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About It:

Hi! -_^ if yah wanna know some spells
or Tricks... all you need to do is ask for your class schedule in
forum academy jst go to classes to ask for when can you come in Magic Class....

Top Dark S P E L L S :

EamaRukaErika -Lifting Spirits.
UkaMarieUma -Making Enimies Dead.
Arapumakana - getting souls from enimies.
Erisacometala - lifting things.
Narayapamika - Absorbing Darkness from others.
Omanakamaya - getting shadows.
EEyaka - putting Spirit back.
Urakaya - Turning the moon black.
Uramalana - Controling Shadows.
Kurama - Making a Dark Tornado.
Mukata - Evil Shifting.
Rosama - Getting Darkness form Plants.
Lakama - Bringing someone back to life.


Teacher Darky-chii ^^
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