[Story/Fan-Fic] Grand Theft Chara
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Posted 11/6/09 , edited 8/8/10
[Note] Im splitting up the Series into Two Parts since the first one can't hold up more of my story writing, so now you'll see here its Chapters 7-12 and will be completed before the X-mas of 09, Enjoy and if you didn't read the first of my story of the series or Chapters 1-6, heres the link below and could also be found on the Official SC forum page:


This is a Made up Story I Wrote and Possibly the BEST STORY EVER and The FIRST STORY i've Ever Wrote But First Let Me tell the details of What The Story is actually About:

The Story Begins 2 Years Later After Amu and The Guardians Capture The Embryo and the Wish is Un-Yet Told but lost their Guardian Chara's after the wish of the embryo is made never to be seen again. At the End of the year, Amu Told everyone News at the End of New Years 2 years Ago About She Going Away to Another Country in America Because of Papa New Job as a Photagrapher But Mama Stayed Behind at the House with Her Sister Ami and Amu Chose To leave with her Papa, which she Thought Might Not Able to see Her Fellow Guardian Friends again. So After Her Good-byes in the airport, Ikuto comes out unexpectally and Gives Her a Letter and A Lip Kiss Between and Disappears without saying a Good-Bye. Amu Then Open Ikuto Letter and Said "Dear Amu, Im Sorry Of What i've Done in the Past and Heard You That You Leaving Town and We Might Not See Each Other again So I've Decided That I will Give You this Letter Saying That if you Are Left Alone and Someday want to Comeback Someday, I'll Be Waiting For You and Always Thinking About you So Take Care. - Ikuto P.S. Sorry About saying a Good-Bye Utau been looking for me Again trying to Get Me to do her Dirty Work with her Stupid erron and if i've she sees me by you, she'll kick my ass and hook me in the bed again and do More Work so Sorry!!. Amu Felt Happy on Ikuto Letter and Then kept it for the rest of her life.
2 Years Has Passed and The Story Resumes as Now Amu Hinamori, 16, Returns and Will Face More Danger, Missions, and Unexpected Surprises. This is Her Story...

12 Chapters Completed, Note the Story Kinda has Small Letters and Some are Hard to Read So Take your time and Let Your Mind Read

Also check out My Latest Forum that tells your Day if its Lucky or Un-Lucky so check it its a pretty Awesome website that its gonna blow you away with questions and its the ONLY FORUM UPDATES EVERYDAY:


Total Of 12 Chapters [7-12]

Chapter 7- The Truth [Published: September 12, 2009]

Chapter 8- Guardians Reunion [Published: Sept 26,2009]

Chapter 9- The Ambush [Published: October 10, 2009]

Chapter 10- The Awakening [Published: Oct 24, 2009]

Chapter 11-Heart Unlock [Published December 12, 2009]

Chapter 12- Heart Unlock: The Final Battle [Published Dec 26, 2009]

i dis-continue the story from point because i haven't finished it and been busy so srry guys, However Since i Can't Finish the story i Want You To Finish the Story of How it ends in this Epic Battle, Can Be Anything that you can think of Its Your Ending Story so You can Either Posted to Share or in your head, but i would like thank you on reading the rest of my Story and Hope You Like it ^^

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Posted 11/8/09 , edited 11/8/09
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Posted 11/12/09 , edited 11/12/09
well i haven't read the story yet because i personally think that it's hard to read it.

if i may suggest as a fellow fanfic writer, you might want to organize the chapters better.

put more paragraphs, and when you're putting up a name (like amu and tadase), try to write them this way: Amu and Tadase. so people can distinguish between a word and a name.

also, i spotted some grammar errors, typos, and incomplete sentences.
eg: ['He didn't responded' should be 'He didn't respond'] ['replyed' should be 'replied']

my advice: when you write, use Microsoft Word. It helps you in getting the write grammar and fixes your typos. ALOT. don't write in the text box provided by CR. they only help your typos occasionally and not fixing your grammar errors.

sorry if i sound like a critique, but i don't want you to fall to the same mistakes that i've done before

if you feel like improving yourself more, go to www.fanfiction.net and post your stories there.
there are a lot of great helps out there who're willing to give people like you and me useful inputs XD!!

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