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Posted 11/5/09 , edited 11/5/09
What do you all think about the H1N1/SWINE FLU ?

Personaly i think its man made, becuase one of its properties is the spanish influenza. How would that get in there if it wasnt man made ?

Another thing, the H1N1 vaccination was only tested for two months. how would we possibly know the long term effects from this if it were only tested for two months ? so really in five years from now all those who got it could get cancer or some sort of horrible disease.

over 85% of the worlds population has came in contact with H1N1, infact my sister has H1N1 which means i have most defiantly came in contact with it. So that beeing said once you come in contact with any sort of virus or cold your body devolops its own anti bodies so once you get it again, it will be virtualy impossible because your body already has those anti bodies and will be killed instantly. However, every disease/cold/virus mutates, and this shot was created from the old H1N1 becuase it is mutating. so really getting the shot might 'protect' you for a short while but you could also get the mutated version of H1N1.

with that beeing said i think its stupid to get the shot unless your immune system is low and you have some sort of disease like cancer.

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