice stone from early chapters by Tono's amplification alice stones (that Mikan and Tsubasa put to great use in the forest with the Medusa tree) At that time, the purple color was fading pretty visibly because of the power usage...
However, Natsume has been holding the healing Alice stone gave by Hotaru's brother (forgot his name) since he wasn't even born... Is the Healing stone still have the healing ability by now??

Point Two

HOW did Yuka steal all of Inchou's Alice? and how come all of Inchou's Alice can be contained by a single small Alice stone?
While in Narumi-sensei case, Yuka couldn't steal Narumi's Alice even after so many Alices stones she created.

Point Three

If the power of Alice that is insterted to one's body, in example like Tsubasa's time-slip Alice he got from Nodacchi, he said it can be disappear from his body eventually right? The power isn't permanent, right?
And what I don't understand is... What about the Longevity Alice Yuka put into Hii-san body long time ago,
or Nullification Alice Yuka put into Elementary School Principal also years ago? They can't stay there forever, right? or can they?

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