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Synopsis: Arjun Mehta, a first-year student at the Pandora University where he pursues the History studies. As a young kid, Arjun loved history and was influenced by his father's work. His best friend, John Chou also studies at the Pandora University. Later one night, when Arjun leaves the lab room, he sensed something was lurking in the room and suddenly finds himself attacked by a strange creature. The creature was about to bite Arjun's neck until another unknown person stopped it. Then the creature escaped and Arjun finds himself meeting with a beautiful woman named Maria. Maria reveals herself as a vampire who claims that the creature was also a vampire and came to attack Arjun. Arjun couldn't believe this and thinks that the vampires are just a legend. But Maria proves that vampires are real and now wants Arjun to work with an organization called Peace Cross where vampires and humans work together. Maria also tells Arjun that he has the ability to sense vampires and now wants to be part of the organization. Arjun doesn't want to be part of the organization and plans to live a normal life until he was taken away by the Peace Cross authorities and was forced to work for them. Now Arjun has to work for the organization to hunt down evil vampires who are threatening humanity.


Vampires- Vampires are creatures that lurks in the night and feeds on human blood. They are immortal and couldn't withstand sunlight. Some humans can be turned into vampires by bite or later after death. There are good vampires who want to coexist with humans but the other vampires don't like the idea and wants to turn humans into one of them or kill them.

Dhampirs- The Dhampirs are half-humans, half-vampires who are born to hunt down rogue vampires. They possess superior strength than the ordinary vampires and can sense when they are nearby. However, their part vampire nature and hunger for blood makes them insane. Most of the time, Dhampirs don't drink human blood since they can survive in daylight.

Unborn- The Unborn are humans whose vampire side have not awakened. Most humans come from a line of vampire ancestors or born from a family clan. In order to awaken the human's vampire side, he or she must be bitten by a family relative. If not, the humans will die of blood loss. They also possess supernatural abilities which indicates their hidden vampire nature. For example, Arjun Mehta has the ability to sense vampires which means he could be a vampire.

Cabali- The Cabali are a new race of vampires who are immune to sunlight. The history books have indicated that the vampire Queen with the golden fangs existed since ancient times. The golden fangs indicate that ordinary vampires can be turned into a different vampire who can withstand sunlight. The golden fangs can also turn vampires into humans which depends on the Queen who fulfills a vampire's wish.

Virals- The Virals were once humans who have turned into vampires after been infected by a blood plague. The Virals are mindless creatures that devour human and vampire blood. In the 20th century, a group of scientists have been trying to find a cure for the blood disease instead they brought the plague by accident and thus resulted the humans who became Virals.

Moon Beasts- The Moon Beasts are actually half-vampire, half-werewolf hybrids who are much stronger than ordinary vampires and werewolves. In a society, the vampires and werewolves have created a strict rule which forbiddens the love between a vampire and a werewolf. However, there are cases when vampires had secret relationships with the werewolves. As a result, the Moon Beasts were exiled from both the vampire and werewolf society.

Super Vampires- Super Vampires are genetically enhanced humans who became a part of the secret experiment in order to hunt down ordinary vampires. The Hunters organization created them to kill vampires and humans who support vampire existence. They possess enhanced strength and agility. They are far stronger than dhampirs and the ordinary vampires. The super vampires often go berserk during the attack and sometimes cannot be stopped by dhampirs. They also sometimes feed on human blood in order to make them stronger.

Werewolves- The werewolves are considered as shape-shifters who allied with the vampires back in the 19th century. However, they are some werewolves who don't like the idea of allying with the blood drinkers so they decided to wage a war against them. In the end, the vampires won and the werewolves left their areas and moved on their own. Years later, the werewolves were accepted into human society and now a supernatural agency called the Night Crime Division was formed and contains several vampire and werewolf agents who decided to protect human existence. The other werewolves went rogue and continues the war against the vampires.

Vetalas- The Vetalas are vampire-like beings based on Hindu mythology. According to the history books, the Vetalas existed during ancient times and were wiped out by the past vampire hunters. Now the Vetalas are extinct and their descendants lived on and began to live with humans. Arjun might be one of the Vetala descendants which would indicate his ability to sense vampires since his vampire side is not awakened yet.

Parasites- Parasites are vampire-like beings that feeds on human's life energy instead of blood. The origin of these beings are unknown and no one knows where they have come from. Some scientists believe that they are beings of pure energy that sucks life energy out of humans in order to prolong their life. Others believe that they are a new race of vampires which have been evolved with different abilities from ordinary vampires.


Peace Cross
The Peace Cross organization was formed in the late 17th century to maintain peace and coexistence between humans and vampires. Several humans and vampires have been recruited as agents and sent to track down dangerous vampires who attack innocent humans or good vampires. The Peace Cross organization was lead by a former vampire hunter named Marc Summers who envisions that humans and vampires should work together.

The Hunters organization was formed to hunt down vampires whether they are good or bad. The Hunters think that humans and vampires cannot coexist with each other since humans are the dominant species. However, the Hunters have worked on genetic experiments to improve vampire-hunting skills. They have created genetic modifications of both human and vampire and turned them into Super Vampires in order to kill ordinary vampires. Aaron Harkely, the leader of the vampire hunters is in charge of the organization.

Night Crime Division
The Night Crime Division originated in New York and later formed in other countries to investigate supernatural crimes. This organization contain agents who are vampires, humans, and werewolves. The agents sometimes work alone or teamed with a partner who is either a human, vampire, or werewolf. One or two agents are sent to investigate crimes who were committed by supernatural forces. The Night Crime Division was formed by one of the top executives of the secret agencies but his identity is unknown.
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