So Scary
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The Woods

Tim: Hey John, what's up?

John: Oh nothin much.

Tim: ok, why you are alone in this woods?

John: well, remember those people who got killed in this very spot.

Tim: You mean the campers?

John: yeah, I feel sorry for them.

Tim: yeah, me too.

John: The police haven't found out who the real killer is.

Tim: yeah, I wish they would catch him right now.

John: yeah, I know what you mean.

Tim: I bet you anything the killer could be in this woods.

John: yeah, he could be anywhere in this woods.

Tim: hmmmmm, you know what?

John: what?

Tim: We'll go and find this killer.

John: ok

Tim: yeah, so we can get our reward. I heard it was $10,000.

John: yeah but they don't know who it is. How we will know if someone is the real killer?

Tim: well if that someone is trying to attack us, we'll think of something to catch him.

John: hmmmm, I see where you are going at this.

Tim: yeah, once we catch him, then report to the police and then bang our reward.

John: sweet man.

Tim: yeah

John: ok then lets go.

Tim: ok

John: Look, there's a house over there.

Tim: hmmmm, the killer must be in there. Let's go and check.

John: ok

Tim: Man, this place gives me the creeps.

John: yeah, spooky.

Tim: hey look at this axe. Its covered in dried blood.

John: I see.

Tim: I wonder who could use this kind of axe.

John: well it could be anyone. It could be me.

Tim: what?

John: Its true, buddy. I used that axe.

The Hitchhiker

Husband: huh what a night. I could use some coffee. Don't you think?

Wife: yeah. its a long way home.

Husband: wait, I think I can see someone.

Wife: who? honey.

Husband: I don't know. It must be some hitchhiker.

Wife: Honey, you are not thinking what I am thinking.

Husband: Come on honey, its a lonely man wandering outside. Besides you know how alone he is.

Wife: well yeah, I understand but......

Husband: look, we pick him up and drop him somewhere ok. I think there's a gas station nearby.

Wife: ok honey, just this once.

Husband: Hi stranger, need a lift?

Hitchhiker: yeah sure. thanks

Husband: no problem, hop in.

Hitchhiker: man its so cold out here.

Husband: yeah I know.

Hitchhiker: This must be your wife. I guess.

Husband: yeah.

Wife: hi, how are you?

Hitchhiker: oh I'm fine.

Husband: so what's your name?

Hitchhiker: It's Bradley. Call me Brad.

Husband: ok, Brad. Where you are planning to stay?

Hitchhiker: well, I was thinking of staying near the gas station.

Wife: ok, what are you planning to do next?

Hitchhiker: I'll think of something. yeah

Husband: oh crap. I think the cop saw us.

Wife: oh great, you went over the speed limit.

Husband: Is there a problem, officer?

Cop: yeah, I just want to know where you folks heading to at this time of night.

Wife: oh, we were just heading home.

Husband: yeah, we found this hitchhiker who's at the back now. So we are going to drop him off near the gas station first.

Cop: Hitchhiker at the back?

Husband: yeah

Cop: well I don't see any hitchhiker in the backseat.

Wife: what? but officer, we found him standing on the highway.

Cop: Look folks, you better get home ok. Besides there's no hitchhiker at this time of night.

Husband: ok

5 minutes later

Wife: honey, we just saw a guy and the cop didn't believe us.

Husband: I don't what to believe. I'm sure that we haven't drank too much wine back at that greek restaurant.

Wife: yeah

Husband: huh some night.

Wife: yeah

Husband: honey, I think saw a man standing on the highway.

Wife: oh no its Brad.

The Call

rnnnnnng rnnnnnnnnnng

Sally: hello?

Bob: hey honey, how are you?

Sally: Bob, what is it this time?

Bob: oh nothing, I just wanna talk.

Sally: yeah, we have been over this. Besides its over between you and me.

Bob: Look I know things didn't work out for us. But I wanna talk that's all.

Sally: Bob, I found someone. ok

Bob: I know you told me. But I just wanna be friends that's all.

Sally: ok, what is it you want?

Bob: well, if its ok with you that I can come over.

Sally: I don't know. I'm about to sleep. Besides, its late.

Bob: I know. But you see I don't need to come. right?

Sally: what do you mean?

Bob: oh honey, I'm right behind you.

Dead Man

Gravedigger 1: Have you ever wonder if corpses will come back alive at this very moment?

Gravedigger 2: Why do you think that?

Gravedigger 1: Oh, I heard there was a person who came back from the dead.

Gravedigger 2: Really?

Gravedigger 1: yeah, have you heard of Lazarus?

Gravedigger 2: yeah, Lazarus was brought back from the dead by Jesus.

Gravedigger 1: yeah, dats right.

Gravedigger 2: Are you talkin about Lazarus? The one you heard of?

Gravedigger 1: no

Gravedigger 2: then, whom are you talkin about?

Gravedigger 1: Me

Gravedigger 2: You? What?

Gravedigger 1: yeah, I'm already dead buddy.
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yeah, the stories were creepy.
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Huh they were pretty good~ XD
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I mean, the only thing that would've made any of them stronger of course were backgrounds, descriptions, and maybe different placements of punctuation, but I'm sure the intended effect was still reached.
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the second one made me laugh
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i like the second one...
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lol the second was funni.....
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i like it LOL
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OP nuked.

Feel free to recreate!

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