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Posted 2/26/10 , edited 2/26/10

sukiry wrote:

im still waiting for ur fics~!!!
hope u'll continue to write this^^

Sorry for the very late reply. i'll still continue this fic. i just don't know when. school is keeping me busy. hope you still wit for my updates. :] Thanks for reading BTW
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Posted 2/26/10 , edited 2/26/10

elemental_gerad109 wrote:

chickballer21 wrote:

helo! i'm a new reader of your fic and i just want to tell u how amused and eager i am to read your fic everytime i visit JEFLG! this is so awesome!!!!!!!!!!!! i just love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i hope u update it faster. hehe. (gomen for being so demanding! i'm just craving for your fic like crazy! hahaha.) gambatte neh??? i'll support this fic all the way!

I'm sorry for the late response. Busy nowadays. :]
It's nice to know that you read my fic. Thanks for that.
but it seems like there are only few people who come here these days so writing the next parts without feedbacks is a little... you know. :}

But still, I'll update this fic. Probably, tomorrow or the day after. IDK. Just wait for it, ne? Sorry for being selfish. But really. please wait for my update. :)

it's ok. it's ok.. hehe. i know.. coz i'm buzy too. hehe
your fic really deserves attention.. it's so great! hehe.
yeah. i know.. ate chii feels the same way too.. i also have a fic here but i lost my enthusiasm in writing coz people rarely visit this site nowadays. please do inform me. onegai! or you can even update me earlier or u can send it through my mail secretly.. hahaha. baka! :lol:
anyway, gambatte neh!!! i'll really support u! u cn count on me! hehe. jah!
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