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Synopsis: Wolverine, a former X-Man comes to New York City to start a fresh life. Everything which he remembered from the past till the present, Wolverine walks into a new path that will change his life forever. He remembered his dark past and now wants to forget it so he left everyone which he knew including his best mentor, Professor Xavier. He also left the X-Men although the X-Men were no more so he decided to use his real name and travel somewhere into the city and start a new chapter of his life. His name is Logan.


Logan- Logan is a mutant who was also known as Wolverine, and a teammate of the X-Men. His dark past was revealed and he remembered the sins that he committed and now wants to completely forget about it. When Logan comes to New York City, he finds a lonely street mugger named Tasha who had no parents and nowhere to go so he decided to take care of her. He has the ability to extract the metal claws called adamantium from his knuckles and can smell an enemy from a far distance. He also has a healing factor which he can recover from any wound and avoid death.

Tasha- A 16-year old street mugger who was found stealing Logan's wallet and ran away with the other thugs. Later, she was caught by Logan's scent and was forced to give the wallet back. When she gave it back, she begs Logan not to call the police. Unfortunately, Logan doesn't want to call the police and felt quite sorry for her and then left her. Then Tasha comes back to Logan and says that she wants to stay with him. Logan wasn't sure to take this until she begged him to. Tasha believes that if she can be with Logan, she can escape from her tough life.

Tailor Mason- Tailor is a underworld crime boss who works secretly with corrupt cops and the other gang members of New York City. When Tailor finds out about Logan's potential and secret, he offers him a dangerous job as a hired assassin. However, Logan rejects the job offer and thinks that Tailor had picked the wrong guy.

Randy Walls- Randy is a young mutant who can see several minutes into the future. He uses his gift to earn a living since he had no place to stay. When he finds that Logan is also a mutant, he decided to play tricks on him. Unfortunately, his tricks fail and Logan seems to know Randy's tricks very well.

Ken Baker- Ken is a pet store manager who hires Logan to do his job. Ken never had any other employee to work in his store until he found Logan as the first. He picked Logan because he believes that Logan has a heart and cares for the pets.

Reverend Kurt Wagner- Kurt was also known as Nightcrawler who has the ability to teleport to any location at will. Due to his devilish appearance, he disguised as a human pastor and lives in New York City where he preaches about God to humans and gives hope to the homeless. He also supports Logan whenever he needs help just like in the good old days.

Victor Creed- Victor was formerly known as Sabretooth who shares the same abilities and past with Logan. Victor was thought to be dead until he came back to exact revenge on Logan. Although, they used to be former partners in the Weapon X program, Victor comes to New York City to settle a score with Logan and continue where he left off.

Warren Worthington IV- The son of Warren Worthington lll also known as Angel. Unlike his father, he is a pure human. He became the CEO of the Warren Industries after his father left the company. He also decided to raise funds for the homeless and the orphanage. When he learns that Logan have arrived at New York, he plans to have some business with him so that he can find a way to take care of the mutant problem in New York City. In reality, Warren never liked his father too much because of his mutant nature.

Detective Sandra Weirs- Sandra is secretly a mutant who can see the past events by touching any object or person. She uses this gift to solve crimes and catch the criminals and prevent them from hurting innocent lives. However, Sandra had a dark past which was never revealed to the police department members and including his partner, Thomas Kane.

Detective Thomas Kane- Thomas is a regular human and a partner of Sandra Weirs. However his past is dark enough for Sandra to know about. Thomas had a good life with his wife until she was killed by a dangerous mutant. Now, Thomas has a deep hatred for mutants and will not stop until he finds the real killer. Sandra wasn't sure how to deal with the situation but promises that she will help Thomas to find the real killer.

Dr. Kate Hendricks- Kate was an old friend and a former lover of Hank McCoy (Beast) who takes care of human and mutant patients. With Angel's help, the hospital was built not only for humans but mutants as well. As a human doctor, Kate sees this as a good opportunity to help mutants for the first time. However, Warren Worthington IV didn't like the idea and plans to demolish the hospital sooner or later.

Billy Jones- Billy is a freelance photographer and a journalist who likes to take pictures of mutant action. He loves this idea so that he can earn big bucks for it. However, Logan doesn't want his pictures to be taken and Billy tries to follow him everywhere he goes. Billy works at the Daily Bugle.

Kenuichio Harada- Formerly known as the Silver Samurai, Kenuichio comes to New York City and deal with Logan for what he did in the past. He believes that Logan had killed his family and wants revenge. So he uses the legendary katana, the Muramasa Blade that can kill Logan. However, he learns that Tailor knows too much about Logan so that he decided to join him and track Logan down. But Kenuichio wants to wait and confront Logan himself. His mutant ability allows him to generate a field of tachyonic energy around his katana that allows it to cut through almost any material on earth except for adamantium. Although he is able to charge any object and use it as a weapon, he prefers his katana.

Peter Parker- A former freelance photographer, a science teacher and also known as Spider-Man. He quit his heroic days and became the head leader of the Homicide Crimes Division. He expects Sandra to do a good job although neither knew of their secrets. His spider-powers include sixth sense, web-crawling, and super-strength.

Snake- Snake is a dangerous mutant who can hypnotize or control people to do his bidding. Several reports have indicated that Snake could be responsible for the women who committed suicide. But Thomas' wife wouldn't commit suicide unless it was caused by Snake himself.
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